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 Third POV:

"My name is Grey Ashnex" Grey introduced himself "and apparently" he then looked at the woman "I'm from another world".

The dark Abyss was known to do unnatural things, it was even said to go through time, so to him it wasn't strange that it can send people to different worlds.

"You're from a different world... riiiiiiight" She said with sarcasm dripping from her voice, she then started glaring at him "do you think I'm stupid or something?" She said angered.

Grey shook his head "listen, lady-".

"It's Ahri" She cut him off but then looked down in uncertainty "I think".

"You think?" He said but then dismissed that thought "listen Ahri, I truly believe I'm from another world" he said in defense while Ahri kept glaring at him.

Ahri POV:

'Does this guy think I'm some sort of idiot' I thought as I kept glaring at his eyes, probably the only part of his face that wasn't covered except a few strands of white hair.

Then I started thinking about what happened today, I'm a fox that turned human, a portal showed up out of nowhere, a guy fell from it almost 300 meters, he survived and shrugs the fall off, so why am I not considering that he's telling the truth?

I sighed "look, taking in what happened recently you don't sound crazy" i said 'well not too crazy'.

Grey sighed "good, I didn't want to hurt the first person I met here" he said and I just noticed that he had his hand on the knife but let it go.

Silence struck, neither of us knew what to say about this situation so I decided to break the ice.

"Look, let's start over" I said raising my hand "I'm Ahri".

He took my hand and shook it "I'm Grey Ashnex, no 'I Think?' This time".

I chuckled at his little attempt of a joke, I admit I wasn't sure of my own name but in my defense I just needed it for the first time.

"So Grey" I said then pointed at his clothes "what's with the get up?" I asked before pointing at his hat "and the pointy hat?".

"It's a mark of the undead legion, and being an Abyss watcher" Grey explained.

"Wait, undead?" I asked 'is this guy some sort of zombie?' I thought to myself.

"Uhmm excuse me, but what's with the ears and tails?" Grey asked, he was rubbing his elbow and looking a little embarrassed.

I realized he was the shy type around beautiful woman... I'm going to have so much fun teasing him.

"Oh that's because I was a fox a while ago but turned human" I explained with a smile 'sweet revenge, let's see how you deal with someone telling you a crazy story'.

"That's... interesting, how did it happen?" He asked.

......... Wait, what?

"You... believe me?" I asked a little bewildered.

"Well yeah" Grey shrugged "I have seen weird stuff in my life and I just discovered I'm from another world, so a fox turning human isn't so unusual actually".

Now he's making me look like a child for not believing him earlier, and he doesn't even realize it!

Third POV:

Ahri sighed and crossed her arms "well let's just-" She suddenly went silent.

Grey noticed her ears twitching at a direction "what's wrong?" However, instead of answering, Ahri suddenly dashed into the forest.

Grey decided to follow her to make sure she's safe... and also because she's the only person he knew here.

Ahri ran through the forest to the sound she heard, when the sound got closer, she stopped and hid behind a few bushes.

She saw a lot of soldiers wearing the same uniform as some of the corpses she saw and they were fighting three... ninjas?

One of them was a big man with a sword, he was covered completely in black clothes and armor except a little of his forearms.

The second was a woman with green ninja uniform, wearing a little less than the man but still covered well and held a small scythe in her hand.

The third was a Yordle, he was wearing a purple uniform and had two metal stars in his hands that were a little covered in sparks.

The Yordle dodged a sword swing "Ha! And you're supposed to be warriors?" He mocked dodging another strike "I swear you Noxian idiots never learn".

Ahri was gonna back away, she had nothing to do with this fight but then The guy who was attacking him growled "Hold still you damned rat".

"I'm a Yordle!" The Yordle yelled dodging another swing and threw a star at the guy's throat.

The guy jumped in shock holding his throat and threw one of his allies back.

The guy who fell back stood and locked eyes with Ahri, the guy stood silent for a second and was about to say something but Ahri immediately threw an orb of magic and killed him.

The orb turned green and returned to Ahri who looked satisfied but then realized her actions drew the attention of the other soldiers.

Some of them started walking towards her so she took a defensive stance, when the first one swung his axe at her, she immediately jumped away and threw magical fire at him killing him.

She started jumping around dodging attacks and striking when she can, she jumped away to make some distance between them.

Ahri made a magical orb in her hands ready to throw it as the soldiers started walking towards her, but then Grey jumped in between them.

He had his great sword in his right hand and knife in the left, he stood up and pointed his sword at the soldiers while putting his knife across his chest doing some sort of salute.

Some soldiers were cautious about the big sword while some didn't care and Ahri was surprised he can hold it with just one hand.

One of the soldiers holding a sword came in and swung at Grey, but Grey rolled under the strike, anchored his knife in the ground and used it to spin and swing his sword, the strike was strong enough to finish off the soldier.

Another soldier came in swinging a club, Grey dodged the first strike, when the second strike came he used his knife to parry the soldier's weapon leaving him open.

Grey struck with his sword killing the soldier, he then turned his attention to the rest and started fighting them.

Ahri was shocked Grey can fight them without getting scratched, she broke out of her shock and threw a magical orb at one of the soldiers, she began jumping around attacking the ones Grey couldn't reach.

Not long after that, the battle was over and only Grey, Ahri and the three ninjas were left, they all turned to each other taking a defensive stance.

The woman was the first to break the silence "I suggest you two surrender peacefully".

"Or don't, we're just going to beat you up" chuckled the Yordle.

Ahri scoffed holding an orb of deception "Yeah like we'll listen to-" She cut herself off when she saw Grey sheath his weapons and raise his hands "what are you doing?" She whispered in anger.

Grey looked at her "I'd rather avoid any unnecessary conflict" he whispered before looking back at the ninjas "we mean you no harm, we were merly caught in the crossfire".

"You expect us to believe-" he was cut off when the man in black clothes raised his hand.

The man sheathed his sword and walked up to Grey "my name is Shen, and these are Akali" he motioned to the woman "and Kennen" he motioned to the Yordle and then looked at Grey and Ahri "now, who are you two?".

Grey and Ahri looked at each other then back at Shen "you're in for a story" Grey sighed.

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