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 Third POV:

Ahri woke up next morning, she got up and found Grey sleeping in his side of the bed.

She rolled her eyes "seriously. One minute he's an undead warrior and the other is like he never came back from the dead" sarcasm was obvious in her voice.

She left to take a bath, she finished and covered herself with a towel. She walked up to Grey and started shaking him.

"Grey, wake up sleepy head" she said shaking his shoulder while still in a towel. He sat up, rubbed his eyes and looked at her. Ahri smirked and stood in her towel waiting for him to get flustered "good morning sleeping beauty".

Grey looked at her, he blushed slightly and sighed "good morning" he replied getting up from the bed.

Ahri frowned "what? Nothing?" she asked because she didn't get much of a reaction.

"you already did this before Ahri, I'm used to this by now" Grey replied as he started walking towards the bathroom.

Ahri sighed in disappointment seeing Grey not getting affected. But then her mischievous smirk reappeared "did I try this before?".

Grey looked at her before he entered the bathroom. His face turned red and he used his hand to cover his eyes "Ahri what are you doing?!?".

The reason he became like this was because Ahri has taken off her towel. She was only covered by two of her tails, one covering her chest and the other her lower region.

Ahri giggled "what? I thought you were used to this" she teased.

Grey immediately turned to the bathroom "please put some clothes on" he almost begged before going in to take a shower.

Ahri couldn't stop herself from laughing before picking up her clothes and wearing them.

She went to the living room and sat on the couch. Ahri thought about making breakfast but realized she doesn't know how to cook, she made a mental note to learn at least a couple of things.

Grey came out with the schedule in his hand "so do we have anything?" the dark haired Vastayan asked.

Grey looked over the schedule and answered "well, you're free today, while I have an official match fighting for Zaun against Piltover".

Ahri crossed her arms "why do you get all the fun?".

"I'm actually as surprised as you are. I mean, why would they pick me for Zaun?" Grey asked. He's never even been at Zaun, he only knew a little about it from Ezreal.

Ahri sighed standing up "well, we can ask Aki or Ezreal when we see them. Let's go get breakfast for now".

The Abyss Watcher nodded and proceeded to put on his armor. After he finished, Ahri suddenly grabbed his arm shaking her head and he realized he was about to cover his face.

They went to the dining hall and picked up trays with food. They found Aki, Ezreal, Garen, Lux and Katarina sitting together.

"morning everyone" Grey greeted as he and Ahri sat down with their food.

"good morning" Lux replied back.

"hi Ahri, how are you?" Aki asked.

"pretty good" Ahri replied looking at the summoner.

"hey do any of you know about the match between Zaun and Piltover?" Grey asked.

"oh that" Ezreal was the one to answer "a bunch of people from Zaun found a cave full of raw materials on their way home, but it was found on Piltover soil so the people there believe it should be their's" the Explorer raised an eyebrow "why do you ask?".

"I'm in the match, and I'll be fighting for Zaun" Grey told him "and honestly I think their at the right here".

Ezreal shrugged "I don't argue with you, but the people from Piltover would. Piltover and Zaun aren't in good terms".

"in other words, their like Demacia and Noxus but with more technology" Katarina added.

"that explains that" Grey said and then remembered another question "but why was I picked for Zaun?".

"well... What region are you registered in?" Aki asked.

Grey raised an eyebrow "registered?".

"yeah" Aki nodded "Garen and Lux are with Demacia. Katarina is with Noxus. Ezreal is with Piltover. And Ahri is with Ionia" she explained.

Grey thought about it before answering "I'm... Not registered with any region I guess".

"that would explain it" Aki told him "you see, there are champions who aren't registered with a region, their called neutral champions. Since you don't come from Runeterra, they must've made you one".

That made since to the others. There are neutral champions who simply don't want a region to command them or didn't come from the Valoran to begin with.

"hi everyone" all further thoughts on the subject were halted when they heard Annie's voice.

The Little Pyromancer walked up to their table and sat between Ahri and Grey "hi Annie" the dark haired Vastayan greeted "how are you today?".

"great" Annie replied and then looked at the Abyss Watcher "hey Grey, can we play in the garden?".

Grey shook his head with a look of apology "I'm sorry Annie but I have a match to attend".

"awe... OK" Annie said looking down which the Abyss Watcher didn't like.

Grey thought of a way to cheer her up "but if you want, we can go into town after my match and I can buy you a new toy".

Annie immediately perked up and hugged Grey's arm "thank you so much! I wanted a new toy lately" she then let go of his arm and looked at her teddy bear "what's that Tibbers?... No, I'm not trying to replace you... I just want a new toy not a new best friend... Yes, really... OK I forgive you" she smiled.

