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 Third POV:

Like usual, Ahri was the first to wake up. She stretched and found Grey still sleeping besides her.

"days without sleep, huh?" Ahri said sarcastically recalling what he told her at the day of his duel.

She decided to leave him for now and take a bath. Once she finished, she dressed up and decided to wake him up.

She grabbed his shoulder and shook slightly "Grey, wake up" the Abyss Watcher groaned in response. Ahri grinned revealing her fangs "if you don't wake up, I'll undress you and do whatever I want to your sleeping body" of course, it was an obvious bluff.

Grey called her bluff, but decided it was time to get up. He groaned again but sat up and rubbed his eyes "alright, I'm up".

"awe, too bad" Ahri playfully complained.

"can't you wake me up normally?" Grey asked getting up and heading to the bathroom.

"where's the fun in that?" Ahri chuckled and Grey rolled his eyes before going to the bathroom.

Ahri exited their room and headed to the kitchen, she got a glass of water and left to the living room. She sat on the couch and drank some of the water before giving the rest to the flowers Grey got for her.

A few minutes later, Grey came out with his hair slightly wet from the bath "so what do you want to do today?" he asked.

The dark haired Vastayan shrugged "let's go see if the others has anything to do" she suggested and he nodded. The Abyss Watcher put on his armor and they exited the room "did you see the schedule?" Ahri asked.

Grey nodded "yes, we're free today" he replied as they began walking to the dining hall.

They entered and found Aki, Ezreal and Lux sitting together. They walked up to them and sat down.

"hey everyone" Ahri greeted.

"hey guys, how are you today?" Lux asked.

"pretty good" Grey replied and looked around "where's Garen and Katarina?" he asked.

"it's their day off, so they decided to spend it together" Lux told them.

Then two figures walked up to them "hi Grey, hi Ahri" the voice belonged to Annie.

Grey and Ahri saw someone with Annie, Ahri identified him as a Vastayan.

He had features of a monkey, had red face paint, big pieces of armor and was holding a staff in his hands.

Grey stood up and knelt towards Annie "hey Annie, and Tibbers" he greeted not forgetting the fact Tibbers was conscious "who's with you?".

"oh, this is-".

"I'm Wukong, the monkey King" Wukong cut her off introducing himself "just call me Kong. Nice to meet ya".

Ahri just chuckled at Kong's enthusiasm "hi Kong. I'm Ahri and this is Grey" she motioned to the Abyss Watcher who just stood up.

Kong looked at Grey up and down slowly "wow you're really tall. You're taller than Shen" he said.

"uhmm... Thanks?" Grey replied while Ahri chuckled. She had to agree that Grey was tall. In fact, she can just reach a little over his shoulder and that's with counting her ears.

"now" Kong then twirled his staff in his hand and took a battle stance pointing at Grey "I want to challenge you to a battle".

Grey raised an eyebrow "why?".

"I saw your match with Zed" Kong replied "I never fought a guy with a fire sword before, so I want to challenge you and see if you can be my rival".

Grey then chuckled "sorry Kong, but I already have a rival".

"what?!?" Kong groaned and his hands fell to his sides "at least tell me who it is?".

"he's not a champion in the Institute" Grey told Kong who apparently thought it was another champion. The Abyss Watcher decided to give him a little piece of information "but I'll say something about him. He's a Sun Praising idiot, but a good hearted Sun Praising idiot" Grey fished with a smile.

Kong sighed before sitting at the table besides Annie while Grey sat back besides Ahri.

"oh I know. Since we're all free today, let's go somewhere together" Lux said making everyone look at her "and I know the perfect place, somewhere everyone loves".

"the arcade?" Ahri guessed.

"the playground?" Annie guessed.

"the Shuriman ruins?" Ezreal guessed.

"a banana tree?" Kong guessed.

"the Boreal Valley?" Grey guessed.

"no, no, no, no and... I don't know what Grey said but no" Lux replied turning down all the options including Grey's, which confused her "we're going... To the pool!" she paused dramatically in the middle.

"yeah! We love the pool!" Annie said raising Tibbers.

"I would like to go if it's okay" Aki said.

"I'm going if Ahri is" Grey replied looking at his friend.

Ahri nodded "yeah, it could be fun".

"great, let's go then" Lux said as they all stood up started walking out of the dining hall.

Ahri then realized something "oh wait, me and Grey don't have anything to wear".

"they have a store near the pool" Aki informed them while they walked through the hallways "you can buy something from there".

Ahri nodded and they continued walking, they stopped at a store near a big door "okay, let's get you guys something to wear".

They entered and went through the clothes. Ahri picked something with Lux, Aki and Annie, while Grey picked something with Kong and Ezreal.

After a few minutes, they came out with bags in their hands. They went to the big door near the store and entered.

Ahri and Grey were amazed by the pool. It was really, really big. It didn't have a roof so the sunlight was shining down on it. It had a lounging chairs on one side with a bar near them and on the other side were changing rooms. There was also a few trees here and there.

