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 Third POV:

Grey entered the dining hall and found where everyone was sitting and went besides them.

Ahri was the first to speak "great match Grey".

Grey nodded "thanks".

"yeah, normally first matches don't go so well" Lux said and chuckled "like Ezreal's".

"please stop mentioning that" Ezreal groaned.

"so my match won't be for a while, do you guys have anything to do?" Ahri asked wanting something to do before her match.

Lux was the first to speak "oh, did you guys see your Portraits yet?".

"portraits?" both Ahri and Grey asked.

"yeah" Ezreal nodded "they make portraits of champions and give a few words from them to help the summoners get an idea of who they are" he explained "if you haven't seen yours, then let's go check them out".

"sure" Ahri replied, they all got up and started making their way out of the dining hall.

They took a few turns and stood at the entrance of a long hallway with paintings and plates under them.

"alright, we're at the end and both your names start with an A, so we'll see ours first" Ezreal said.

They started walking through the hallway and stopped by Shyvana's Portrait, it was about her walking through smoke with her hands on fire and a silhouette of wings on her back.

"I am of two worlds, yet I belong to neither" Ahri said reading the plate under the picture "kind of a downer don't you think?".

The crossbreed shrugged her shoulders "it's still true nonetheless" she replied and they continued.

This time they reached Lux's Portrait, she was smiling and creating a bright light around her.

"The light inside is what makes me different, and I'm always careful where I shine it" Ahri read and raised an eyebrow "for some reason I can't picture you careful".

Ezreal chuckled "you have no idea, one time in a match, Lux actually-" he was cut off by a punch from Lux.

Said woman was blushing "I swear if you tell anyone about that your first match will go puplic" she threatened which made Ezreal go quiet.

Garen shook his head with a smile because of his sister's reaction, they then reached his Portrait, It was about him swinging his great sword while giving a war cry.

"This kingdom, and its people, have given me everything. What kind of man would I be if I gave any less in return?" Grey read "that's very honorable of you".

"thank you" Garen replied and they continued walking until they reached Ezreal's Portrait.

The Explorer was sliding down with a smirk on his face and his gauntlet on "If I don't know the rules, then how can I be breaking them?" Grey read and tilted his head "that's... One way to look at things".

Ezreal shrugged "hey, it's still true".

They reached Ahri's Portrait next, she was looking over her shoulder with an orb of fox fire in her hands and her tails spread around her.

"Human emotions can be more volatile than even the deepest magic" Ahri read the words under her Portrait.

"that actually sounds like something you would say" Grey added.

Ahri crossed her arms "you make it sound like I'm a mischievous person" she said and the Abyss Watcher responded by giving her a deadpan look, after a couple of seconds Ahri sighed and raised her hands "okay, I might say something like that".

"what do you mean 'might'?" Grey asked.

Ahri scowled "well if you're so sure of yourself, let's go see yours, oh powerful Abyss Watcher" she said sarcasm dripping from her voice.

Grey rolled his eyes and the walked a few steps before reaching his Portrait... And he wasn't alone.

Grey's Portrait was about him doing the Legion etiquette with a few Abyss Watchers doing the same besides him and a giant wolf behind them.

"well... This is unusual" Ezreal said seeing that Grey wasn't alone "but then again they did call you a multiple".

"let's see" Ahri said as she started reading the words under the Portrait "the Undead Legion are sworn to fight together by their shared wolf blood. The Legion, will bury a kingdom at the first sign of corruption".

"that actually is something we would say" Grey said, Ahri was annoyed he just accepted it.

"what's with the whole wolf blood thing" Lux asked referring to the writing.

"well if you were wondering why they referred to me as a multiple, it's because we Abyss Watchers are sworn to always fight together by the wolf blood" Grey explained "we're never alone, even after death the Abyss Watchers look out for each other".

"that explains that" Ezreal said "but what about burying a kingdom".

