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 Ahri POV:

I woke up hugging the Grey doll. He bought one for both me and Annie yesterday while also buying some ingredients on the way back.

When we got back to the Institute and the others saw it, Kat and Garen started laughing while Aki and Lux thought it was cute.

I got up and stretched with yawn. I looked besides me and saw that the real Grey wasn't there.

He must be already awake, which is strange since I always wake him up. I just shrugged it off and went to take a shower.

I came out, put my clothes on, checked the schedule and went to the living room. Grey wasn't there so I checked the kitchen.

I found him there cooking something in a pot. I smiled thinking it was a little romantic that he was cooking breakfast for us.

But then I saw what was in the pot. It was a weird, yellow, glowing, bubbly liquid that gave off a weird smell.

"uhmm... Hi Grey" I said standing besides him.

"oh" he looked at me and smiled "good morning Ahri".

"yeah..." I nodded and then looked at the pot "so... Is that breakfast?" even if I like him, if he said yes then I'm telling him an excuse and making a run for it.

"no" oh thank God! I let out a breath I was secretly holding and Grey chuckled "I actually don't know how to cook, if it's not putting meat above fire".

"it's okay, I don't know how to cook either" I walked to the table, turned around and leaned back on it "so what is it?".

"Estus soup" he replied "I've been running low on Estus, and since there's no Bonfires around, I need to make my own" he took out his Estus Flask and filled it from the pot.

"isn't it a little small?" I asked since the Flask is barely the size of a bottle.

"Estus is really strong, you just need a mouthful to heal your wounds, two if you're heavily injured" he replied and looked at me "do you want to go get breakfast?".

I nodded and we both got out of our room and went to the dining hall. We got our food and found Lux, Garen, Katarina, Jarvan and Shyvana sitting together.

"good morning everyone" Grey greeted as we sat down with them "Jarvan, Shyvana, it's good to see you two again".

"good morning you two" Lux greeted.

"good to see you too Grey" Jarvan replied while Shyvana just nodded.

"has anyone seen Aki?" I asked not seeing the summoner around.

"she had a match to play" Lux replied, which made sense cause Aki is a summoner and she gets to do matches.

"what about Ezreal?" Grey asked.

Again, Lux answered "he has business in Piltover".

Grey nodded and looked at me "by the way, did you see the schedule?".

I nodded "yeah, we're free today" we then started eating breakfast.

We just made some small talk, until we heard a new voice "so this is the man from another world, the Abyss Watcher".

We turned around and saw a middle-aged man. He had white hair neatly combed back, a black armor and big black coat over it.

Third POV:

Grey and Ahri were the only ones to not recognize the man, while Katarina was the first to speak "hey boss, got a job for me?".

The man shook his head "no" he then looked at Grey "I'm here to speak with him".

Grey stood up, turned around and faced the man with a smile "yes, I am the Abyss Watcher" he offered a handshake "but my name is Grey Ashnex".

The man kept a stoic expression while raising his hand and shaking Grey's "Swain, Jericho Swain, the Noxian Grand General".

"so what can I help you with?" Grey asked pulling back his hand.

Swain crossed his arms behind his back "you see, in Noxus, we don't believe in nobility, money or origin, what we believe in is talent. If you have talent, you can quickly move up in military ranks. I worked hard for the title General and I aim to lead Noxus to greatness" he explained.

"Noxus sounds like a land of greatness" Grey inspected and raised an eyebrow "but what does it has to do with me?".

"you caught my interest" Swain replied "I saw you're a great fighter, and I heard you're a Neutral Champion, so I want to see if you're interested in joining Noxus".

That drew different reactions, mainly from Jarvan and Ahri. Jarvan was cautious because Swain might use Grey as a political pawn.

Ahri was worried that Grey might accept. She was Ionian, Ionia and Noxus have a really bad history together. If Grey becomes a Noxian then they would be considered enemies if a political problem appears.

After a few seconds of silence, Grey replied "I'm sorry Swain, but I'll have to decline. Being a Neutral Champion let's me help any region that would need me. But rest assured Noxus has my respect. If it needs help, I'm more than ready to lend a hand".