Grey and Ahri chuckled at the little argument between the girl and her teddy bear.

"anyway" Ezreal spoke "I'm in the match too, it should begin soon. So you better be ready to have your butt kicked" he said pointing at Grey.

The Abyss Watcher scoffed "that's not going to happen anytime soon. Just don't think I'll take it easy on you because you're several decades younger than me" his answer made Garen, Katarina and Aki, who didn't know Grey's age, confused.

Ezreal chuckled "oh it's on now grandpa".

Grey and Ezreal were covered in light and then vanished. The orb showed up in the middle of the dining hall with two names, Zaun and Piltover.

Annie then recognized one of the names "oh look Tibbers. Grey is going to fight with Ekko".

"Ekko?" Ahri raised an eyebrow not recognizing the name.

"uh-huh" the Little Pyromancer nodded "Ekko is my friend, he's really cool".

Ahri was now interested, she turned back her attention at the orb. Katarina then decided to speak.

"hey, what did Grey mean by what he said?" she asked referring to what the Abyss Watcher said to Ezreal.

"oh right, you weren't with us at the time" Lux remembered that they weren't around when Grey told them about his age "apparently being undead means he doesn't age, and Grey's actually over a hundred years old".

"what!?!" yelled Aki, Garen and Katarina after hearing Grey's age.

Grey POV:

I appeared in the summoners rift with the other champions, then I got a good look at them.

One of them was a dark skinned boy with white hair into a spiky haircut. He had black clothes, a gauntlet on his arm, a weird device on his waist and in his hand was an odd green sword.

The third was a big mechanical man with golden metal, he had tubes on his back, a few sparks coming out from his chest and his arms were giant fists.

The fourth was a giant mass of green slime. It didn't look much until it took a humanoid form with a big jaw and yellow eyes.

The last one was a wolf humanoid walking on two. He had metallic claws and mechanical tubes with green liquid on his back.

The boy with white hair walked up to me "hey, you're the new guy right? The other world dude?" he asked and I nodded "nice to meet you. I'm Ekko, the boy who shattered time".

"nice to meet you too. I'm the Abyss Watchers, Farron's undead legion, or Grey if you want" I replied.

The green slime then walked up to me and gave me a smile "hi, I'm Zac, the secret weapon. Let's get along, okay?".

"alright Zac" I chuckled slightly. The mechanical man then walked up besides me and looked at me up and down "can I help you?".

"greetings, I am Blitzcrank, the great Steam golem. I'm just interested" he replied, his voice was more metallic than I thought but it still held some emotions "I've never met a person from another world before".

"well I can tell you that I never met someone like you before" I told him. Seriously at this point I wouldn't be surprised if I saw a giant eyeball flying around.

Then I heard a weird noise. I looked and saw the wolf walking up to me, he stopped a few feet and started... Sniffing?

"you..." he said and then stopped to sniff a couple more times "smell weird".

"what?" I asked.

He took a few more sniffs "you smell like a wolf, but like a human at the same time".

'well it's not called the wolf blood for nothing' I thought to myself "I don't believe we met, we're the Abyss Watchers, Farron's Undead legion".

The wolf looked at me for a second before replying "Warwick, the Uncaged wrath of Zaun".

I was about to talk again but then heard the summoner's voice "get ready champion" it was a female this time "the match is about to begin".

I pulled out my sword and knife doing the Legion etiquette. We then heard a sound meaning the beginning of the match.

Warwick went to the jungle, Blitzcrank went to the top, Zac to the bottom, while me and Ekko went to the middle.

We saw the minions walking ahead of us and then we encountered the enemy minions.

One of our minions was then smashed by a punch from a big gauntlet. Vi showed up and Caitlyn wasn't so far behind.

Ekko looked at me "I'll take Caitlyn you take Vi" he said and I nodded. He then smirked "how about I give you a little help".

Suddenly, a green silhouette of Ekko appeared behind him. It threw something and used it's sword to send it to Vi.

Vi's movement was then slowed down. I nodded in gratitude to Ekko before jumping in to battle.

Vi got back to normal but before she does anything, I came in and hit her with my sword and knife.

Vi then tried to smash me with her gauntlets but I rolled out of the way. She then dashed forward and landed a big hit on my chest that sent me to one of the trees.

I groaned standing back up. Vi was about to hit me again but I managed to roll away.

I stabbed her side with my sword. She recoiled slightly which gave me the chance to finish her off.

I anchored my knife on the ground and used to spin swinging my sword hitting her.

Pulling out my knife, I jumped in the air swinging down my sword and finished Vi off.

Even after I saw that they come back, I still feel uncomfortable fighting my allies.

