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 Ahri POV:

Me and Grey just told the ninjas our story, hopefully this will go well.

"So" Kennen said pointing at me "you're a fox that turned human" he then pointed at Grey "and he fell from a portal that came from another world" he summed up.

"That would explain what we felt earlier" Akali said.

"So do you believe us?" Grey asked.

Kennen shook his head "I can't believe I'm saying this... but yes".

"To be fair that isn't the weirdest thing we ever heard" Akali said and looked at both of us "so what will you two do now?" She asked which made me and Grey go silent, I don't think either of us thought this far.

"I... don't know" I said and then looked at Grey "what about you Grey?".

"I guess I'll look for a way home, or help you with whatever you're going to do" he replied with conflict.

I have to admit I didn't want him to leave yet, he is the first friend I made as a human... Wait, we are friends, right?

"Hmm... I think I know a way to help both of you, do either of you know about the Institute of war?" Shen asked us and we both shook our heads "it is a place that uses people like us and you to solve political problems, it has the world's" he then stopped and looked at Grey "... well, this world's most powerful magic and summoners, I believe you will find a home there Ahri, and you Grey, I think they might find a way to send you home" he explained.

Me and Grey looked at each other "well... that sounds promising, what do you think?" Grey asked.

"It's not like we had a plan to begin with" I shrugged "so let's give it a shot".

Grey nodded and looked back at Shen "looks like we have a plan, do you mind telling us where this Institute is?".

"It is in the mother land of Valoron" Shen said.

Kennen pointed backwards "head in that direction and you'll end up in a small village, go south from there and you'll find a fishing town, take a boat to Piltover and a train from there, but before you go I have to ask" he then pointed at Grey "what's with the pointy hat?".

I snickered remembering that I asked the same question while Grey gave me a look for a second.

He then looked at Kennen "It's a mark of the Abyss watchers and the Undead legion".

Shen then looked interested "Undead legion?" He repeated "and what does this Legion do exactly?".

"We Watch over the Dark Abyss, fight it, destroy it" Grey said with pride but then his tone turned to a sad one "and everything that's been corrupted by it" he said looking a little down.

"That explains the name Abyss watcher" Akali said "but what is this Dark Abyss?".

"A place that can only be described as true horror, where only monsters that wish to destroy life exist" Grey explained.

"So in a way you keep peace and balance in your world" Shen hummed in thought "interesting, you might be a good allie to our order in the future".

"Thank you" Grey nodded and then looked at Kennen "Excuse me, but what kind of creature are you?" He asked in curiosity.

"I'm a Yordle damn it!" Kennen yelled feeling a little insulted.

Grey jumped slightly and raised his hands "sorry, it's just that I never saw your kind before" he apologized.

Kennen sighed "I guess I can't blame you since you're from another world".

"Do you know how that happened anyway? You coming here I mean" Akali asked.

I realized that I didn't know anything about that, all I know is that he fell from a portal.

Grey shook his head "I wouldn't be surprised if it was the Abyss, for it was known to do unnatural things and I was in a battle dangerously close to it" he explained.

"Is that why you're covered so much like that?" I asked.

"No, it's just we Abyss watchers wear our clothes like this for battle" Grey said with a shrug.

"Well why are you still wearing it like that?" I asked "we're not in battle anymore".

"Sorry, I sometimes forget I'm still wearing it" he apologized before bringing his hand and uncovering his face.

When his face was uncovered, I immediately asked myself why would he ever cover his face, because HE... IS... HOT.

he had slightly pale and smooth skin clear of hair and any scars, I can now see steel blue eyes and his snow white hair was a little more visible.

Akali was thinking about the same thing apparently because both of us were staring.

Third POV:

Ahri and Akali were in slight trance and Kennen was snickering realizing what they were thinking.

Grey then noticed something on Akali's shoulder "you're... injured".

Akali got back her senses and saw a small cut on her shoulder, she remembered getting it when she was a little surprised by Grey and Ahri's arrival.

"It's nothing to worry about" Akali said trying to cover her wound.

Grey walked up to her and held her arm "even a small wound can be dangerous if not treated properly" he said checking the wound.

Akali was grateful that her face mask was covering the blush on her face while Ahri was scowling 'why does she get all the attention' Ahri thought.

"I agree, you should have it checked" Shen said.

"I think I have a better idea" Grey said before pulling out his Estus Flask, Ahri recognized it from when he drank it after the fall, Grey held the Flask to Akali "here".

"What is that?" Kennen asked looking at the liquid inside the Flask.

"It's Estus Flask, it's treasured among undead, think of it as a healing potion" Grey said.

Akali took the Flask and eyed it cautiously, she didn't want to trust him over a pretty face.

She looked into his eyes looking for any sign of mischief but found none so she brought down her mask and took a drink.

It didn't have an actual taste but she felt warmth flow through her, Shen, Kennen and Ahri saw Akali's body glow golden for a second.

Akali looked at her shoulder and saw the wound gone, she smiled and gave Grey back his Estus Flask "thanks" She said bringing up her mask.

"No problem" Grey said "so, we go to the village then..." he said pointing at the direction Kennen pointed at.

"Then go south from there and you'll find a fishing town, take a boat to Piltover and a train from there" Akali finished replaying the instructions.

"Well, we better get going and you guys have to be busy" Ahri said, she was getting a little annoyed about Grey and Akali getting along too much.

"You are right, we still have more work" Shen said and then bowed to Grey and Ahri "may we meet again as champions".

Grey nodded "Likewise" he said and then Shen, Akali and Kennen left.

"Well let's get going" Ahri said excitedly grabbing Grey's arm and putting it between her breasts.

"W-wait" Grey said but he was ignored, Ahri noticed he was blushing and hugged his arm tighter between her breasts.

Grey realized that this... will be a long, long journey.

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