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 Still, in the tents, Alyra was putting her armor as fastest as she could but she was speaking to a sleeping girl next to her

" Dye wake up we have to hurry " Alyra shakes the sleeping Dye

" Mmm, let me... sleep some more " Dye makes a pout but she didn't open her eyes

" No Dye, get up Hayato leave " Alyra shakes her more and she speaks with anger

" What!? what do you mean? he leaves? " Dye opens her eyes abruptly and she jumps from the floor

" He comes to tell me, he is going to leave a few hours " Alyra said with worry

" That's ok, he always does that isn't? " Dye says with a careless smile

" You may be right, but this time his voice sounds more serious than before " Alyra with a face full of suspicion

" Then when did he go? " Dye says with a serious face

" A couple of minutes maybe " Alyra nervously

" Then let's go " Dye says calmly and she puts her clothes and gauntlets

Alyra and Dye get out from their tent with hurry then Alyra speaks

" Dye I don't know where did he go, he just leaves before I come out the tent " Alyra has a serious face

" Then how we can find him? " Dye raises her eyebrows and say with a doubtful voice

" Dye you have a partnership contract with him you can find him if you wanted " Alyra said with a serious face

Dye surprises and she said " It's that true!? I never knew that! "

" Really, you make a partnership contract and you didn't know what for what it is? just focus your attention on Hayato presence and you can find him " Alyra says with exasperation

" Ok..... " Dye closes her eyes and she began to concentrate " Over there! he is really far from here " Dye points near a mountain

" Let's hurry! " Alyra begin to run with Dye behind her

Hayato was seeing at Zabuza and Haku with his guard up and then they finally move.

Zabuza begin to look around till his eyes land on Haku

" Haku, where are we? " Zabuza says with a calm voice

" I don't know Zabuza, but look " Haku shakes his head and he points at Hayato

" Hmm, so he is our target and it seems that he is an Uchiha, I thought that all the Uchiha had died but it doesn't seem like that.

Let's finish him off our contractor is going to pay a lot for his head " Zabuza narrows his eyes and he takes his giant sword from his back with just his left hand

" Don't you think that will be easy to kill me, HAAAA! " Hayato throws his katana with all of his strength

" That won't work " Zabuza say with disdain and him and Haku evade the katana easily but then Hayato teleports in middle of them

" What! " Zabuza surprises and yells

" Die! " Hayato swings his katana cutting the face of Haku

" Ack! " Haku retreats back, his mask falls and his girlish face was revealed with a great cut on his face

" HAA! " Hayato tries to stab him in the face

" Not so fast, HAA! " Zabuza swings his great sword trying to cut Hayato in two

" .... " Hayato narrows his eyes and he turns to see Zabuza rising hs katana covered with Chidori

" I don't want you t cut my sword! " Zabuza stops his sword in mid-way then he jumps and kicks Hayato's face with his left feat sending him flying

" Chidori Senbon!! " Hayato stabilizes at mid-air and he attacks Zabuza with his Chidori Senbon

Haku runs in front of Zabuza and he extended his hands " Hyōton: Hyōgan Dōmu! ( Ice style: Ice Rock Dome of Magnificent Nothingness) "An ice crystal dome covers Haku and Zabuza completely and the attack from Hayato crashes in the dome leaving small holes there but the attack didn't penetrate the dome

Hayato land and he observes the dome " Damn, I forget his Kekkei Genkai " then something happens that makes Hayato more serious than before.

The cut that Hayato made to Haku began to heal thanks to the black marks he has on the right side of his face

' I knew that is going to happen but I know the weakness of that thing ' Hayato activates his Mangekyou Sharingan and he closes his left eye that makes Zabuza react in surprise

" The Mangekyou Sharingan! Haku use that we have to finish him off before he attacks us! " Zabuza make hand seals quickly and he raises his left hand and he puts his right hand in front of his face making a hand seal " Suiton: Kirigakure no Jutsu! (Water Style: Hidden Mist Jutsu) " A great mist began to cover all the place

" Damn it! Amaterasu! " Hayato says in anger and he attacks Zabuza with his black flames,

but when the mist dissipated by his attack he sees that the flame only hit the rock were they where

" F*ck they move.....ugh... that hurts a lot, It would be better if I don't use the Amaterasu until I have a clean shot " Hayato covers his left eye with his left hand and say with a sore voice and from nowhere Zabuza appears behind him

" Hey Uchiha boy I'm behind you " Zabuza speaks with cold voice and he swings his sword from up, to down

" ..? " *CLANK* Hayato raises his katana and he stops the big sword with difficult ' Damn he is just a clone I can't use my Amaterasu '

" Not bad but " Zabuza puts both of his hands in his sword and began to push down Hayat slowly

" Grr!... " Hayato activates his Chidori and he cuts the sword and later the clone that then transforms into a pool of water

" ..?! " Hayato jumps backward and where he was a bunch of ice needles stab the ground he jumps again and again, but the needles seem to come from different directions

' That bastard already activates his Hijutsu: Makyō Hyōshō (Secret Jutsu: Crystal Ice Mirrors) but where is he ' Hayato turns to see in different directions but he can't see Haku or any crystal ice mirrors

' Don't tell me! he expanded the size of his Jutsu that way he can't avoid my Amaterasu '

And again two clones of Zabuza appear in each side of Hayato and they run at great speed toward Hayato

" ...!? " I don't have time to avoid them Hayato throws his katana above him and before the clones attack him he teleports and takes his katana

" Rasengan! " With one hand he stabs the clone in his left side and with his Rasengan, he attacks the clone on his right side but just before he landed he feels pain in all parts of his back

" Ack! " Hayato sees some ice needles in the ground ' That bastard takes me by surprise! '