"they must be talking about the Abyss, and we would bury a kingdom because of it" The Abyss Watcher replied.

"isn't that a little extreme" Garen said, he heard about some people that would destroy castles but a kingdom is a little overboard "it seems a little cruel to destroy a kingdom because of it".

Grey shook his head "you don't understand, the Abyss isn't something to be taken lightly. It took a kingdom before and it didn't end well".

"well my match should be soon" Ahri reminded them "so let's go find a place to sit".

The others nodded and they went through the hallways towards the dining hall.

They were about to sit In a table when they heard someone call out "hey Garen!".

They saw a woman walk up to them, She had long red hair, a scar over her left eye, leather clothing and jacket with a pair of big knives strapped to the back of her belt.

Garen smiled at seeing the woman "ah Katarina" from his tone it was obvious he was happy seeing her "how have you been".

"pretty good" the woman called Katarina replied and then looked at the others "hey Lux, been a while".

"hey Kat" Lux replied, she then had a look of realization "oh did you meet the new champions".

"not yet" Katarina shook her head and looked at Grey and Ahri "hey there, I'm Katarina, The Sinister Blade" she said offering a hand shake.

The dark haired Vastayan accepted the handshake first "hi, I'm Ahri, The Nine-Tailed Fox".

Grey was looking at Katarina for a second 'if Tiara has a missing sister, I think I just found her' he thought before accepting the hand shake "I'm Grey Ashnex, a pleasure to meet you".

Katarina raised an eyebrow "so your the guy Swain has his eyes on".

"Swain?" Grey asked not recognizing the name.

"the Noxian Grand General, he's sorta my boss" she replied.

"you're Noxian?" Ahri asked to make sure and Katarina nodded.

They sat together at the big marble table with Katarina sitting besides Garen and then Lux snickered "she's also Garen's girlfriend".

Both Grey and Ahri were taken back by the statement while Garen and Katarina blushed "Lux! Stop saying that to everyone" Garen told his sister.

Said blonde just shrugged "what, it's not like it's a secret".

"it was until you found out" Katarina grumbled.

"and then the entire Institute knew about it" Ezreal added "bottom line is that Lux would rather share a secret then keep it" Lux then glared at the Explorer.

"wow, I'm actually happy for you" Ahri said and then realized something "but wait, don't Noxus and Demacia hate each other".

Katarina scratched her head "well, you're kind of both right and wrong" she said and both Grey and Ahri were confused "you see Noxus used to be at war with almost everyone. But now with Institute of War around, it can only take lands through matches".

"war was stopped, and the nations were now at peace" Garen continued "some people welcomed the peace but some still hold grudges".

"guess the Institute is more important than I thought" Ahri said and then her body started glowing "looks like it's time for my match".

"be careful" Grey told her.

Ahri smirked "come on, this is me we're talking about" she said before vanishing.

Grey sighed "that's what I'm worried about" he said before looking at the orb as it appeared in the middle of the dining hall.

Ahri POV:

I appeared in my team's base with the other champions, two of them I knew, they were Vi and Caitlyn.

The third champion was a guy in a trench coat, a big hat with a card in it, a beard and had a few poker cards in his hands.

The fourth was a Yordle, he had a green hat, a blowing stick, a backpack and a few maps strapped to it.

"hey Caitlyn, Vi" I called out and they saw me.

"oh hey Ahri" Vi greeted "haven't seen you since the day at the station".

"yeah, that wasn't a good first encounter" I replied remembering that they were arresting us.

"well I'm glad you and Grey made it" Caitlyn said.

"well hello beautiful" the guy in a trench coat said "what's your name".

I sighed and replied "it's Ahri".

"a beautiful name for a beautiful woman" he said, seriously that line is a little old "why don't we meet up for drinks after this?".

I can't believe I used to sit around and wait for people like him "sorry but I'm not interested" I said checking my nails making it obvious I'm bored.

The guy raised his hands "alright, I know when a lady isn't interested" he then smirked "or maybe, already has her eyes on someone else?".