Ekko just finished Caitlyn off and we both killed the rest of the minions. We were about to head to the turret when Ekko looked at me.

"are you going to go back to heal?" he asked.

"I don't need to" I pulled out my Estus Flask and took a drink healing my wounds. I looked at my Estus Flask and saw that I can only use it a couple more times so I need to be careful.

"heh, pretty cool" Ekko said and then we continued our way.

New minions from both teams appeared and two new champions. Ezreal was one, and the other was someone Ahri fought before, I think his name is Jayce.

I fought Jayce while Ekko took on Ezreal. Jayce tried to smash me with his hammer and I just rolled away.

I then used my knife to spin and attack him from the side. He the pointed his hammer at me.

Sparks came off the top and it shot an electrical blast towards me. I wasn't fast enough to dodge the blast and it hit me full force.

I groaned getting back up. Ezreal just finished Ekko off and was about to attack me.

But then Warwick jumped out of the forest and snapped his jaw at Ezreal. He then used his claws to finish Ezreal off.

I rolled away from Jayce's hammer and then used my knife and sword to hit him from the side.

Warwick then jumped in from the side and struck Jayce with his claws. We then finished Jayce off.

"fighting with a wolf" I chuckled "the dream of every Abyss Watcher".

Warwick growled "let's just get the job done".

"you go on ahead, I need to go back and heal" I replied, I need to save my Estus Flask.

Warwick just went with the minions when i heard the summoners voice "hold still champion".

A circle of light appeared around me, the circle got smaller and smaller. A few seconds later I appeared back in my team's base.

"thank you" I said to the summoner as my wounds healed.

Time skip: (brought to you by chibi Warwick trying to scare chibi Grey who just starts petting him).

The match was pretty intense afterwards. Both teams obviously wanted to win.

Piltover lost more turrets though, it's middle lane turrets were all destroyed. But it had the two Inhibitor turrets left.

I was going for the top one when Ezreal, Vi and Jayce showed up. They of course, started attacking me.

I rolled away from Vi and anchored my knife in the ground spinning around so I can attack Jayce.

I did hit Jayce but then a big shot from Ezreal struck me making me recoil slightly.

Vi took her chance and punched me hard enough to be sent to the air. I landed and tried to get back up but just fell back down.

"finally" Jayce said standing besides Vi and Ezreal. Then came the wolf's howling which made the hammer wielder look around "was that Warwick?".

"no" Ezreal said getting ready "it's just the real battle".

The blood then came out of the ground, floated towards me and vanished. My sword caught fire and I stood up using it for support.

Vi chuckled "finally, I wanted to fight him like this".

Jayce smirked "well with my superior intelligence it shouldn't-".

I cut him off by swinging my sword at the ground sending a trail of fire at him. I then stabbed my sword in the ground and dashed towards Ezreal and Vi.

The dodged it and the trail of fire that followed it. But then I anchored my knife and used it to spin swinging my sword at Vi.

It was a clean hit and the explosion of fire added the damage. I pulled out my knife and jumped in the air swinging down my sword.

I finished Vi off and turned to Ezreal. He shot a few magical shots but I rolled away.

I reeled back my sword and thrust forward shooting fire at him. He was hit and recoiled back which gave me the chance to finish him off.

I jumped in the air and swung down at Ezreal finishing him off, now only me and Jayce were left.

I looked at him, But before we engaged in battle, the announcer spoke "VICTORY, Zaun".

We both looked inside their base and saw Blitzcrank and Warwick where the Nexus was.

We were covered in light and then appeared in a room with the champions and summoners.

The fire inside me and on my sword vanished as one of the summoners walked up to me "great job champion" she complemented.

"thank you" I nodded before leaving with the other champions and looked at the two who won for us "Warwick, Blitzcrank, I believe we owe you this victory".

"thank you" Blitzcrank replied.

"whatever" replied Warwick.

"by the way Warwick, we never got a proper introduction" I raised my hand "I'm Grey Ashnex".

I can see a few summoners and champions surprised by what I did. While Warwick himself looked a little taken back, he still raised his claws and shook my hand "Warwick... A pleasure".

"well Warwick, I was about to go to the dining hall if you're willing to join me on the way there" I asked.

"I... Suppose" he replied with hesitation before we both started walking towards the dining hall. Ezreal was walking behind us but keeping his distance.

Ahri POV: during the match.

The match just began and Grey went in the middle with Ekko. They fought Caitlyn and Vi but managed to win.

Then they encountered Ezreal and that Jayce guy "Grey is going to lose bad" Lux said.

"yeah right" I said sarcastically "like Ezreal's going to beat him".