The general hummed in thought for a second before smiling "good enough I suppose. Until we meet again, Abyss Watcher".

Swain left and Grey sat back down. Ahri was happy Grey was still on her side, while Jarvan looked in respect seeing that Grey truly wanted to help anyone in need.

Katarina was also happy, but because Grey admitted respecting Noxus "I got to admit Grey I'm impressed" the red haired assassin said "this is the first time I saw Swain get declined and leave with a smile".

The Abyss Watcher shrugged "call it experience. I knew someone that was like Swain".

"someone like Swain. This I got to hear" Katarina was interested in hearing about someone who was like her boss.

"his name is Pontiff Sulyvahn" Grey said "Sulyvahn was the leader of a great church in the Boreal Valley. He wanted greatness for his church, up to the point of making a deal with the Deacons of the Deep and their not exactly loved in my world. Sulyvahn worked hard to expand his church and their beliefs. The bigger the church, the more power Sulyvahn got, but he didn't care about Power. What Sulyvahn truly wanted was greatness for his Church, just like Swain wants greatness for Noxus" the Abyss Watcher said and started mumbling to himself "I wonder?".

"what?" Ahri asked hearing him mumble.

Grey shook his head "well... Sulyvahn's second in command was really close to me. I was just wondering how she was doing".

Ahri's tails then stopped moving as she gained a look of annoyance "did you say 'she'?" she asked 'and did he say they were close?'.

Before Grey can reply, he heard a familiar "hello Grey".

They saw that it was Kayle who spoke "oh hello Kayle" Grey replied "do you need something?".

The angel nodded "actually yes. The High Summoners wishes to speak with you".

"why?" Grey asked.

Kayle shrugged "I don't know. They just told me to bring you" Grey nodded and stood up.

Ahri looked at him in worry as he left with Kayle and exited the dining hall heading to the High Summoners chamber.

Grey POV:

I followed Kayle through the hallway and she stopped near the gates to the high summoners.

"they wanted to speak to you alone" she said motioning to the door. I nodded and entered.

Once inside, I walked to the middle and looked up to the chairs where the High Summoners were "you called for me?".

"yes" the Noxian summoner said "Abyss Watcher, we would like to send you on a mission".

....... Wait, what? "a... Mission?".

The Demacian summoner nodded "we believe there's a potential champion in the Kumungu jungle. We want you to find them and ask if they're interested in joining the Institute".

"shouldn't you send someone more familiar with the jungle?" I asked. The jungle wasn't a problem at all for me, it's just weird to send someone not from here.

"while there are champions that go to the Kumungu jungle from time to time, they're not the most... Diplomatic of people" the Ionian summoner replied. He was basically telling me that they're the 'kill first, ask questions never' type.

I thought about it for a moment before I nodded "very well, I accept".

"thank you" the Noxian summoner nodded "you will be excused from your matches until you return. You should leave as soon as possible".

I nodded before I turned around and exited. I found Kayle waiting near the door "is everything alright?" she asked.

"yes. They just wanted to send me on a mission" I replied.

Kayle tilted her head "really? They usually send me" she mumbled and looked at me "where are you going?".

"the Kumungu jungle" I replied. I still didn't know where exactly it was.

"that would explain it" she then looked down slightly "as much as I hate to admit, but I don't have much experience with the jungle".

"it's alright" I assured her "everyone has something their not good at. For me, it's cooking".

Kayle chuckled slightly "alright. I'll be on my way then".

"take care" I said before going to the dining hall.

Third POV:

The others were waiting for Grey in the dining hall and Ahri was still worried "it can't be anything bad, right? Grey didn't do anything" the dark haired Vastayan asked.

"calm down" Jarvan said "I'm sure it's nothing".

"the Prince is right" Garen added "if it was anything bad, they would have forced Grey into coming with them, but they didn't" he said. Ahri knew they were right but still couldn't help but feel a little worried.

She saw Grey walking towards them, Ahri stood up to meet him "Grey, is there something wrong?".

To her relief, Grey shook his head "no, everything's fine".

"so what did they want you for?" Katarina asked.

"a mission, apparently" the answer made them confused and he explained to them what the High Summoners wanted.

"so their sending you to bring someone back" Garen summed up.

