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 Third POV:

Ahri woke up next morning, she stretched with a yawn while also moving her tails.

She looked besides her and saw Grey sleeping, Ahri couldn't help but smile seeing the peaceful expression on his face.

'he was really hurt last night' she thought to herself 'I guess that Abysswalker guy was right'.

Ahri got off the bed and decided to take a bath, she took her clothes off completely not minding Grey being there and entered the shower.

After a few minutes, she came out wearing just a towel around her and saw Grey still sleeping, she decided it was time to wake him up.

Ahri walked near the bed and grabbed his shoulder "Grey, Grey wake up".

He started groaning and opened his eyes, he rubbed them and looked at Ahri "hey Ahri- what are you wearing?" Grey asked with a blush seeing Ahri in nothing but a towel.

"a towel" Ahri answered bluntly.

"no, I mean why are you wearing just a towel" Grey tried to avert his gaze.

Ahri smirked and leaned on the bed "would you rather I take it off" she teased and used one of her tails to make the towel a little loose showing a lot of cleavage.

Grey just looked away and got off the bed "please put some clothes on" he said before going to the bathroom.

Ahri couldn't help but laugh, she picked her clothes up, wore them and sat  on the bed waiting for Grey.

After Grey finished showering, he came out and was relieved to see Ahri fully clothed.

He grabbed his armor and put it on "we're supposed to reach Piltover today, right?".

Ahri nodded "that's right" she answered and Grey finished putting on his armor, she got off the bed and they both exited the room.

They went to the upper deck, they looked and saw a big city in the distance with big shiny buildings, floating blimps and all kinds of lights coming from it.

"looks like we're almost there" Grey said and then looked at Ahri "want to get breakfast before we reach the docks?" he asked.

"sure" Ahri nodded and they both went to get breakfast.

Time skip: (brought to you by chipi Grey looking for chipi Ahri who is hiding under his cape).

An hour later the ship docked, Ahri and Grey thanked the captain before leaving and walking through the streets of Piltover.

Ahri looked around at the sights and technology in wonder, Grey was behind her also looking around but he was feeling rather out of place.

Ahri noticed him and chuckled "are you OK?".

"I'm going to be honest" Grey said looking around "I'm a little overwhelmed".

'he's like a lost puppy' Ahri thought with a giggle "well don't worry, all we got to do is find a train and-" she was cut off by a loud noise and a few cars passing by.

"what's that sound?" Grey asked a little on guard.

"they're police sirens" Ahri said looking at the direction they came from "let's check that out" she said as she and Gary walked to the sound.

When they got to the source, there was a few cars surrounding a big building and police officer looking at it.

"what's going on?" Ahri asked as she and Gary got close to the scene.

"robbery" answered one of the officers without looking away from the building.

"what exactly happened?" Grey asked.

"a few robbers got in and took hostages" the same officer answered still not looking at them.

Then a car made it's way to the scene, when it stopped, two women came out.

One was a dark haired woman with hair that went below her shoulders, a dark purple dress, a big top hat and holding a sniper rifle.

The other was a pink haired woman with something similar to a Mohawk that went over her shoulder, bronze clothes and had giant fist gauntlets.

One of the police officers walked up to them "Sheriff, Enforcer, good timing, we could use the help".

The woman with a top hat took binoculars from the officer and used them to look at the building "what's the situation?" she asked.

"we have hostages and robbers threatened to hurt them if we got close" the officer explained.

"did they hurt anyone?" the woman with a top hat asked.

"no" the officer replied.

"any demands?" she asked again.

"not yet" the officer shook his head.

"so what do we do Cupcake?" the woman with pink hair asked.

The woman with a top hat put down the binoculars "we wait for now, see if they'll make a move".

A crowd had gathered around the scene and Ahri moved to the back, thanks to her enhanced hearing she was able to hear the conversation.

"well, looks like they have things under control" Ahri said and turned around "let's go Gre-Grey?" Ahri realized that her companion wasn't around "great" she sighed "why do I feel like we'll be telling our story all over again".

Behind the bank:

Two robbers were guarding the backdoor, they were wearing a face mask and holding guns.

One of them suddenly aimed at the left "did you hear that?" he asked.

"hear what?" his friend asked.

"I can swear I heard something" the first one said and the he started walking towards a bunch of boxes.

He got closer slowly and when he reached them, a cat jumped out and made him scream a little in fear.

His friend started laughing... But then Grey jumped behind him and used his knife to slit his throat.

The one near the boxes barley had time to respond when Grey rolled to him, knocked his weapon out of his hands with the knife and sliced him up with his sword.

Grey POV:

After I finished off the two guarding the back, I walked to the door and slowly opened it.

I immediately rolled behind a table for cover and peaked over it, I saw three robbers guarding the vault with two of others inside it, no one else was around so I assumed the hostages were upstairs.

'first thing first, make sure the hostages are safe' I thought to myself while sneaking to some stairs.

When I reached the top I quickly hid behind a pillar and looked over, there was the hostages and two robbers standing in front of them.

"hey go check on how they're doing" one of the robbers said and his friend nodded.

He turned around and started walking toward the stairs that was near the pillar I was hiding behind.

When he got close enough, I grabbed him covering his mouth and slit his throat.

I hid his body behind the pillar and started sneaking up to the other one who was looking at the hostages with his back turned.

When I was behind him, I grabbed him covering his mouth and stabbed my knife in his chest.

He struggled for a couple of seconds and then his body went limp and I put it down.

I walked up to a man in a suit and cut off his restraints "are you alright?" I asked.

He rubbed his wrists and nodded "y-yes, thank you".

"it's alright, untie the others but stay here until I deal with the rest" I told him, he nodded and went to do his job.

I turned around and walked to a railing that looked over to the lower floor, I looked and saw the three robbers that were guarding the vault were right under it.

Now that the hostages were safe I didn't need stealth anymore, so I pulled out Farron great sword and jumped over the railing.

I drop slashed the one in the middle and before the other two did anything I anchored my knife in the ground and did a full spin with my sword killing both of them.

The two inside the vault noticed me, they drew metal objects and pointed at me.

My foster father taught me to never take chances with the unknown, so I rolled to the side, hid behind the gate and started hearing bangs and metal clinging.

I assumed their weapons shoot something and after a few seconds the sound stopped, that's when I moved.

I quickly moved out of cover and cut down one of them, the other was reloading his weapon but I didn't give him the chance.

I rolled to his direction and thrust my sword stabbing him in the chest, I pulled out my sword after his body went limb and exited the vault.

I went upstairs and saw all the hostages freed "it's alright, it's over now" I said.

All of them sighed in relief, they started thanking me and one by one they started leaving the building.

I made sure all of them were out before I left, I couldn't help but smile seeing all of them run to their families and friends.

'now all I have to do is find-' my thoughts were interrupted by someone smacking me in the back of my head.

I looked and found an angry looking Ahri with her hands on her hips "what were you thinking?" she asked.

"about helping people" I replied but she didn't calm down.

"why do you think the police are here for?" she said still angry "you had me worried".

"sorry" I apologized looking a little down.

Someone cleared their throat and we looked to see two women, one with a top hat and the other with pink hair.

"I think you two should come with us" the woman with a top hat said.

I looked back at Ahri and found her glaring at me, I started thinking to myself... Should I be more scared of these police, or Ahri?

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