They fought and Ekko lost. But then Warwick showed up and killed Ezreal, then helped Grey kill Jayce.

"told you" I said to Lux.

"they didn't even fight" she replied.

"she does have a point" Aki added which made me groan and cross my arms. She's just being a cry baby if you ask me.

The match went on with Piltover losing more turrets. Grey then ended up fighting Ezreal, Vi and Jayce.

They managed to beat him "ha! See that" Lux said.

I raised a finger "wait for it" then came the wolf's howling and Grey came back beating both Vi and Ezreal "in your face!".

"oh come on!" Lux complained and then Zaun won the match.

We just waited for them to come back, Grey then entered the dining... With Warwick? Ezreal wasn't far behind but still keeping his distance.

I managed to hear what Grey was saying "so then I said, at least when you talk to a wolf he gives you a response. I'd like to see you have a conversation with your beloved sun that isn't one sided".

Warwick started laughing, it was like listening to a hyena "that was good. But I'll be leaving now" he said and Grey nodded before leaving.

Grey and Ezreal walked up to us and my roommate sat besides me "good match Grey" I said.

"thanks" he replied.

"dude, you were talking to Warwick like it was nothing" Ezreal said surprised by what Grey did.

"so?" Grey asked.

"doesn't he kinda... Scare you" Lux asked. I have to admit, Warwick looked intimidating.

"I'm an Abyss Watcher, I pray to a wolf" Grey replied and I remembered he did say that before, it was called... The old wolf of Farron I think "plus I've seen scarier stuff. Like Pontiff Sulyvahn" he then started mumbling "that man creeps me out" Grey then smiled and looked at the little girl "now I believe I promised Annie a toy".

Said girl perked up "yes, can we go now?".

"sure" Grey then looked at everyone else "is anyone going to join us".

"I will" I said.

"me too" Ezreal said and then sighed "anything to cheer me up after that loss".

"me too-"

"no!" Garen said in a ferm tone cutting off his sister.

"what?" Lux groaned "why?".

"you know how you get when you're shopping" her brother replied.

"alright, let's go then" Grey said getting up.

Third POV:

Grey, Annie, Ahri and Ezreal left the dining hall and went to the gates of the Institute.

They exited and went to the city below. Once they reached it, they headed towards the shopping district and entered a toy store.

"alright Annie, go pick a toy and I'll buy it for you" the Abyss Watcher told the little Pyromancer who nodded and left to look for a toy.

Something then caught Ahri's attention "hey, look" she said and the other two looked at what she was pointing at.

It was a poster of Ahri blowing a charm spell at whoever was looking at the picture.

"since when are you famous?" Grey asked.

"oh right" the Explorer remembered something "you see champions are like celebrities. The Institute has a channel on TV just to watch matches".

"wow" Ahri then smiled smugly "I bet I have dozens of fans already" she said and Grey would have rolled his eyes but he heard Annie make a girly scream.

The Little girl came running "I want this one! I want this one! I want this one!" she kept on chanting as she grabbed Grey's hand and started dragging him through the store.

The other two looked at each other before going to where the little girl dragged the Abyss Watcher.

Annie stopped at the back of the shop. She let go of Grey's hand and pointed at the toy she wanted.

The Abyss Watcher saw the toy and his eyes widen "it's a..." he couldn't complete the sentence from the shock.

Ahri and Ezreal reached them and stood besides Grey. They saw the toy and had the same reaction.

But then Ahri let out her own girly scream "oh my God! It's so cute! I'm definitely buying one too!".

Ezreal started snickering "it... Is cute" he said before he started laughing.

"it's a... Mini me?" Grey was able to say it completely this time.

True to his word, the toy was a small Grey doll. It was like him to the last detail, except being small and made of cotton. It even had it's own sword and knife.

Seeing It, Grey had one response "I don't think I'll like being a celebrity".

Somewhere in Runeterra:

Somewhere in a forest, two bull like beasts clash their horns in battle. They jump back and was about to fight again but stopped when they heard a noise.

It was loud, metallic thuds. Suddenly, a giant figure walking on all four appeared from the darkness of the jungle.

The figure was apparently holding a mace of sorts and frozen air would come off of it.

The two beasts roared at the figure and one of them charged at it pointing it's horns at it.

The figure simply reeled back it's mace and swung at the beast smashing it in one strike.

The other beast saw how the first one was killed so easily and decided to run away.

It turned around ready to get away with it's life, but the figure didn't give it a chance.

It jumped forward bringing down it's mace smashing the beast and killing it like the first one.

The figure then stabbed the top of it's mace on the ground and raised it's head making a sound that was like the combination of a roar and a screech.

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