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 Finally, when my parents stopped the car I looked out the window and saw many other kids walking into the school gate under the gazes of their loved ones. Issei and I were the same just like any other kid.

It wasn't until we finally walked 10 meters away from Mom and Dad that Issei started to feel nervous, I, on the other hand, was fine thinking about other things rather than school. For example, there was getting money, getting stronger, and getting friends.

It dawned on me that these past few years I've only ever 'play' with Issei when he would not stop asking me. The be more precise I only played with Issei I had no kids my age that I could call my friend. Because of this, my parents believed I had developed a loner's lifestyle early on in life.

When I heard this I didn't know whether too laugh or cry. It was true that I did sort of distance myself from most people, but that was because I was always meditating. I thought that was the reason why but later it was Issei who told it wasn't my actions but my appearance.

My looks were somewhat different compared to those of my other family members. Everyone in my family has dark brown hair with brown eyes, as well as facial muscles that couldn't hide what they were thinking.

I, on the other hand, had light brown hair with naturally formed grey hairs into the mix. Adding to that I had magenta colored eyes that seemed to grow brighter the closer the color was to my pupil. My skin tone was a fair white color, and to top it all off, was my default apathetic expression I had on my face.

Where ever I was I always had a calm expression that made me look as I could care less for the world, but that may have been caused by the constant meditative sessions. My face probably received a muscle memory of my meditative expression thus leading to my apathetic expression. I did smile and use other expressions but it would always revert back to being apathetic in the end.

I tried to explain this to my parents this morning but before I could my dad told me in a strict tone.

Dad - Yuu listen to me being a loner isn't a fun thing, that's why I'm ordering you to go to school and make some friends. No son of mine will walk down a lonely path.

Though he said that in a strict manner, I was able to see the love and care he had for me so I could only agree.


Yuu - Hey Issei are okay?

Issei - I'm a little nervous Yuu-nii. I mean we're not in the same class so...

Yuu - It's going to be okay Issei, we'll see each other later so just be strong okay.

Issei - En your right.

On that note, I left Issei and went to my own class. Over the years I've gotten to know Issei more than I would have by just reading the book. He was shy in some moment, energetic in others, but overall he was a good kid.

He looks up to me as not just an older brother but also a role model, whenever he had trouble he'd always come to me first which I was confused at first, but in the end, accepted it. Issei was born on April 16, 2012, while I was born at (what was on the documents mom and dad found when they took me in) January 1, 2012. {A/N I just made up the year so don't quote me on that}

He knew I wasn't his blood brother but still treated me the same, and I aswell so whenever he seemed to be in trouble I help lift him up when can't. Maybe that's why he sees me as a role model.


The school bell went off and the class was now in session. Since it was the first day of school the teacher choose out seats through lottery picking. I got the middle row back seat, there were three rows with two people per table. At this moment I still had no partner.

*Ding* [Host has received a chain quest]

[Honor Student -

You have just entered your first grade school year now it's time to prove that all those points you have in intelligence aren't for show~

Main Quest - End the year off as the top-ranked student in your grade

Sub Quest 1 - Gain the trust of all the teachers and staff

Sub Quest 2 - Become Class Monitor

Main Quest Rewards:

1) Skill - Eidetic Memory

2) Skill - Language Comprehension

3) Skill - Thought Acceleration

4) 1,000 SP

Sub Quest 1 Reward:

1) Skill - Charisma

2) Skill - Rally Cry

3) 1x Equipment Gacha Ticket

Sub Quest 2 Reward:

1) Skill - Leadership

2) Knights Order Enrollment Chant]

Yuu - [(0_0) System you are just too good to me!]

While I was crying imaginary tears of joy I notice that a girl was walking my way from the looks of it she would be my deskmate. She had light brown hair and violet colored eyes. She was surprised when I looked at her. She paused for a moment but soon after smiled and extended her hand to me.

???? - Hi there! My names Irina, Irina Shidou. What's your name?

Yuu - Hello Irina my names Yuu, Yuu Hyoudou

Finishing our introductions Irina sat down next to me but continued to stare at me.

Irina - jjii~

Yuu - Is something wrong?

Irina - You have the same hair and eye color as me.

Listening to her all I could do was give a small smile in my mind. We do have similar hair and eye colors but their not exactly the same there were some differences. However looking at her face full of curiosity I couldn't help myself from messing with her a little.

Yuu - *Gasp* Could it be that you don't like me because of my hair and eye color *sniffle* *fake sob* your so mean.

Irina - No no no, that not it I just thought it was interesting that's all.

Seeing me fake sob Irina started to get anxious and panicky.

Yuu - [Hehe so easy]

Yuu - Ah I'm just messing with you I don't mind

Replying to her with a cheeky smile Irina realized she was tricked and started to pout.

Irina - Mmm... you're mean I'm not going to talk to you anymore!

She said that but forgave me soon after and everyone got to their seats. Later when the teacher asked who wanted to be the class monitor I rose my hand and was able to get it unopposed because everyone else was too shy to do it. Easiest quest I've ever had.

The day went on like any other day and in the end, I walked out with Irina to the front gate. There I saw Issei who had made his own group of friends and smile lightly looking at him enjoying himself. {A/N I suddenly feel like this is something a father character should be thinking. Does it match the big brother role I'm confused?}

When I meet my parent and introduced them to Irina they were surprised at first but glad I now had a friend my age. The same thing happened to me with Irina's parents and before we left Irina told me to come over and play at her house at a later date.

When I told her I'd wait for that day I waved good-bye I went home. However, dad gave me a cheeky smile and patted my shoulder. When I wanted to ask him what's wrong he said:

Dad - So is that going to be my future daughter-in-law?

My mind paused for a minute, and when I came too I saw my dad laughing at me. I got embarrassed and gave him a quick but powerful jab to his family jewels. Ignoring him who went into the fetal position I grabbed mom's hand and walked away.

Mom - Hey Yuu-kun you didn't answer the question. Are you embarrassed?

Yuu - [Ha~ this is going to be a long day]

---- Night ----

After mom and dad put me and Issei to bed I waited for Issei to fall asleep before I snuck out of the house and started to refine my last bit of Source Energy. After midnight rolled up I opened my eyes and looked at my hands. In it was a stone that looked like it had its own galaxy in it.

Yuu - System scan it!


[100% Scanning complete]

[Heavenly World Core -

This is the core of an unborn world with the proper care it could create a world of its own. Very few can obtain something like this handle with care.]

Breaking into a smile I couldn't stop myself any longer. I put the core onto my forehead and felt it get sucked into my mind.

When I searched my sea of conscious I found a myriad of colors but at the center was the core.

*Ding* [A Heavenly World Core full of Source Energy has been found in your sea of conscious would you like to start the process of creating your Heavenly World by stimulating the core.]

*Ding* [Yes/No]

*Ding* [WARNING: The process will cause Host to lose consciousness for 3 hours and Host might feel some pain!!!]

Yuu - *Inhale**Exhale*... Do it