Grey nodded "that's right".

"so, when are you leaving?" Ahri asked.

"right now actually" Grey replied.

Ahri's ears dropped slightly "really? Do you have to go now?".

"the sooner I leave, the sooner I can return" Grey answered but Ahri still felt down so he thought of a way to cheer her up "but when I return, we'll spend some time together doing what you want as pay back".

Ahri then smirked "promise? I know you keep your promises" she said playfully crossing her arms.

The Abyss Watcher chuckled "alright, I promise. Now I should go to the transport station".

"I'll go with you there" Ahri said going besides him.

"before you go, fair warning. The Kumungu jungle is quite cruel" Garen said.

"thanks for your concern Garen" Grey replied "but if you knew who raised me, you would be more worried for what's in the Jungle. Also say hi to the others for me" he then turned around and started walking towards the transport station with Ahri, who rolled her eyes, behind him.

They kept walking through the hallways. They just walked in silence until they reached the Transport station, where they found someone waiting.

It was a big, white tiger like person. He had his hair put into long braids, had a yellow glowing eye batch, bone covered armor, claw blades strapped to his forearm and a dagger mad of bones on his waist.

The person looked at them and walked up in front of Grey who stopped with Ahri "so you're the guy they're sending instead of me" the tiger person said with a growl.

Ahri became a little cautious while Grey was unfazed "I am" he then looked at the the person's equipment and had one thing to say "you're a hunter?".

"so you can tell" the person the smiled "I am Rengar, the Pridestalker" Rengar knew there was only one way for Grey to figure out he was a hunter this quickly "you're a hunter too?".

Grey nodded "yes, you can say that. I'm Grey Ashnex" he replied. Ahri stayed quiet not completely understanding what they were talking about.

"then tell me, why do you hunt?" Rengar asked "for me. I don't hunt for survival or thrill. I hunt to get the strongest prey".

"so you hunt to prove yourself" Grey inspected. Honestly, that was better than most reasons he saw for hunting, which were more selfish or insane "then I'll tell you this. My foster father had a motto, a motto I live by" Grey then looked at Rengar with the most dedicated look Ahri has ever seen him have "his motto was, I don't hunt for sport, I don't hunt for joy, I don't hunt for profit. I hunt to release my prey from the dreadful curse known as the Darksign".

Rengar chuckled "so you hunt out of mercy" he then looked at Grey closely "people like you are usually the worst of hunters, or the best" he turned around and started walking away "we'll see which one you are, wolf boy".

Rengar left and Ahri finally spoke "what was that about? And why did he call you wolf boy?".

Grey shrugged "maybe it's my smell, Warwick said I smell like a wolf".

Ahri then paused and sniffed a couple of times before her face showed shock "oh my God, I can't believe I didn't notice it but you do smell like one".

Grey felt a little weirded out by the fact that Ahri was smelling him but he just shrugged it off "anyway, I should be going now, take care okay".

To his surprise, Ahri gave him a hug "you too" she pulled away and poked him in the chest "don't forget your promise".

Grey chuckled and entered the Transport station while Ahri went back to the dining hall. The summoner there stood looking at him "hello champion. Leaving the Institute?".

The Abyss Watcher nodded "yes, I would like to go to the Kumungu jungle".

The summoner raised an eyebrow under his hood "that's an unusual place, mind if I ask why?".

"a mission from the High Summoners" Grey replied.

"ah, say no more" the summoner nodded and motioned to the rune circle "stand in the circle please" he asked and Grey did what he said. The summoner was about to cast the spell but stopped "oh right. They didn't build a Transport station in the Kumungu jungle yet, so the only ones near it are in Demacia and Noxus".

"thank you for the information" Grey nodded and the summoner waved his hands and in a flash of light, Grey vanished.

Grey found himself surrounded by trees and plants, he can hear the wild life around him such as birds or beasts.

"well, let's get going" he started walking through the the forest and trees. He walked up to a fallen tree and jumped over it.

When he stood up, he saw a weird lizard like creature walking on four with a horn on it's head.

"I don't think you're who I'm looking for, right?" Grey sarcastically asked. In response, the creature roared and charged at him "thought so".

