Third POV:

Ahri woke up next morning, she stretched and saw Grey still asleep in his side of the bed.

She grabs his shoulder and shakes him gently "hey Grey" She shakes him harder "Grey wake up".

Grey started groaning and then opened his eyes, he sat up and stretched his back "morning, did you sleep well?" he said.

Ahri tensed up for a second but hid it well "yeah" She replied getting up "so do you want to leave now?" She asked fixing her clothes.

Grey thought about it before going to his armor "the earlier we leave the sooner we get the fishing town to find a boat" he said as he started putting his armor back.

"Alright" Ahri nodded and waited for Grey to finish.

When he was done, they left the room and went downstairs where they found the manager "good morning, I hope you enjoyed your stay?".

"Yes we did, thank you" Grey replied handing the manager the key back before he and Ahri left.

They went south and left the village entering the woods, they kept walking in silence after that.

Time skip:

After almost two hours of walking, they finally reached the fishing town.

It was what anyone would expect, the sea, docks, boats, not many houses but many stands selling all kinds of fish.

Ahri and Grey started walking through the streets looking at all the people either selling or buying.

"So what should we do?" Ahri asked as she looked back at Grey.

"Let's ask around" Grey replied before walking to one of the fish stands "Excuse me" he said getting the owner's attention "we're looking for a boat to Piltover, do you happen to know of any?".

The owner hummed In thought "Yeah" he said pointing at a big wooden ship "that ship is going there to bring fish into the market".

"Thank you" Grey said before walking back besides Ahri and they both went to the ship.

They see a middle aged woman looking over a list while crates were being moved by men.

"Excuse me" Grey said making the woman look at him "we're looking for the captain".

"That's me, what do you want?" The woman replied.

"We want to ask you if it's ok to go to Piltover with you?" Ahri asked.

"Yeah sure but it ain't free" the woman said "if you wanna come than it'll be 24 coins, both of you, it also includes your meals".

Ahri pulled out the money and gave it to the captain "here you go".

"Alright" said the woman taking the money and then checking the list "we'll be leaving in two hours, if you're not here by then we'll leave you" She informed them before turning back to looking over the crates.

Grey and Ahri nodded and they walked away "so what do you want to do until we have to leave?" Ahri asked.

"I'm going to take a look around" he replied "do you want to come with me?".

Ahri shook her head "No, I'll take a look at the ship, I'll be here when you come back".

"Alright" Grey nodded and left, when he vanished between the people, Ahri frowned.

She took a deep breath and walked in the other direction, she kept walking until she neared the edge of the town and then sat down at a bench there.

She waited for a few minutes before a man sat besides her "well what's a pretty thing like you doing all on her own" he said.

"Just looking for a little company" She smiled seductively.

"I'm more than willing to make sure you're not alone" the man flirted.

"I bet you do" She replied then putted a finger on his chin "let's find some privacy" She said standing up and walking to the woods.

The man just stands up and follows her, Ahri made sure that the trees were covering them from the village.

"So how are we doing this?" The man asked looking over Ahri.

Ahri had her back turned to him "Oh something like... this!" She said and suddenly threw an orb of deception at the man.

The orb struck the man and he fell on his back, the orb turned green and returned to Ahri.

Ahri absorbed it and she felt it again, the guilt, the regret and empathy, she hated feeling like this.

Before, she didn't feel anything about hunting her prey, but now that she's human, it didn't feel right.

She took a few deep breaths and calmed down, she was about to walk away and return to the village so she can find-

"Ahri?" All colors immediately seemed to leave Ahri as she slowly turned around and looked in horror at who addressed her.

"G-Grey?" She said taking a step back "w-what are you doing here?" Fear was obvious in her voice.

She was scared and confused, confused because she wasn't able to know he was there and scared because he saw what she did.

What made it worse was that Grey was covering his face, she couldn't tell how he looked at her.

"I was looking for you" Grey replied, he glanced at the lifeless body before looking back at Ahri "Ahri what-" he tried to talk but Ahri then turned around and sprinted towards the jungle in a mad rush "WAIT!".

