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 Third POV:

The sun rises in the next day, Ahri woke up and found her and Grey in their bed, she sat up and stretched.

She saw Grey still sleeping, Ahri decided to leave the Abyss Watcher to rest while she got through her morning routine.

She took a shower, dressed up and then went to the living room where she sat on the couch.

Yesterday when they came back to their room, they organized their things, mainly Ahri's, Grey barely got anything, it took Ahri, Lux and Ezreal to convince him to buy clothes because he kept saying his armor is enough.

Ahri saw a vase with the flowers Grey got her, she bought it yesterday after the Abyss Watcher got her the flowers.

She didn't take what she told him seriously about the flowers but Grey still got them for her.

'I guess he's just that nice' Ahri thought fixing up her tails so she can lay down on the couch.

A couple of minutes later and Grey came out of their room drying his hair with a towel "good morning Ahri".

"morning Grey" Ahri replied as Grey finished drying his hair "did you see the schedule?".

Grey shook his head "not yet, I'll go check it" he said before walking back to the room and coming back with the schedule "let's see" Grey looked into the schedule "oh, we both have matches".

Ahri stood up "really?".

Grey nodded "yes, mine in a while, yours In the afternoon" He replied "to be honest, I'm glad we're not in the same match".

Ahri raised an eyebrow "why? Don't you want to fight together?".

"no I do, it's just..." Grey then took a deep breath "I still don't feel comfortable fighting my allies".

Ahri walked up to the Abyss Watcher and gave him a hug "it's OK, you won't go through that again" she said knowing what he was worried about.

Grey smiled in gratitude "thank you".

Ahri broke the hug and smiled mischievously "plus if you won't fight me that just means I can humiliate you more when I beat you".

Grey gave a deadpan expression and rolled his eyes "figures" he then turned to their room "I'm going to grab my armor and get ready".

Ahri chuckled and sat back on the couch, when Grey came out fully armored, they both exited and went to the dining hall.

They entered the hall and found a table to sit on after taking some breakfast, they were soon joined by Annie holding her own food.

"hi Ahri, hi Grey, can me and Tibbers sit with you guys" she asked.

"sure" Grey replied and made space for Annie to set in "so do you have anything planned today".

Annie nodded "uh-huh, I got a match in a little while".

"really, me too" The Abyss Watcher replied.

"that's great" the little Pyromancer was excited "now I can show you how strong I am".

"aren't you a little worried?" Grey asked "I mean, what if they put us against each other, I really don't want to hurt you".

Annie shook her head "it's OK, we don't feel pain in the match and I know you don't want to hurt me".

Grey sighed with a smile "alright, I'll take your word for it".

Ahri then crossed her arms "so Annie can motivate you but I can't" she said a little insulted.

Grey rolled his eyes "oh please, for the love of the old wolf of Farron tell me you're joking".

"hey everyone" they heard someone greet them, they saw Ezreal, Lux, Garen and Shyvana walk up to them.

"morning" Ahri replied with a wave of her hand.

"good morning" Grey greeted as they sat down with them "where's Jarvan" he asked noticing the absence of the Prince.

"he had some political stuff to deal with back in Demacia" Lux replied "anyway, do you have anything to do today".

"me and Grey got our first matches today" Ahri answered.

"really, that's great" Ezreal said.

"yeah, the first match is always exciting" Lux added "you should have seen Ezreal's first match".

Said explorer then blushed "Lux! You promised to never mention that".

"oh now I'm interested" Ahri said wanting to know about what's so embarrassing "come on, tell me".

"later!" Ezreal said and then tried to change the subject "anyway, Grey I found the location of an old tomb in Shurima, I wanted to see if you want to join me?".

"sure, why not" the Abyss Watcher replied, Ahri didn't like that, her match was after his which meant he wouldn't see it, her ears dropped slightly and Grey noticed "but can we wait till after Ahri's match, I would like to watch it" Ahri then perked up.

"yeah, no problem" Ezreal replied much to Ahri's happiness "so when is your match?"

"it should be in minutes" Grey said and then his and Annie's bodies began glowing "or right now" he corrected.

"be careful" Ahri said.

"give us a show" Ezreal added.

"but don't show off too much, that never works out for you" Lux warned and then gained a slight blush "I should know".

Before Grey can ask what she meant, he and Annie vanished, the orb showed up in the middle of the dining hall.

Ahri managed to find Grey's name on it "there he is, in the blue team, Abyss Watchers, Farron's undead legion".

"they called him a multiple?" Garen asked hearing Grey's champion name for the first time.

"don't worry about it" Ahri waved it off.

Grey POV:

I appeared in the summoners rift in our base, there I saw the other four champions, sadly Annie wasn't one of them.

One of them was a very muscled man with an exposed chest, blue tattoos on his arm, a big door in the shape of a sheep's head with glowing eyes, he was bald and also had a... Unique mustache.

Another one was a big man, he had a golden eagle head, a few eagle like features, golden armor and a staff.

The third one was Zyra which is good since I know someone here, the fourth... Out of all the champions, is Evelynn, I'll try to ignore her for now.