"I don't know what you're talking about" I replied looking away with a slight blush on my cheeks.

The guy chuckled "sure you don't" he said sarcastically.

I then looked at the Yordle who was getting ready with a big smile, it made me a little uneasy, there was something... Psychotic about that smile.

Vi leaned towards me "that's Teemo" she whispered "be glad he's on your side in your first match, outside of matches he's pretty nice but inside them he gets a little... Carried away".

"noted" I said taking a step away from the Yordle.

"g-good afternoon champion" I heard a voice in my head, it was feminine and nervous "I'll be guiding you through battle, but I just want to tell you that this is my first match just as it is yours".

I guess that's why she sounds so nervous "it's alright, I'm sure you'll do great".

"thanks" she replied in a low voice.

We heard a sound meaning the beginning of the match, Caitlyn and Vi went to the middle, The man to the top, Teemo to the jungle and I went to the bottom road.

I saw the minions while walking and we passed by our team's turret, after a few seconds we met the enemy minions and champion.

He was a man with a steampunk themed armor, he had comped black hair and was holding a giant mechanical hammer.

I made a magical orb and started attacking the champion first, he saw me and dashed towards me swinging his hammer.

He hit me in the side and dealt some damage, he was about to hit me again but I jumped away.

I brought my hands to my lips and blew him a charm spell, he was covered by pink aura and gained a stupid look.

I waved my finger at him and he walked slowly towards me, when he got close enough, I threw an Orb of Deception at him, it passed threw him and came back to me.

He was heavily damaged but still alive, I created three fox fires around me and they all shot at his direction killing him.

"great work champion!" the summoner told me and I went to the turret attacking it with the minions.

after we destroyed it the minions continued the road while I stood in my place.

"aren't you going to follow them?" the summoner asked me.

I shook my head "no, I'll go back and recharge my Mana".

"oh, then hold still for a second" she said and then a circle of light appeared under my feet.

The circle got smaller each second and then I found myself back at my team's base "what was that?" I asked knowing it couldn't be me who did that.

"that's the recall spell" she told me "it's something we summoners made to help champions".

"pretty handy" I chuckled while my Mana replenished and I walked out of the base.

Time skip: (brought to you by chibi Ahri sitting on chibi Grey's shoulders while wearing his hat, pointing forward and screaming 'onwards').

The match went on with our team being in control, right now me and Vi just destroyed the enemy's base turret.

We got in and saw one of the enemy champions guarding the Nexus.

It was a big humanoid crocodile, he had a few golden armor plates and was holding a butcher like blade.

'this is my chance to shine' I thought and looked at Vi "go for the Nexus, I'll take care of him".

"you sure?" she asked and I nodded. She then made her way to the Nexus and the crocodile tried to attack her but was hit with my charm spell.

He started walking towards me and before I attack him, he shook his head snapping out of it.

The crocodile raised his blade and swung down at me. I used my spirit rush jumping away and firing a bolt of magical energy at him.

I created three fox fires and they shot at him while I began firing spells. He jumped towards me ignoring my attacks and brought down his blade trying to cut me down.

I used spirit rush again and thew an orb of deception, it passed through him and came back.

The crocodile then jumped at me and I had to use spirit rush again to get away. I was about to attack again but I ran out of Mana.

The crocodile walked up to me and I took a step back. He raised his blade, but before he brought it down a glowing card hit him in the chest making a magical explosion.

I looked at who threw the card and it was the guy with a trench coat and a hat. The crocodile was really hurt, he stood up and somehow grew in size.

He was about to attack us, but then Vi finally destroyed the Nexus "VICTORY, Red team" the announcer said.

I relaxed and my body was covered in light, I the appeared in a room with the other champions and a few summoners.

One of the summoners walked up to me "good job champion" she said and I realized she was the one who summoned me.

I can see her face under her hood, she was barley as old as Lux, had shoulder length blonde hair and green eyes.

