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 Ahri POV:

We were inside a police car going to the police station and I was still mad at the idiot beside me.

Grey was looking around the car uncomfortably "I... Don't feel safe in this thing".

I moved my tails trying to make them a little comfortable "and whose fault is it that we're here to begin with?" I said anger in my voice.

"you're going to be mad at me for a while, aren't you" Grey said.

"you think!" I almost yelled.

"knock it off back there" the woman with pink hair told us, we both went quiet and I just looked out the window.

Time skip: (brought to you by chibi Ahri trying and failing to lift Grey's sword and chibi Grey helping her).

After we reached the station, they took us to a square metal room with a table that had two chairs on each side.

They took Grey's weapons and put them on the other side of the room while me and him sat on one side of the table.

The two women from before came in through the door, the one with a top hat sat in front of was while the pink haired leaned on the wall and she didn't have her gauntlets.

"so" the woman with a top hat said crossing her arms over the table "do you two know why you're here?".

"not really" Grey shrugged and I almost smacked him in the head again.

"you're here because you interfered with the law, we were cooking up a plan when you came in" she explained and then narrowed her eyes "I don't take kindly to vigilantes in my town".

Grey tilted his head "what is... A vigilante?" he asked which made both women look at him in confusion.

I pretty much guessed he didn't know what it was, I sighed before speaking "a vigilante is someone who fight crime while also breaking the law, you cover your face so they thought you were one" I explained.

"oh, then don't worry, I'm no vigilante" Grey told the woman "I just saw that you didn't have anyone that can sneak in and was worried about the hostages".

"well then why did hide your identity?" she asked.

"that's how we Abyss watchers wear our clothes for battle" Grey said with a shrug.

"why are you still covering your face then?" the pink haired woman asked.

"what?" he asked which made me groan.

"you're covering your face again Grey" I sighed.

"oh! sorry, it's a habit" Grey apologized, he took off his hat and sat it on the table before pulling down his cloak.

Both women did a double take with their cheeks turning a slight shade of pink, I honestly can't blame them.

The one with a top hat cleared her throat "well, since you made sure the hostages are safe, and since a certain 'someone' was planning to go in there guns and blazing" she said while looking at the pink haired woman in the last part, she just smirked shrugging her shoulders and the top hat woman looked back at us "I would like to thank you, I'm sheriff Caitlyn, and this is my partner Vi" she introduced herself and the other woman "so, who are you two?".

I sighed "why don't your partner take a seat, it's gonna be a while" I said before telling her who me and Grey are and where we want to go.

After I was done she took in everything I said "so you're a fox that turned human and he came from another world" Caitlyn summed up, she didn't look convinced, she was giving us a look that said 'do I look stupid or something?'.

"I believe you" Vi said making us look at her.

"you do?" Caitlyn asked.

"yeah" Vi shrugged "I mean come on cupcake, that story is crazy but it's also too crazy to be made up".

Caitlyn looked down tapping her finger, after a couple of seconds she gave a heavy sigh and looked back at Vi "you know you don't usually make much sense but when you do I really hate it" she said and Vi just smirked shrugging her shoulders again, Caitlyn then looked at us "so you're going to the Institute of War, does that mean you want to join the League of Legends?".

"is that what it's usually called?" Grey asked.

"yeah, we're champions too actually" Vi said.

"does that mean you were planning to take the train?" Caitlyn asked.

"yes we were" I said pointing at Grey "until this idiot decided to play hero" he just looked away.

"how did you do that anyway?" Vi asked and then pointed at Grey's weapons "you have a sword as big as a person".

Grey shrugged "we Abyss watchers are trained to move in the dark, and my foster father taught me a lot of things".

Caitlyn sighed "well since everything is sorted out we'll let you go, but next time leave our job to us".

"understandable" Grey nodded.

"so does that mean we can go?" I asked.

"yes, in fact we'll give you a ride to the train station" Caitlyn offered.

"that would be very kind of you" Grey said but then looked a little worried "but... Do we have to go in that metal beast again?".

"metal beast?" Caitlyn repeated confused.

"he means the car, they don't exist in his world" I explained.

"so the first time you were in a car was being taken to the police station?" Vi said and then smirked "I don't know whether to feel bad or jealous".

"anyway yes, so let's go" Caitlyn said.

"great" Grey sighed putting his hat back on and getting back his weapons.

Third POV:

Time skip: (brought to you by chibi Ahri, Caitlyn and Vi trying to push chibi Grey inside a car).

Caitlyn and Vi just dropped Ahri and Grey at the train station and right now were on their way back to their station.

"so" Vi said breaking the silence in the car "I guess we can both agree that Grey was pretty hot".

Caitlyn blushed and tried to concentrate on driving "I... guess he wasn't bad looking".

"wasn't bad?" Vi repeated in a deadpan tone "Cupcake I can tell you were this close to giving him your phone number" Vi brought her thumb and index finger close to each other.

Caitlyn blushed heavily and almost lost control of the car "y-you can't proof that!" she yelled trying to look at the road.

Vi kept her deadpan look "I'm not hearing you deny it".

Meanwhile in the train station, Grey and Ahri bought their tickets and entered the train.

Ahri sat near the window and Grey sat besides her looking around "and I thought that car thing was weird".

"well you better get used to it" Ahri said.

Grey looked at her "are you still mad at me?".

"what do you think?" Ahri huffed and looked out the window.

Grey tried to think of a way to make it up to her, he saw Ahri's ears twitching and thought of something.

He raised his right hand and started petting her behind her fox ears.

Ahri's angry expression slowly melted into a pleased one as she started leaning to his touch "oh yeah... A little to the left... That's the spot" she moaned and started purring.

Grey chuckled but still kept petting her, after a few minutes he removed his hand "so are you still mad at me?".

Ahri looked at him for a few seconds and sighed "look, I wasn't mad as much as I was worried, I just thought you might get hurt".

Grey smiled fondly "thank you for your concern and don't worry, I promise that we'll both get to join the Institute of War, alright".

Ahri looked into his eyes and saw nothing but honesty, she smiled and nodded then looked out the window, She couldn't help but be excited about what the future might hold for them.

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