"good morning Zyra" I greeted.

"hello Grey" she replied "is this your first match?".

"yes" I nodded "I hope everything goes well".

"don't worry, just follow the summoners and everything should be fine" she replied and I nodded.

"ah you're the new champion" the man with an exposed chest said walking up to me and offering a handshake "welcome to the League, I am Braum, the heart of Freljord".

I can tell Braum had a heart of gold, he kind of reminded me of Seigward, "it's good to meet you" I accepted the hand shake "also nice mustache".

Braum chuckled and started twirling his mustache "thank you".

The eagle man walked up to me "ah so you are the person the entire Institute has been speaking of, the man from another world" he said "I am Azir, the emperor of the Sands".

I don't think it's a mere title, Azir had an air of royalty and respect around him so I gave a small bow "it's a pleasure to meet you".

Azir chuckled "you are respectful, that is hard to see in your age".

I then felt someone put their hands on my shoulders before Evelynn appeared to my right "hey cutie, I'm Evelynn, and who are you?" she acted like we didn't meet before.

Zyra started scowling, Braum was still trying to be cheerful and Azir didn't have much of a reaction but it was obvious no one liked Evelynn's presence, me included.

I walked away from her grasp and turned to face her "we are the Abyss Watchers, Farron's Undead legion" I responded with an emotionless voice "now please don't touch me like that again".

Evelynn pouted "oh come on" she then smirked "I don't bite... Much".

"like I said, don't touch me like that again" I repeated my emotionless voice making it clear that I wasn't interested.

My response apparently lifted up the mood of the rest of the champions, then I heard a voice in my head "the match is about to begin".

"what the?" I started looking around for the source.

"relax champion" the voice spoke again "I am the summoner that chose you, I will be guiding you through battle".

I then remembered Ezreal saying that the better you work with the summoners is better you fight in battle.

We then heard a sound meaning the beginning of the match, Braum went with Azir in the middle, Zyra went to the jungle, Evelynn went to the bottom and I went to the top.

After I exited the base I saw little warriors holding weapons walking in front of me "those are the minions, they are supposed to help you in battle" the summoner answered my unasked question.

After a while, we encountered the enemy minions, they were similar to ours but with a different color accompanying them was... Annie... Why did it have to be her?

She saw me and threw a fire ball in my direction, I rolled out of the way and jumped forward swinging my sword.

I dealt some damage and she jumped back, Annie then held Tibbers and threw him in the air.

Tibbers exploded in flames and came out as a giant bear of fire 'so he is alive' I confirmed, I've had some suspicion about him but now I'm sure.

Annie threw a giant fire ball in my direction while Tibbers tried to smash me, thankfully I've managed to roll away.

I anchored my knife in the ground and used it to spin so I could hit Tibbers, he recoiled back and I took my chance to finish him by stabbing him through the chest.

Tibbers's flames died down, I pulled out my sword and rolled away dodging a fire ball from Annie.

I jumped towards her and brought my sword down dealing a big strike that sent her backwards to the ground.

She was still alive but not moving, I was about to walk to her but I stopped in my tracks "I really don't want to hurt her".

"I know it's hard but please bare with it" the summoner tried to convince me "let's do this differently then" he said.

The summoner made me turn around and swing my sword at a tree making it fall down on Annie.

Dust was everywhere and I couldn't see her anymore "don't worry, she'll be fine" the summoner assured me.

'she better be, or their will be a hunt for summoner tonight' I thought to myself before killing the rest of the enemy minions and reaching a statue like structure.

"that's a turret, it's a mark of the enemy's territory" the summoner informed me "you need to destroy them to gain advantage".

I nodded and the turret started attacking the minions so I took my chance and started attacking it.

After a few minutes I managed to destroy it but the enemy minions showed up with two champions, to my relief Annie was one of them.

The other one was a woman with dark brown hair, dark green robes, golden armor plates and green gems on them, she also had a giant four sided throwing blade with her.

Annie immediately summoned Tibbers and the woman readied her blade before both of them started attacking me.

The woman tried to hit me with her blade but I rolled away, I used my sword to block Tibbers but wasn't fast enough to dodge the fire ball from Annie.

I recoiled slightly and the woman threw her blade at me striking me with a lot of damage, Annie then finished me off with a giant fire ball.

After that I just fell down and stayed there, a few seconds later I reappeared in my team's base.

"are you alright champion?" the summoner asked "I know the first time of dying is-".

"no it's alright" I cut him off "believe it or not, I'm used to this" it was honestly like a Bonfire, only more... Gentle I think is the word, dying isn't so bad when you don't feel pain actually.

"uhmm... Alright, let's go then" the summoner was probably taken back by the fact that a new champion was used to dying.

I just shrugged it off and went to the middle this time.

Time skip: (brought to you by chibi Grey running away while chibi Annie was following him laughing and throwing fire balls).

The match went on for an hour, our team kept the advantage but we still lost a few turrets.

Right now, me and Braum were hiding near the enemy base, Azir managed to destroy their base turret and deal a lot of damage to the Nexus but was defeated.