She didn't listen, she kept running through the forest removing trees and plants on her way.

She couldn't do it, she couldn't face him after what she did, after what he saw her do, how could she?

Ahri kept running for a couple of minutes and looked over her shoulder while running to see if Grey was following her.

She didn't see him, but then Grey suddenly jumped at her from her right side and tackled her to the ground.

He pinned her to the ground with her arms behind her back "trying to outrun an Abyss watcher is the stupidest thing anyone can do" he said while Ahri started struggling in his hold.

She grunted trying to free her hands "let me go!" She said trying to do anything, she even tried using her tails to pull Grey off her but he didn't budge.

Grey tightened his hold on her hands "I'll let you go, but I need to make sure you don't run away" he said which Ahri responded with more struggling "I'm not going to hurt you, I just want to talk".

Ahri struggled for a few more seconds before calming down, she realized that even if she runs away then what's stopping him from capturing her again.

After Ahri seemed to calm down, Grey helped her to her feet and let go of her arms, she just rubbed them and looked down not facing him.

"Ahri" Grey sighed "I just want to know why you did it?" He asked.

Ahri tensed slightly, she turned around to face him but still looking down when she answered "it... it was instinct" She said in a low voice.

"Instinct?" Grey said a little confused.

Ahri gave a single nod "predator instinct" She explained further "after I turned human, I started having urges to take life essence, it wasn't as strong as the urge to breath or drink water but it was still there and... I really don't want to" her ears and tails started dropping "but... I still did it... I'm a monster" She said her voice becoming lower to almost a whimper.

Silence struck, Ahri wasn't going to blame Grey if he thought she was a monster, because in her opinion she was one.

After a few seconds of agonizing silence, Grey finally spoke "No... you're not a monster".

Ahri heard what he said and was confused "why?" She asked and then Her confusion turned into anger "why would you say that?" She yelled as she became enraged and looked up glaring at him "I AM A MONSTER! I killed innocent people! I didn't even need to kill them, I could spend three weeks without taking any life essence but I still did it! So HOW? How can you say that I'm not a monster?".

"Because monsters don't feel guilt" all of Ahri's anger vanished and she went wide eyed at Grey's response "monsters don't feel anything from killing, but you do" Grey continued and tears began building up in Ahri's eyes "you don't like it, you hate it, you want to stop, but most importantly, you want to change for the better" Ahri's tears started going down her cheeks "the fact that you want to change proofs you're more human then most people I met, and you can, if what Shen said is true then the Institute should find a way to help you, and even if they don't I promise that I would look for one" Grey said.

Ahri couldn't take it, she walked up to him and hugged him burying her head in his chest.

Grey hugged back as she started crying, Ahri's tails even ended up going around and bringing them closer to each other.

"I'm sorry" She said through her cries "I'm so sorry" She hugged him tighter, Ahri was normally a little over Grey's shoulder from how tall he is but she managed to bring her arms around his chest.

They stayed like that for almost thirty minutes, then Ahri calmed down and pulled her tails away.

Grey looked at Ahri as she pulled back, her eyes were slightly red from crying "how do you feel?" He asked.

"Better" She replied wiping off a few tears "thanks".

"No problem" Grey smiled "how about we go back to the town, we don't want to miss the boat".

Ahri smiled and nodded, they started walking back towards the town through the woods so they can get on the boat.

Time skip:

Ahri and Grey managed to find their way back, they got on the boat as it was about to leave and looked over at the sea from the upper deck.

"It's beautiful" Ahri said looking at the waves and taking a deep breath of the salty air.

"Yeah" Grey said doing the same "I never saw so much clean water before".

"Really?" Ahri asked.

Grey nodded "Yeah, Farron keep was surrounded by swamps, so I didn't get to see much sights like this".

Grey took another deep breath, this world wasn't like his, it wasn't corrupted, there was no Abyss, so maybe... he can forgive himself.

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