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 Third POV:

The ship sailed, Ahri and Grey spent the day looking over the ship.

when it was nighttime, they had dinner which was bread, some soup and milk, and then they went to their room for the first time since they got on.

It was pretty simple, just a room with a small space, a door to the bathroom, a window and something they were familiar with.

"Only one bed?!" They said in Union but Ahri was more enthusiastic.

"Does this world have a shortage of beds or something?" Grey asked closing the door behind him.

"I'm not complaining" Ahri shrugged and sat down on the bed.

Grey sighed "you're not going to let me sleep anywhere else, are you?" Grey asked and Ahri shook her head playfully "great" he sighed and started taking off his armor.

When he was done, he sat besides her on the bed and Ahri's tails went to her other side where she started brushing them.

"So you said Piltover is a place where they have something called technology?" Grey asked referring to the night in the village.

"Yeah, don't you have technology in your world?" Ahri asked and Grey shook his head, she didn't know much about it but she understood what it was "well... did you have devices in your world?".

Grey nodded "Yeah, we had lifts, gates and a few crossbow turrets" he didn't see much about them but he managed to see some.

"Well... technology is kind of like that" Ahri tried to explain "but more complicated and uses something called electricity".

"Electricity?" Grey repeated when something clicked in his head "Oh you mean like lightning? We used a lot of it back in my world".

"Wait, what?" Ahri asked a little taken back.

"Lightning was a famous element for sorcery and miracles in my world" Grey explained which made Ahri a little bewildered.

She then realized that she doesn't actually know anything about Grey's world "you know, I told you about this world so how about you tell me about your's".

Grey smiled "well it's not the most beautiful but I'm still willing to call it home".

Grey started telling her about the places he visited in his world, the snowy lands of the Boreal valley, the woods of the road of sacrifice and the land of Lothric, he then spoke of the different convenients, and what they do.

Ahri had to agree that his world wasn't very pretty, even scary at some points, but she still smiled at how happy he talked about it.

Grey finished talking about the many convenients "wow, so what about other Abyss watchers, were you friends with them?" Ahri asked and suddenly Grey's smile vanished.

He stayed quiet for a second before speaking again "l-let's talk about that later, it's getting late, so let's go to bed" Grey said in a shaky voice.

He was trying to change the subject and Ahri knew it, but she let it go for now and lied down on the bed with Grey going to his own.

Ahri POV: dream.

I opened my eyes and saw I was in this embty void filled with fog, I looked around but couldn't see anything else.

"hello" I yelled but all I heard is echo "anyone?" I called out again but ended with the same results.

I began walking around trying to find something, anything, but I didn't... until I heard a voice.

"Please help him" an echoed voice said, I turned around and saw a knight in dark silver armor, he had a falcon shaped helmet with a ponytail and a navy blue cloak connected to it for a make shift hood "you must help him" the knight said again.

I took a step back "who are you? What are you talking about?" I asked a little panicked.

"Grey Is suffering, and you must help him" the knight replied.

"How do you know Grey?" I asked but then the fog started getting thicker.

"I'm sorry, but I'm out of time, you must help him" the knight said and turned around walking away.

"Wait! Who are you?" I asked.

The knight stopped and glanced over his shoulder "I am known... as The Abysswalker" and with that the knight walked away and the fog started getting thicker and thicker until I couldn't see anything.

Ahri POV: awake.

I woke up a little alarmed, I sat up and looked at Grey who was still sleeping, I then started thinking about that dream.

Who was this Abysswalker? How does he know Grey? And what did he mean by he was suffering?

I shook my head and decided to forget about it for now, I looked at Grey and was about to wake him up.

But then I stopped as a thought came through my head, I can feel an 'almost' evil smirk appear on my lips.

I lied back but this time was facing Grey, I grabbed his head and put it between my breasts while my tails went around him and then closed my eyes pretending to be asleep.

Third POV:

Ahri stayed still for a few minutes and then felt Grey steer up, he then opened his eyes and it took him a few seconds to realize where he was.

Grey blushed finding out that his head was inside Ahri's busom "Alright, let's just move away" he whispered and tried to push himself away from Ahri but then her tails tightened their hold on him.

Ahri can feel the heat coming from Grey's blushing face, it took all of her will power to not burst into a fit of laughter.

After a little struggle, Grey decided it was better to wake her up "Ahri, Ahri wake up" he said his voice getting louder.

Ahri decided it was enough and stirred and opened her eyes making it look like she just woke up.

She looked at Grey and smirked "wow, I knew people get comfortable in their sleep but that's a little too comfortable don't you think?".