They started walking to the changing room "alright, let's meet up after we're done changing" Lux said as she and the other girls went into the female changing room while the boys went to the male.

After a few minutes, the girls came out first. Lux was wearing a sky blue two piece with white lining. Annie was wearing a purple kid's swim wear with floaties on her arms. Aki was wearing a purple one piece. And Ahri was wearing a red one piece with a diamond shaped cleavage cutout, she of course drew the attention of a few men around.

Then came out Kong, he was wearing blue trunks with pictures of bananas in it. Ezreal was next, he was wearing brown trunks with a shark tooth necklace and his goggles on his head. Then Grey came out... Which drew the attention of women around them, especially Ahri.

He had dark red trunks and Ahri can see his body for the first time. He was well toned, not too much muscle. The others also noticed a black circle on his chest.

Ahri was almost drooling at the sight and two of her tails formed a heart behind her. She broke out of it when she noticed that Grey reached them.

"hey Ahri" he greeted and blushed slightly "you look great".

"thanks, you too" she replied.

"alright, let's get going" Lux said and they were about to go swimming when Grey spoke.

"before that, can one of you teach me how to swim?" he asked making them a little surprised.

"you don't know how to swim?" Aki asked. She thought someone like Grey would be able to swim with sharks at this point after what she saw him do.

"my home, Farron keep, was surrounded by poisonous swamps. I don't know about this world but in mine it isn't a good idea to swim in those" Grey explained to them.

Ahri's hand shot up "oh! Oh! Let me, I'm an excellent swimmer" she said.

Ezreal thought it was better if he did it since their both males "I think I should be the one to-".

He stopped however by an intense glare from Ahri, it clearly said 'don't ruin this for me, OR ELSE'.

Ezreal immediately tried to change his words "the one to... Get drinks! Yeah, you can't stay In the pool without drinks".

Lux snickered "nice save" she whispered as she apparently saw the glare as well.

Ezreal ignored her and went to the bar while Lux followed him. Aki went to play with Annie while Kong left saying something about a prank which left Grey and Ahri.

"well come on Grey, I can't teach you how to swim outside the water" she said as she went to the pool and the Abyss Watcher followed.

They got in the water, they swam from the beginning before Ahri started guiding Grey to the deeper half.

"alright" she held his hands and started floating "you got to make sure to keep the water away from your mouth and nose. Breath, and start using your hands and legs to keep yourself floating".

Grey started following her instructions and started floating slightly "like this?".

"yes but you're moving your hands wrong" she got besides him and grabbed his arms showing him how to move.

Grey blushed a little because of Ahri's cleavage pressing on his side, Ahri noticed and smirked pushing her breasts on his side harder.

Thirty minutes later, and after a lot of teasing, Grey was finally able to swim on his own "there you go" Ahri said swimming besides him.

"yeah, I guess it's not so hard" Grey noted as they began swimming towards the edge before pulling themselves out.

Ahri walked to a lounge chair and laid down on it with a sigh "let's rest a little bit, a little rest doesn't hurt".

"I'll get us some water" Grey said and she nodded before he left to get something from the bar.

He came back with two bottles, but before he reached Ahri, a guy walked up to her "hey cutie. If your lonely why don't I give you some company?".

Ahri rolled her eyes "sorry but I'm already here with someone" she replied and the guy sighed in disappointment before leaving. Grey walked up to her and she gave a tired sigh "that's like the third guy I turned down".

Grey recalled that when they were swimming a couple of guys tried to hit on her "well you can't exactly blame them, you are quite beautiful".

Ahri blushed slightly and looked away "thanks".

Normally she would have thought it was a dumb attempt to flirt, but she knew Grey doesn't flirt. In fact, Ahri doubt he can flirt at all.

Ahri's ears then perked up as an idea popped in her head "hey I know, how about we hang around just the two of us" she said and Grey raised an eyebrow so she decided to explain "if people thought we're a couple, guys will stop trying to hit on me".

"I don't think that's a good idea" Grey replied, he didn't feel comfortable basically lying to everyone.

"come on" Ahri kept on and gave him a puppy eyes look "don't you trust me?".

Truth to be told is that Grey didn't trust Ahri at the subject of 'pretend to be a couple' but he knew that if he actually said no, then Ahri won't let him hear the end of it.

He sighed in defeat "alright, but nothing serious".

Ahri immediately perked up and she jumped up to her feet "great! Let's go" she grabbed Grey's hand and started dragging him somewhere.

She led him to an ice-cream stand. The waiter looked at them "hello there, can I get you anything?".

Ahri looked at the menu and decided to choose for both of them since Grey doesn't know much about ice-cream "we'll take two chocolate sundaes".

The waiter nodded and started making their order. He finished and gave them the frozen treat.

Ahri and Grey took their sundaes and sat at a table, Ahri wasted no time grabbing her spoon and tasting it.

The dark haired Vastayan moaned in delight "I think I found my new favorite food".

"it is pretty good" Grey added. He still didn't know what ice-cream exactly was but he wasn't complaining.

