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 Third POV:

The train has been going for a few hours and it was night time now, Ahri and Grey fell asleep in their seats and a waitress walked up to them.

"excuse me, sir, ma'am" she said standing besides their seats.

Grey groaned and opened his eyes looking at the waitress "yeah?".

"we reached the mother land" the waitress informed them.

"thank you" Grey replied, the waitress nodded before leaving and Grey turned to Ahri "Ahri, wake up".

Ahri groaned "what?".

"we're here, come on" Grey said.

"alright" Ahri replied rubbing her eyes and opening them.

After a few minutes, the train slowed down until it stopped completely and they got off.

Ahri and Grey walked the streets amazed by the sites, there was culture from every nation and all kinds of people around.

Ahri twirled in her place looking around "this place is amazing" she said, she stopped and looked at Grey "so what should we do, ask around?".

"we could do that" Grey shrugged and then pointed somewhere "or we could just go to the big building with statues that basically screams Institute of War".

Ahri looked at where he was pointing and saw a really big building carved into the side of a mountain.

It had big gates with gold trimming, statues of warriors and summoners besides it and floating crystals around them.

"or we could try that" Ahri chuckled before she and Grey started walking towards the building.

They reached a set of stairs leading to the gate and started climbing them, when they got to the top, two guards in armor were near the gate.

"halt!" one of the guards raised his hand "what is your business here?".

"is this the Institute of War?" Grey asked.

"it is" the same guard nodded.

"we want to be champions" Ahri said.

The guards looked at each other and then back at Grey and Ahri "very well, go through the gates and ask for the high summoners, but fair warning, becoming a champion will not be easy".

"thank you" Grey nodded, the guards turned around and opened the gates for them.

Grey and Ahri entered a big hall way that led to a table with a summoner besides a big black door, once they reached it Ahri spoke "excuse me".

The summoner looked up "yes, how can I help you?" he didn't sound enthusiastic but wasn't rude either.

"we want to see the high summoners to join as champions" Ahri told him.

The summoner glanced at a few papers before answering "well you're in luck, they're free right now, just go through the gates here" he said motioning to the gates beside the table.

"thanks" Ahri said before she and Grey walked up to the gates, they opened without anyone touching them and they went in without asking questions.

Inside was a big chamber with many high chairs, all of them but one had names above them.

"what is your business here" asked a summoner with red robes and the name Noxus above him.

Ahri was a little nervous to speak but thankfully Grey was with her "we're here to become champions".

"and who exactly are you?" asked a summoner with yellow robes and the name Demacia above him.

Grey and Ahri went and told the high summoners their story, after they were done the high summoners took in what they said.

"so you turned human after absorbing the life essence of a sorcerer, making you a Vastayan, and he came from a different world" the Noxian summoner summed up.

"to be fair we did sense weird energy from Ionia almost a week ago" said a summoner with light blue robes with the name Ionia above him.

"very well, to become a champion you have to go through a trial called judgment, yours will be tomorrow since it is late" the Demacian summoner said.

"just one moment" a summoner with green robes with the name Zaun above him said making everyone look at him "I am sure the Vastayan is good enough to be a champion, but it is this person from another world that I worry about".

"are you asking for a demonstration of his abilities?" asked the Ionian summoner.

"if he allows it" the Zaun summoner replied and the high summoners looked at Grey.

Ahri looked back at him in worry but he just gave her a determined nod and looked at the high summoners "what is it that you would like me to do?".

"we will put you against one of our current champions, and if your ability is satisfactory, then we'll give you the judgment like your friend" the Noxian summoner explained.

"I accept" Grey nodded.

"very well, your duel will be tomorrow after your friend's judgment for now rest" the Ionian summoner said and the gates behind Ahri and Grey opened.

A woman in gold armor and a pair of angel wings came in through them "greetings, I am Kayle, if you would please follow me I will show you where you will be staying tonight" she said.

Ahri and Grey nodded and followed the woman out of the chambers and into the hallway.

They walked for a few moments and reached a long line of doors with name plates.

They reached two doors besides each other without name plates "these are your temporary rooms" Kayle said pointing at them "Grey is right and Ahri is left, you will be given better ones if you pass".

"wait, not the same room?" Ahri said a little disappointed.

"you didn't expect us to always share a room did you, did you?" Grey asked her.

"well, no but..." Ahri was gonna protest but just sighed "fine" she then looked at Kayle "hey Kayle, is there somewhere we can get some food?".

"it is dinner time, so I'll take you to the dining hall" Kayle replied as she started walking to another hallway with Grey and Ahri following her.

They then entered a large hall with many tables that had champions in all shapes and sizes, on one side there were chefs serving all kinds of food.

"wow" Ahri said looking around "being a champion has it's perks".

Kayle nodded "it does, but if you don't pass tomorrow you won't get to experience the other ones" she said before leaving.

Grey and Ahri went where the food is, they grabbed their trays and picked out their food.

Ahri had salad and some fried chicken and Grey had some fruit and milk, they found an embty table to sit in.