"I just woke up like this, honestly, now can you let me go?" Grey asked and Ahri obliged, she let go of his head and removed her tails, Grey quickly got up and moved to the bathroom to take a bath.

When the door closed Ahri spoke "Oh yeah! One more thing" She yelled so he can hear her.

"What is it?" Grey yelled back from inside the bathroom.

"I've been awake for thirty minutes!" She yelled again.

"Oh for the love of the Great Grey wolf Sif!" Grey yelled angered which made Ahri laugh at his little tantrum.

Ahri calmed down and decided to look around until Grey finishes showering, there wasn't much to look at in the room but then her eyes fell on Grey's equipment.

The shoulder and left arm armor looked like they went through a lot of battle, his cape looked very old and she saw a few black lines at the end, his great sword wasn't very wide but it was still big and the knife was quite odd and sinister looking as if made just for brutal killing.

Then something caught her eyes, she got off the bed, walked up to Grey's equipment and held it up.

It was a medallion, it was green, looked really old and had the picture of a wolf's head.

She heard a door open and looked to see Grey come out drying his head "what's up?" He got a look at what she was holding "Oh, you're holding my pledge".

"Pledge?" Ahri repeated raising an eyebrow.

"Yes" Grey nodded taking it from Ahri's hands "you see, Abyss watchers aren't born, their chosen, only those who the old wolf of Farron chooses gets to be one of his Watchdogs".

Ahri wanted to ask about more but decided to wait and went to take her shower.

Time skip: (brought to you by chibi Ahri poking a sleeping chibi Grey with a stick).

The day went on pretty uneventful, Grey and Ahri spent it going around the ship taking in the sights.

Ahri however couldn't get that dream out of her head, questions started haunting her, she decided to ask Grey about his life hoping to get answers.

They entered their room coming back from dinner "so Grey, why don't you tell me how your life was?" Ahri asked sitting down on the bed.

Grey raised an eyebrow "why do you ask?" He replied starting to take off his armor.

"Just wondering" Ahri shrugged "hey why don't I tell you about my life and you tell me about your's?".

Grey finished taking off his armor and thought about it "I guess that sounds fair".

He sat on the bed facing her, Ahri told him about never seeing a fox like herself and being taken by a herd of them, she told him about secretly watching humans because she was fascinated by how their emotions worked, up until the dying man and turning human "and then you came along" She finished "your turn".

"Alright" Grey nodded "like you, I didn't have a family, I was left a baby at the door of the Abyss watchers, they didn't know what to do with me actually so they decided to pray to the old wolf of Farron for an answer, and then something happened".

"What is it?" Ahri asked getting excited.

"The old wolf of Farron... chose me, he chose me as an Abyss watcher" Grey smiled "you can guess that everyone was surprised, after that, they became my family, they raised me telling me all kinds of stories, legends and taught me what I know, I even ended up being adopted... by an old hunter" Grey chuckled "after a few years I came back to finish my training as an Abyss watcher and became a full fledged member, it was great, I had a home, a family, a job and a porpus" Grey's smile vanished "but then...".

"What happened?" Ahri asked but he didn't respond "Grey?".

"I-it's getting late, we should-"

"Grey!" Ahri's stern voice cuts him off as he saw her look at him with worry "please tell me what happened".

Grey looked like he was about to protest but gave in "I... I was sent on a mission one day, it wasn't anything serious just a few monsters almost leaving the swamps, but when I came back, I saw something that truly scared me".

"What is it?" Ahri said giving him her full attention.

Grey's voice started becoming shaky "Dark wraiths, creatures of the Abyss, I knew that men the Abyss had reached the temple, I started killing my way through... but... when I got there" Ahri's eyes widen seeing Grey's tears "they were already corrupted, they went mad and started killing each other, when they noticed me they started attacking, I had no choice but to fight back... so I" Grey's tears were running down his cheeks by this point "I... killed them... people that were my family, that took me as their's, died at my hands".

Ahri was speechless, she knew losing a family was rough, but having to kill them on your own was something else entirely, so she did the only thing she can think of.

She hugged him, and all Grey can do is return the hug while crying on her shoulder.

"Hey it's ok" Ahri said trying to sooth him "It's ok, you're not alone anymore, you got me, and you don't need to go back there".

"W-what?" Grey asked a little confused.

"You heard Shen, the Institute takes in people like both of us, you can join it with me and stay" She gave him a warm smile "plus there's no Abyss in this world, so you won't have to go through that ever again".

Grey's eyes widen and he hugged her tight "I... thank you, thank you so much" Ahri just let him cry on her shoulder and on that moment Grey felt something he hasn't felt in a really long time... safe.

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