"thanks" I replied "give yourself some credit too, it was your first match like mine" I said.

She blushed slightly and started rubbing her elbow "t-thank you champion".

"what's your name?" I asked.

She was a little taken back but still answered "my name is Aki".

"well Aki, my name is Ahri" I said "champion sounds too formal. I was about to go see a few friends, want to join me?".

She seemed really surprised about my offer "a-are you sure?" I nodded in response and she smiled "alright, thanks champ- Ahri" she corrected herself "sorry, I'm shy around new people".

"it's okay" I waved it off and we both got out of the room walking towards the dining hall. While walking, I started thinking about the match and how I used my charm magic. A smirk appeared on my lips 'hmm, I wonder what Grey would do to me if I used it on him while we're in bed' I realized what I was thinking and shook my head with a blush 'no! no! no!no! no! What am I thinking!? If I do that to him he'll never even look at me again'.

Ali must have noticed my blush "are you alright?".

"y-yeah, I'm fine" I told her and we continued walking.

Grey POV: during the match.

The match began and I saw Ahri in the red team, apparently Vi and Caitlyn were with her.

A guy with a trench coat tried to hit on Ahri but she turned him down which surprisingly made me a little happy.

The match started and Ahri went to the bottom lane, she encountered the enemy champion which was a man with a big hammer.

She engaged him in battle, I was worried when she was hit but she jumped away and then... Blew him a kiss?

"uhmm, did she blow him a kiss?" Lux asked "and did he fall for it?" she added seeing the man drop his guard before Ahri finished him off.

"I don't know what's more disappointing?" I said shaking my head "what she did? Or the fact it doesn't surprise me?".

"try both" Katarina said, she really reminds me of Tiara.

The match continued with Ahri's team having the advantage, Ahri and Vi just destroyed the base turret and entered.

A champion showed up, he was a humanoid crocodile with a butcher blade, Ahri took him on.

She started attacking and dodging the crocodile's blade, she apparently ran out of energy and I got worried when the crocodile got close to her.

But then the man with a trench coat attacked him with a magical card and the match was over.

I sighed in relief "that was close".

Third POV:

Ahri accompanied by Aki entered the dining hall, the Dark haired Vastayan saw her friends and walked up to them with the summoner following her.

"way to go Ahri" Lux complemented.

"thank you" she replied and then remembered the person with her "oh right, this is Aki, my summoner".

"I-It's nice to meet you" Aki said shyly waving her hand.

"it's nice to meet you too" Grey Sai before turning to Ahri "Ahri you got a little risky at the end, didn't you?".

Ahri's ears dropped in disappointment expecting to be praised but instead judged "that's what you have to say about my first match?".

Grey sighed realizing that what he said wasn't what she wanted to hear "no, I guess not" he then smiled to her "you did great, you truly amazed me".

Ahri perked up and a couple of her tails started wagging "thanks".

"well now that the match is over, want to go to that tomb I talked about?" Ezreal asked looking at Grey who nodded.

"when will you be back?" Ahri asked.

"we should be back by tomorrow" the Explorer said.

"are you going to be okay on your own?" the Abyss Watcher asked.

Ahri smirked "please, I'm pretty sure I can take care of myself until you get back" she then smiled mischievously "are you going to be okay without me around?" she teased.

Grey sighed and nodded "alright, let's go Ezreal" he said and the explorer nodded before both of them walked away.

"well as much as I would like to stay I'm going to go check on a few things back in Demacia" Garen said getting up and leaving.

Shyvana stood up next "I'll be leaving too, I need to see if Jarvan could use any help in his work".

With that she left, now it was Ahri, Aki, Lux and Katarina "okay, it's just us ladies, so let's have a girls night" Lux said while Ahri and Aki sat besides them.

Ahri was currently celebrating in her head 'yes! He was impressed. Now I just have to spend the rest of today... Without Grey... This is going to be hard'.

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