They sat down and started eating in silence until someone addressed them "I see you two made it".

They looked and saw Shen, Akali and Kennen with their own food although Shen was just some tea.

They sat besides Ahri and Grey "yes and thank you, if it weren't for you we wouldn't have even known about this place" Grey said.

"think nothing of it" Shen waved it off "seeing that you're here means your judgment is tomorrow?" he asked.

"yes" Ahri nodded but then gained a worried look "well... Mine is anyway".

Kennen raised an eyebrow "wait, what about Grey?".

"they weren't sure of my abilities so they set me up for a match with one of the current champions" Grey explained.

"do you know who it is?" Akali asked and Grey shook his head "well be careful, some champions aren't exactly kind people".

"don't worry, if you die in the Rift the summoners can bring you back" Kennen said waving his hand.

"I'll take your word for it" Grey replied with a shrug.

"how can you be so calm about this?" Ahri asked worried that Grey might not be taking this so seriously.

"I too am wondering, your mind is at balance, how do you keep it that way?" Shen asked wanting to know how Grey keeps a peace of mind about the whole ordeal.

To answer them, Grey shrugged "ever been near a drunk giant?" he said which made them a little taken back.

"a... Drunk giant?" Kennen repeated making sure he heard it right.

"after you spend a night taking care of one everything suddenly becomes less threatening" Grey said and then noticed the looks he was getting from them "what's wrong? Don't giants exist in this world?".

"not any that I know of" Akali shook her head.

"well they exist in my world" Grey said with a smile "and let me tell you, once you get a giant's loyalty he's your friend for life" he said remembering the times he was saved by a large arrow.

"your world sounds weird" Kennen said.

"after I've seen this one... I'm going to have to agree with you" Grey replied.

Ahri, Akali and Kennen chuckle slightly while Shen shook his head shaming himself that he was actually smiling under his mask.

Akali glanced at Shen and looked back at Grey "hey can I ask you something?" she said and Grey nodded "if there is crime in Ionia, don't you think we should stop hiding in the shadows and start dealing with it?".

Grey raised an eyebrow for the odd question but still answered "I guess that makes sense, why do you ask?".

"that's because it's what I've been telling Shen" Akali replied looking at said man "but he refuse that we do it".

Shen sighed "Akali I told you, if we started hunting down any criminal out there, it might cause problems with Ionian elders".

Akali just huffed and looked away, Ahri and Grey felt awkward at the scene that was like a father scolding his stubborn daughter.

"well... We're finished, we should go to bed, we need to get up early for my judgment and Grey's duel" Ahri said trying to leave the awkward atmosphere.

Shen nodded "very well, see you tomorrow".

"likewise" Grey nodded, he and Ahri got up and exited the dining hall going through the hallway Kayle took them through.

Once they reached their rooms, Ahri spoke "are you sure you don't want to share a room?" she asked Grey.

Grey sighed "Ahri you can't expect us to always share a bed" he replied.

Ahri groaned "fine" she said in a lazy tone and then pointed a finger at Grey "but you better win tomorrow".

Grey smiled and nodded "alright, I promise you to win and join with you, OK?".

"you better keep that promise" Ahri threatened playfully before both of them got into their rooms.

It was a simple room, bed with a night stand and a lamp, a door to the bathroom and a window.

Ahri undressed and went under the covers, while bringing her tails closer she couldn't help but drift into thought.

'it feels kind of lonely without Grey... What if he loses tomorrow' Ahri shook that thought out of her head and went to sleep.

Time skip: (braught to you by chibi Ahri taking chibi Grey's hat while he's asleep and trying it on).

Ahri woke up next morning, she went through her morning routine which is taking a bath and putting on her clothes.

She opened her room's door and found both Kayle and Grey waiting for her "good morning Ahri" Grey said seeing her.

"morning Grey" Ahri greeted back "you're up early" she said referring to the fact that she always wakes him up.

"actually I didn't sleep at all" Grey replied.

"wait, what?" Ahri asked and then looked at him in anger "why would you do that? You have a duel to attend".

"that's exactly what I told him" Kayle said.

Grey rolled his eyes "would you two calm down, my foster father taught me how to spend days hunting without any sleep".

Ahri would have protested but she just sighed "alright, but remember your promise" she said and Grey just nodded with a smile before they both started following Kayle, Ahri took a glance at Grey 'he keeps mentioning that foster father of his, maybe I should ask him about it' Ahri just put that thought in the back of her head for now.

They continued walking through the hall until they reached the door to the high summoners.

Kayle turned to face them "Ahri is going to have her judgment, so she has to go in alone".

Grey looked at Ahri "will you be OK?".

Ahri nodded "of course i will, we're going to join together so what good will it do if I didn't make it".

Grey nodded and Ahri went inside, Grey found a few chairs besides the door and sat down while Kayle just stood besides it.

"I see Ahri is taking her judgment" Grey looked and saw it was Shen who spoke, he had Akali and Kennen with him.

Grey nodded and they took a seat near him, after a few moments of silence Akali spoke "she's going to need you after this".

