Grey POV:

Ahri finally let go of my arm as we were walking towards the village and i got my blush under control, it didn't take that long to get to it.

When we got there, I saw it was a modern looking village with traditional houses and a few stands selling food and trinkets.

While walking through the village we were getting a few looks from the people, being on guard I brought my cloak back to cover my face and got ready just in case.

Ahri POV:

Me and Grey were walking through the village, I saw Grey pull up his cloak and just noticed the weird looks we were getting.

Mostly me from a few men, it's not that I minded the attention, it's just that I didn't like the looks I got, it was a look of lust.

I got a little closer to Grey and held his hand tighter "let's look for a place to stay for the night and tomorrow we'll continue" he said.

I gave him a grateful smile and we started looking for an Inn, we found one and entered.

It looked pretty plane, we got to the table where an old man was "hello? Are you the owner?" Grey asked.

"Yeah" the old man said "do you want to check in?".

"Yes, we just want a room for the night" Grey told him.

"Alright, that will be 10 coins" the owner said, I felt Grey tense, I guess he doesn't have anything to pay with.

Luckily when I was looking for clothes I found myself some money so I pulled them out "here you go" I said.

The owner took the money "Alright, here" he gave us a key "second floor and third door on the left".

"Thanks" I said and we walked to the stairs near the counter, we got the room, opened it with the key and saw the room.

It looked pretty normal, a door to the bathroom, a living space and in the other side was something that was definitely to my delight.

"Only one bed?!" Me and Grey said at the same time.

We looked at each other and Grey walked up to the middle of the room "well I guess I'll be taking the floor while you take the bed".

"But it's big enough for both of us" I said pointing at the bed.

"I'm still going to take the floor" Grey replied.

I walked up to him, grabbed his shoulder, turned him around and pointed a finger at his chest "listen, we are going to share that bed like the good friends we are and I won't take no for an answer" I stated with a smile.

Grey looked a little taken back but chuckled and raised his hands in mock surrender "Alright alright, let me just take off my armor".

I smirked in victory and sat on the bed while some of my tails got around me, he took off his hat, cloak, armor and weapons and sat them near the bed.

When he took off the hat, I now can see his snow white hair clearly, it was chin length and neatly combed.

We sat together in bed and talked, mostly Grey asking questions about this world and me answering the best I can and after a while we went to sleep... well Grey did.

Third POV:

Grey was asleep in his side of the bed and Ahri was on her's, she then opened her eyes and checked on Grey.

She saw him asleep so she got out of bed, tiptoed to the door and opened slowly.

She glanced at Grey and then got out before closing the door quietly.

She went downstairs and left the Inn, she went to the middle of the village and waited.

After a few minutes, a man walked up to her "well hello beautiful" he said "what are you doing here alone?".

"Just hanging around" Ahri smiled seductively "but I'm sure you're more than willing to keep me company" She flirted "let's find some privacy".

The man just nodded and she started guiding him out of town, she reached a place where they were covered in trees.

"Well we're alone now" the man smirked while Ahri had her back turned to him.

"Yeah" She said "I guess we... are!" She suddenly turned around and threw an orb of deception at the man.

The orb struck the man and he fell backwards, after a few seconds the orb turned green and returned to Ahri who absorbed it.

Then came the guilt, the regret and empathy, she didn't want it, none of it "I... I'm sorry".

After a few minutes of mourning and regret, Ahri pulled herself together and slowly walked back to the village away from the lifeless body.

When she left... Grey appeared from behind one of the trees fully armored.

He walked up to the corpse and looked at where Ahri left, he then knelt down looking at the body.

Grey looked it over "No burns, no bruises, no cuts and no physical damage" he inspected "what did she exactly do?" He asked putting a hand on the corpse's chest "did she take his soul?... no, it's still there, but very weak" he lifted his hand from the body's chest and a small white flame was in his palm "She just took the life energy from the body, like stealing moister from a plant" he looked at the flame and put it back in the corpse.

He was tempted to take it, but it was the humanity of another person, it wasn't sovereignless, he had no right to take it.

Grey stood up, he glanced at where Ahri left, he then walked into the woods and vanished from where he came from.

Meanwhile, Ahri was walking through the streets of the village and making sure she's not seen.

She got inside the Inn, quietly went upstairs, she grabbed the door handle and slowly opened.

She looked inside... and sighed in relief seeing Grey right where he was when she left.

She tiptoed to the bed and got on her side, she looked at Grey and smiled slightly seeing him sleep peacefully.

But that smile vanished when Ahri remembered what she did 'what would you think of me?... if you knew what I did' she thought looking at Grey.

She closed her eyes trying to sleep, but the guilt of what she did was still in her head, all Ahri can do is bring her tails closer and try to ignore it.

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