Hayato gets up quickly and he notices the ice needles in the back side of his legs and arms ' I can still move my arms and legs, lucky he didn't hit my head ' Then Hayato hear someone speak to him inside the mist

" I knew it, the Jutsu of the Fourth Hokage, how is possible that someone of the Uchiha clan can use it? well, that doesn't change anything you are going to die " The voice of Zabuza sounds very calm " Haku finish him off........Haku " Zabuza say with a calm

" Zabuza, someone is trying to destroy my mirrors from the outside, let me deal with them first " Haku say seriously

" Then I will do it myself, Suiton: Suiryūdan no Jutsu! (Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu) " A Dragon-like a serpent start to form and begin to advance towards Hayato

" This is what I waiting for " Hayato start to make hand seals and then " Kage Bunshin No Jutsu (Shadow Clone Jutsu) " *PUFF* one clone appears in Hayato's right side " Now, Doton: Doryūdan! (Earth Style: Earth Dragon Bomb)X2 ", Two half of the heads of Dragon s make by mud appeared from the ground, the Dragons opened their mouths showing a white vortex that then start to release balls of mud to the water dragon like a machine gun " Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu! ( Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu )X2 " Hayato and his clone release his fireballs in front of the mouths of the Dragons and the mud turns into mud balls covered with fire

The water dragon receive the mud balls covered with fire and his body begin to have holes all over it, to then dissipate

' Maybe I don't know where you are, but ' The dragons begin to shot his mud balls in all the direction that the Water Dragon comes until Hayato hears a scream

" Gra! " The scream of pain from Zabuza can be heard all over the place

' There you are ' Hayato let the Dragons attack the same position when he hears the scream first and after a few minutes he stops

" He is not dead, I have to finish him off with my Amaterasu " Hayato said with a serious face and he began to move together with his clone in the sides he attacked before

When Hayato arrive there was nothing there but then hs clone yells

" Over here quick! " Hayato runs with all his speed and he arrived to edge of the lake and there he sees the leg and arm of Zabuza but his body isn't anywhere near them

" Damn! he entered the lake, I can't use my Amaterasu in the arm it will be a waste, but the leg is another thing " Hayato sad with anger and he closes his left eye preparing to use his Amaterasu

*PUFF* His clones disappear from the attack of some ice needles

" He is back! " Hayato jumps back evading the ice needles but when he was ready to use his Amaterasu again a shadow connects to the arm and leg and they disappear into the lake

' He is healing again, I lost my chance thanks to that bastard Haku, I have to deal with him first ' Hayato lands and he makes hand seals again " Kage Bunshin No Jutsu (Shadow Clone Jutsu) " *PUFF**PUFF* four clones appear " Get ready "

" You are really dangerous, I can let you live longer, I'm sorry, Hijutsu: Sensatsu Suishō! (Secret Jutsu: A Thousand Needles of Death) " Haku say with a calm voice and numerous ice needles appear in all directions

" That Jutsu! I have to act quickly! " Hayato and his clones take a position, making a square with one clone in the middle, Hayato was in front of them and they attack " Katon: Gōka Mekkyaku! (Fire Style: Majestic Destroyer Flame)X5 " Hayato and his clones attack with their great flame, the clone in the middle shots towards the sky, that makes a cube of fire that begins to grow rapidly and that engulfed all the dense mist even the ice needles melt until the fire cube contacts the ice mirrors

" What!? AAAAACK! " Haku screams with pain and then all the crystal ice mirrors meltdown and Haku falls from the sky unconscious with serious burn marks on his body and almost all of his clothes burned

" Ha.... ha..... ha... I have to kill him..... before the darkness..... cure him " Hayato falls on his knees and he breathes with difficulty. Hayato closes his left eye again

' That attack requires a lot of energy and now that I used times 5 is worst, I think I have the energy for three or four attacks more '

*ZOOM**PUFF* Zabuza land in the middle of crushing one clone

" Raa! " Zabuza swings his sword making a half circle movement *PUFF**PUFF**PUFF* and all the clones disappear

" Damn it!! " Hayato jumps in the air and then " Amaterasu! " He burns the unconscious Haku with his black flame then he turns to see Zabuza guiding his Amaterasu towards him but he already disappears

" Where is he!? behind!! " Hayato turns to see behind him with a surprised face

" Hmph!! " Zabuza has a cold look in his eyes

' F*ck!! if I wanted to win I don't have to use the Hiraishin no Jutsu (Flying Thunder God Jutsu) ' Hayato tries to evade Zabuza sword but " AHHH!!! " Zabuza cut his left arm completely from the shoulder *PAM* Zabuza kicks him and Hayato impacts the ground

" Bastard you killed Haku now die, Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu!! (Water Style: Giant Vortex Jutsu) " Zabuza said with a ruthless voice and giant vortex of water approaches Hayato

' One more!.....ONE MORE... ' Hayato rises his right hand

" Rasenshuriken! " *SUISH* the Rasenshuriken starts to form rapidly " It's not enough!, Enton: Kagutsuchi! (Inferno Style: Flame Control), Now die!! HAA!!!" Hayato involves his Rasenshuriken with his Amaterasu and then he throws it to Zabuza Destroying the water vortex and hitting Zabuza directly

" GRAAAAA!!! " Zabuza screams with pain and *BOOM* the Rasenshuriken explodes leaving no trace of Zabuza

" It's... over " Hayato said with a tired face when he approaches his amputated arm

[ 'You made it Hayato, you passed the second test, also you unlocked several things too' ] Syt said with a happy voice

[ 'Ting !, congratulations, you receive: 100,000 points of the System' ]

Hayato takes his arm and said softly " I'm sorry Syt..... but I think I'm going to sleep.... for a while "

[ ' Hayato!? ' ]

Hayato falls unconscious