Grey rolled away from the creature and it ended up bashing into the tree. It shook it's head, turned to Grey and charged again.

Pulling out his sword and knife, Grey took a battle stance. The beast jumped at him and Grey raised his left hand for protection.

The beast bite Grey's arm but it's fangs couldn't peirce the forearm armor. Grey raised his right leg and kicked the creature away.

The beast landed on it's back. Before it corrected itself, Grey jumped in swinging his sword at the beast's neck and sliced it's head off.

Grey pulled his sword and swung it removing the blood "well, let's keep going" he then started walking through the forest again.

However, Grey didn't notice that on top of one of the trees was a figure hiding in the shadows.

The figure looked at Grey with emerald green eyes and smirked "not bad, maybe he can be what I'm looking for".

Ahri POV:

Its been a while since Grey left, Aki joined us by now. It was early afternoon and I was... Bored.

"hey, do you guys have anything to do?" I asked resting my head on the palms of my hands.

"wanna go shopping?" Lux suggested.

"without Grey or Ezreal to carry our stuff" I deadpanned while Lux just scratched her head.

"what about the arcade?" Aki suggested.

I perked up "yeah, let's go there" I guess I was thinking about Grey so much that I forgot about it "who's coming with us".

"sorry, but I'm not an arcade person" Jarvan apologized.

Shyvana nodded "yes me too".

"I'd like to join" Katarina said and then looked at her boyfriend "want to come with us?".

Garen scratched his head "I don't know...?".

"come on" Katarina said nudging his shoulder "you should really relax more".

Garen looked a little hesitant but just sighed "alright".

"I'll be going too" Lux said and then pointed at me "this time I'll win".

I just chuckled. We got up, left the dining hall and went to the arcade's entrance. It was a pretty basic looking but there were all kinds of games.

"alright, let's get playing" I said.

Time Skip: (brought to you by a chibi nine-tailed fox and a chibi wolf sleeping and cuddling together).

We spent a couple of hours in the arcade, the more I stay here, the more I like it.

Garen was actually better than his sister. Speaking of Lux, she still didn't win. Katarina was pretty good at shooting games.

Right now I was playing fighting game against Aki, fighter street, and I was actually losing.

"oh come on!" scratch that, I just lost.

"wow, I a-actually won?" she said in disbelief.

"well you are a summoner" Katarina said standing besides her boyfriend crossing her arms "you should be used to this kind of thing".

She was actually right, as a summoner, Aki basically does something like this game for a living.

I sighed "alright" I walked away from the game and headed to the exit "we should get lunch, I'm starving".

The others nodded and we went to the dining hall. We got in, got some food and sat down in a table together.

We sat down and started making some small talk until we heard a familiar voice "hi everyone".

I saw Annie walk up to us and sit besides me "hi Annie, how are you?" Annie just made a coughing noise and raised her teddy bear "oh and Tibbers too" I realized Grey always asked about Tibbers.

"we're great" she then started looking around "so where's Grey?".

"he's out on a mission from the High Summoners" I told her.

"awe... Okay" she said a little depressed.

I wasn't exactly in a better state. I was just playing with my salad using my fork. But I know Grey will be alright. I just have to wait for him.

Grey POV:

I've been looking for a few hours by now and still no sign of the potential champion, I ran into a few more forest beasts but they all just ended as corps.

One these beasts just tried slice me with it's claws, but I just rolled away. I stood up, strapped it with my knife and finished it off with my sword.

I sheathed my sword and knife "honestly, it's like being in the road of sacrifice, only you know, less crow hollows" I said to no one in particular.

I walked a couple of steps before immediately rolling away as a spear struck where I was.

I became on guard but then felt something struck my right shoulder, I pulled it and saw a dart.

Then I realized the spear was a distraction so I wouldn't notice the dart being shot at me.

A purple liquid came off the tip "poison" I inspected "not good" I pulled out some purple moss, but before I use it, a robe was pulled from under me making me end up dangling upside down "oh for the love of Sif".

Being upside down made the poison reach my head faster. My vision became blurry.

A figure then landed from the trees in front of me. I couldn't make out what they looked like but I can see a pair of emerald green eyes. The figure got closer to me and then... Everything went black.

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