Grey raised an eyebrow "what do you mean?".

"we can't speak about details, it's forbidden" Kennen replied "but just know that the judgment is NOT a pretty thing".

"some who took it and failed were left traumatized, it tests the very existence of a person" Akali explained "whether their hearts are good, evil, pure or corrupted, it does not matter" she said which made Grey worried.

After a while, the gates opened and Ahri came out, Grey stood up, she saw him and immediately ran up to him.

She jumped and wrapped her arms around his neck burying her head in his shoulder "that wasn't fun... At all" Ahri said with tears in her eyes.

Grey returned the hug and patted her back "it's OK, it's over now" he said, Ahri calmed down and backed away slightly "so? Did you make it?".

"yeah" Ahri nodded whipping a few tears before looking up with a smile "my title is the Nine-tailed fox".

"fitting" Grey smirked "no 'I think?' this time" he said, Ahri laughed slightly remembering that he made the same joke when they met.

Kayle walked up to them "congratulations on passing the judgment" she said to Ahri and looked at Grey "your duel will be in 10 minutes, and shall take place in the summoner Rift".

Grey nodded "how will I get there".

"you will be sent there from wherever you are when the time comes" Kayle said before leaving.

Grey, Ahri, Shen, Akali and Kennen then started walking towards the dining hall.

"they still didn't tell you who you'll be against?" Akali asked which Grey shook his head.

"Grey, please be careful" Ahri said.

Grey smiled "don't worry, I have to keep my promise after all".

Ahri smiled and nodded, they reached the dinning hall and then Grey's body was covered in light before vanishing.

Ahri, Akali, Shen and Kennen found a table to sit in while a magical orb appeared in the middle of the dining hall.

The orb showed Grey in some sort of battle coliseum with stone floor "Grey Ashnex" a voice rang out "you will be tested to see if you are good enough to be a champion, your opponent will be... Zed, Master of Shadows" the announcer said as a man appeared on the other side of the coliseum.

The man was wearing a bronze and red armor with two throwing blades on his back, he had a mask with a cage like jaw and red eyes with a red cloak connected to it for a makeshift hood.

"oh no" Akali said.

"what's wrong?" Ahri asked.

"we know Zed, he can be brutal in battle" Kennen told her which made Ahri look at the screen in worry.

Zed stood up and faced Grey "so you're my opponent" Zed said with an echo in his voice "the summoners told me you claim you're from a different world".

Zed's statement drew many different reactions from the champions watching, some didn't believe it, while some wanted to see if it was true.

"whether you believe me or not is up to you" Grey replied pulling out his weapons pointing his sword at Zed while putting the knife across his chest "but know that I'm not planning to lose".

Zed chuckled "we'll see" he said and crouched down while blades extended from his forearms.

They stood still for a second before the announcer spoke "begin!".

Zed moved first jumping towards Grey bringing down his arm blades, Grey rolled away from the strike as Zed landed.

Grey anchored his knife on the ground and spun around swinging his sword at Zed who raised his arm blades for guard.

Even though he blocked the strike, Zed was still sent skidding back a few feet from the strength of the attack.

Zed then created a clone from shadows and the clone dashed forward swinging it's arm blades at Grey.

Grey got up and used his sword to block, while in a lock down with the clone, the real Zed jumped over it's shoulder and kicked Grey.

Instead of steadying himself, Grey rolled with it and ended up in a crouch position while Zed stood besides his clone.

Zed then snapped his neck "is that all you got" he said.

Grey got back up "not even close" he said before dashing at Zed.

Meanwhile, the high summoners were watching the match from their chambers "he's doing well" said the Ionian summoner.

"for now" pointed out the Demacian summoner.

"what are your thoughts on him Grand Summoner" the Zaun summoner asked looking at the only chair without a name above it.

On the chair was a man wearing black robes with golden trimming and a beard was visible through the hood of the robes, the other high summoners looked at him "the boy has potential, even more then he let's on" he said.

"so he's holding back?" asked the Zain summoner.

The grand summoner slowly shook his head "no, but he has more power than he knows".

"so he's stronger than he believes himself to be?" asked the Noxian summoner which the grand summoner nodded.

Back in the battle, Grey and Zed entered a lock down while staring into each other "you're strong, no wonder you're a champion" Grey said.

Zed huffed "you're not bad either" he said before pushing Grey away and jumping back, he pulled out the blades on his back and threw them.

Grey raised his sword blocking the blades and then jumped at Zed swinging his knife and sword.

He struck Zed and then anchored his knife in the ground to spin and swing his sword again dealing another strike.

Grey pulled out his knife and jumped swinging his sword, but before he could land a hit, Zed switched with his clone making it the one that was hit.

The clone vanished and Grey immediately turned around... Only to be stabbed in the chest by the real Zed.

"but you're still not good enough" Zed said before pulling out his blade and letting Grey fall to his knees before falling completely on the ground.

In the crowd, Ahri felt like her heart was just ripped out after what she just saw "Grey?" she mumbled as tears immediately appeared in her eyes "GREY!!!".

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