Ahri finished her sundae, much to her disappointment. She started eyeing Grey's ice-cream that was still there since he didn't eat as fast as her.

Grey noticed her stare. He sat his spoon down and passed his sundae to her. Ahri looked at the sundae then at Grey "you're giving it to me?" she asked and Grey nodded "are you sure?".

"I've lived over a hundred years without ice-cream, I think I'll manage not having any this once" he replied.

Ahri smiled and took a spoonful to her mouth and enjoying the treat. She still felt kind of bad for taken it from Grey.

An idea popped in her head. She took a spoonful and pointed it at Grey "here, say ah".

"what are you doing?" he asked.

"it's yours, so let's share" she replied before bringing it closer "now say ahhh".

Grey rolled his eyes and opened his mouth, Ahri gave him the ice-cream that he ate and pulled back the spoon before taken another spoonful and eating it.

They finished the ice-cream together, then got up and started walking around. They found Aki, Annie, Ezreal and Lux sitting together near the bar.

"hey you two" Lux greeted seeing them "where have you been?".

"just hanging around" Ahri replied.

"hey, where's Kong?" Grey asked noticing the absence of the other Vastayan.

Before any of them can answer, they heard an enraged voice "get back her you stupid monkey!".

They looked and saw an angry Vi running after Kong who was sitting on a yellow cloud and moving around.

Vi was wearing a black one piece swimsuit with the letters 'Vi' on it, she had her gauntlets on and for some reason a banana peel on her head.

Kong and Vi passed by them "your gonna need to be faster than that" the trickster yelled moving away from Vi's fists.

Not long after that and Caitlyn came in running and stopped in front of the others.

She was wearing a purple two piece swimsuit with the top going around her neck and a golden ring. She also had a white straw hat with sunglasses on it.

The sheriff was breathing heavily from running "Vi... Calm down" she said and while panting "it's just... A banana peel... And we're at the pool... You can wash it off".

Grey walked to the bar and grabbed a water bottle, he walked up to Caitlyn and offered it to her "hi Caitlyn".

Caitlyn looked at Grey and her cheeks turned a tad pink seeing him in just swimming trunks "oh, hi Grey" she took the water bottle "thanks".

"no problem" he replied and then looked at where Vi and Kong went "so what's up with them".

Caitlyn took a sip from the bottle before answering "Vi fell into one of Kong's banana peel pranks, it wasn't so bad until she fell for another one" she then saw Kong come back with her partner following him. The sheriff gave a sigh "if you can do something about that, I would really appreciate it".

Grey nodded and waited in his place, when Kong was about to pass him, the Abyss Watcher suddenly grabbed him by the back of his neck.

"hey!?!" Kong yelled as his cloud vanished and he started struggling "let me go!".

"finally" Vi said as she walked up to them and punched one of her gauntlets into the palm of the other "now it's my turn to have fun".

Kong braised himself for the beating but Grey thought of something that wouldn't end up with Kong in a hospital bed "hold on Vi. I have a suggestion".

He walked up to the enforcer with Kong in his hand. He whispered something in her ear that made her smile.

To Kong's surprise and relief, Vi took off her gauntlets. But then she grabbed him by the legs and Grey grabbed his arms.

The started walking to the pool and Kong figured out what they're planning to do "wait! Wait! Wait!" he yelled "you don't want to do this, trust me you're not going to like the smell of a wet monkey".

To his disappointment, Vi smirked "well if we won't like it then you won't either" she replied before she and Grey started swinging him back and forth and then let him go.

Kong was thrown in the water with a big splash. Everyone started laughing while Kong slowly floated to the surface with his fur wet and covering his eyes, he blew the water out of his mouth before he started laughing with everyone else.

Time skip: (brought to you by chibi Ahri showing off her swimsuit and chibi Grey blushing and trying not to look).

It was now sunset. Ahri, Aki, Annie, Ezreal, Grey, Lux and Kong were back in their normal clothes and walking out of the pool.

Aki then recalled something "oh right, Grey do you know anything about the Grand Summoner?"

The Abyss Watcher raised an eyebrow "what do you mean?".

"well there's been talk about him acting weird since you and Ahri got here, I was wondering if you knew something" she explained, Aki already asked Ahri when they were at the hot springs.

Grey shrugged "I wouldn't know. I don't come from Runeterra remember?".

"maybe it's because you're from a different world?" Ezreal suggested and the others nodded.

Somewhere in the Institute:

The Grand Summoner entered his quarters after a day of taking care of the Institute.

He pulled down his hood to reveal the face of an elderly man with a bald head and a long beard.

He walked up to the fireplace and sat on a chair besides it. He then looked at a painting above the fireplace.

In the painting were two people. One was the Grand Summoner. The other was a man with a strong frame, he had a big golden crown, a long beard and hair, a golden chain strapped to his waist, shoulder pads with short big sleeves and was holding a big sword that seemed to be on fire.

"a Lord of Cinder" the Grand Summoner mumbled and then looked at the other man in the painting "I haven't heard that title since I last saw you... Brother".

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