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 "I would have never earned this much money from the part-time job." Nam Ji Won nodded her head thoughtfully when she saw her bank balance. It's only been six months since she started doing this. At this rate, she could go to college with her own money.

At that moment, she was actually drinking coffee and waiting for the girl. It had only been four days. This girl was a third person in her client's relationship. She was not only dating her client's ex-boyfriend when he was in a relationship with the client. She also humiliated the client for not sleeping with the ex-boyfriend and satisfying his needs. She made the ex-boyfriend break up with her client in front of the whole school.

Nam Ji-Won wanted to teach both the ex-boyfriend of her client and this shameless girl a good lesson. Her heart was on fire when she saw her client's message. Her client was on the verge of depression. Nam Ji-Won talked to her phone and told her that it wasn't her fault. It was not easy to talk to a heartbroken girl.

Lee Hyo-Rin was a year older than Nam Ji-Won and went to K highschool. She was quite flashy and knew all the tricks of a sly fox. She had a pretty face, a curvy figure and a fake pure personality. It was funny for Ji-Won when she acted purely in front of her. She already knew what kind of person Lee Hyo-Rin was. She already stalked her to confirm her client's claims.

In reality, Nam Ji Won was actually younger than Lee Hyo-Rin. But because of her stature, clothes and makeup, she looked like a college student. She also acted like a college student who was currently visiting home. That way, she had another excuse to disappear once she had caused the breakup.

"Oppa!" Lee Hyo-Rin suddenly popped in front of her. "Jimin Oppa." She pouted her pink lips and put her hand on his shoulder. Nam Ji Won was already used to address as 'Oppa'. It was not used to touching. Though, she never had any physical or intimate touches with these girls. She would never do that. Her looks were enough to sway them. Flirting always helped. But...Lee Hyo-Rin was a tough cookie.

Nam Ji Won chuckles and playfully took her hand in her hands. "Hyo-Rin, you look beautiful today."

"Oppa." Lee Hyo-Rin shyly looks down. "The day is brighter when I see you."

Nam Ji Won felt like she was choking on her own vomit. Her expression didn't change. It had been like this for a while with Lee Hyo-Rin. If Nam Ji Won flirted with her, she would shamelessly flirt back and act like a white lotus at the same time. Nam Ji Won was irritated by her strong perfume.

"So, you are here."

Nam Ji Won turned behind to find the owner of the deep voice. A boy in faded jeans and white shirt was standing behind her. He had dragon eyes, high cheekbones and pink lips on his oval-shaped face. He had thick rimmed glasses. His brown hair was messy like he forgot to comb before he left his house. Nam Ji Won was sure that he must be one of this girl's exes. They seemed to keep walking on them since she met Hyo-Rin.

"Who are you, kid?" Hyo-Rin asked, slightly irritated. She forgot about her facade for a moment.

"Not you." The boy pointed at Hyo-Rin arrogantly. Then, he fiercely glared at Nam Ji Won and pointed at her. "You stole my girlfriend, you bastard!"

Nam Ji Won stood up instinctively. How could he find her? Did she really steal his girlfriend? She couldn't remember.

"So, you are here to steal another one, huh?" The boy slapped the table. "Woman, this guy is a girlfriend stealer. He targets the girls who are already in a relationship and then, he leaves them after dating them for a week. You better leave now."

Nam Ji Won cursed him in her heart. Do you know how long it took me to woo this woman? How can you ruin it in a moment?

"Jimin Oppa, is it true?" Hyo-Rin widened her round eyes. "You are a playboy."

Playboy, my arse! If I am a playboy, what the hell are you?

Nam Ji Won laughed uneasily. "Hyo-Rin, why don't you go now? I have to talk to my younger troublemaker cousin. He likes to make problems."

"Who is your cousin-?" Nam Ji Won covered the boy's mouth. "I will see you tomorrow, Hyo-Rin. I am sorry that I can't walk you to your home today. I have to drop him at his home."

The boy wildly struggled in Nam Ji Won's arms. But Nam Ji Won wrapped her one arm around him. She ran away with her hand on his mouth, leaving Hyo-Rin alone.

"Ju Jimin, you are interesting." Lee Hyo-Rin let out a low laugh when she sees Nam Ji Won leaving in hurry.

After running away for a large distance, Nam Ji Won stopped in a quiet area and let go of the nuisance. He immediately whirled around to punch her on the face. She caught his punch with one hand.

"Who are you, little mouse?"

The boy laughed. "You don't even remember me, huh? Good...Good..." He launched a kick at her. She ducked down and pulled another leg. He fell down on his butt with a loud thump. She pulled his leg up to hang the boy upside down.

"Hey, let me down!" He flung his arms at her.

"Who are you, boy?" Nam Ji Won couldn't help but compare the boy to a wild kitten. The boy managed to hold the belt of her pants. When he started undoing the belt, Nam Ji Won let of his leg. He fell again.


"No respect for Sunbae at all." Nam Ji Won checked her belt. What the hell! How can he randomly start touching her pants? She is still a female. Ah! He didn't know that. But he can't do that to a man either.

"I have no idea who you are." Nam Ji Won looked down at the boy. His head was bleeding. He was glaring at her with deep hatred. She put her handkerchief on his head. Thankfully, the boy didn't slap her hand away. She met his eyes and said,

"If I stole your girlfriend, you probably deserved it."