There was two champions guarding the Nexus, one was a woman with dark blue robes and a hood, she was holding a bow made of ice and her white hair was visible through the hood.

The other was a man with an exposed chest like Braum, but he had a horned helmet with long hair coming from the back and was holding a great sword with a blue stone in it.

"do you have a plan my friend" Braum asked while we were still hiding.

I thought for a second before nodding "I do, but you'll have to be sneaky" I then whispered my plan to him and he nodded.

I then jumped out of hiding and pointed my sword at the champions drawing their attention.

"is he fighting us on his own?" the woman asked preparing her bow.

The man chuckled "he's either brave or stupid" he then charges at me and We clashed swords.

I pushed him off and rolled away before the woman hit me with an arrow, I anchored my knife in the ground and swung my sword at the man.

He blocked it and I rolled away again to dodge another arrow, while this was happening, I saw Braum sneak from the side.

I had to dodge a strike from the man but I ended up being hit with an arrow from the woman.

The arrow seemed to slow down my movement so I wasn't able to do much when the man delivered a powerful strike to my chest.

I fell on the ground motionless, if there was a good time to use the powers of a lord then it was now.

"he wasn't bad" the man said while the woman stood beside him "but I thought the new champion was-" he was cut off by the sound of a wolf's howling.

Blood appeared from the ground, it went towards me and vanished inside me, my sword caught fire and I stood up using it for support.

"so the rumors were true" the woman said pulling out another arrow.

The man laughed "this just got interesting" he readied his sword.

I glanced at Braum who was behind them and gave him a nod, he nodded back.

Braum raised his shield and dashed towards them from the back with a war cry.

He managed to knock them both away and I ran towards him as he raised his shield making it face upward.

I jumped on it and he gave me a push sending me in the air, I spined around swinging my sword striking the Nexus destroying it.

"VICTORY, Blue Team" the announcer said, Braum started laughing and I just raised my still flaming sword.

We were covered in light and then sent out of the Summoner Rift, I found myself in a room with the rest of the champions that were in the match.

There was also a few Summoners, one of them walked up to me "great job Champion" I recognized his voice, it was the one who chose me.

I just nodded before going to the gates and exiting as the fire in myself and on my sword died down.

I saw Annie and immediately walked up to her "Annie, are you alright?".

She looked at me "oh hey Grey, yeah I'm okay, a little sad we didn't win but okay" Annie replied and I sighed in relief "so did you see how strong I am?" she asked hopefully.

"I did, and Tibbers is strong too" I nodded.

The Little Pyromancer giggled and held her bear "thanks, as long as I have Tibbers I'm not scared of anything".

Someone then slapped me in the back, I knew who it was from the good hearted laughter "that was glorious!" Braum said standing besides me "a little risky but it did it's job".

"thank you" I chuckled "and you had a hand in this victory as well".

Braum raised his hands "I didn't do much, it was your plan".

"still you deserve some credit for the victory" I said and he nodded.

"that was quite the strategy you pulled" Azir said as he and Zyra walked up to us.

"a little risky don't you believe?" Zyra asked.

I just shrugged "it did it's job" I then looked at the Emperor "also, thank you Azir, if you didn't clear us a path, we wouldn't have been able to do it".

Azir chuckled "ah it is good to see manners like yours these days" he then gave a tired sigh "if only she can be like you" he mumbled.

"are you speaking about me grandfather?" I looked at who spoke and it was the woman who fought me with Annie... Wait, Grandfather?

Azir sighed "hello Sivir, and how are you this morning".

The woman, Sivir shrugged "not bad" she then looked at me "so you're the new guy everyone's talking about" she smirked "just make sure that no one puts a price on your head, otherwise I'll come for you, and charge you for killing you".

"you make it sound like you'll do anything for money" I said.

Sivir kept her smirk "that's because I'll do".

I looked at her for a second before replying "no you won't".

Sivir's smirk vanished "what?".

"I've seen your way of fighting, you might fight for money but you won't do everything for it" I said and before she replied I continued "for example, you won't just kill an innocent child because someone paid you, nor will you sell your body now would you?".

"well that-... I mean-... You-..." she seemed to struggle with words.

"you got her speechless" Azir said looking at Sivir and then at me "do you have any idea how long I've been trying to do that" that just earned him a glare from her.

I just shrugged and looked at Annie "so Annie, want to go see the others".

The Little Pyromancer shook her head "no, I'll go see one of my friends, I promised to play with them".

"alright, just be careful" she nodded and left while I started going to the dining hall to join the others.

Ahri POV: during the match.

Grey was now in his team's base with the other champions, I saw this blue woman start flirt with Grey, I of course immediately didn't like her.

Grey just walked away from her, which made me happy, the match began and Grey went Top.

He encountered Annie and defeated her, I knew he didn't feel like he won at all, he then destroyed the turret.

Annie showed up again with another champion this time, they worked together and killed him.

"why isn't he getting back up like in his duel?" Lux asked.

"maybe he's saving it for later" Ezreal shrugged.

The match went on after that, now Grey and a guy called Braum were hiding near the enemy base.

"come on Grey" I said "you can do this".

"he's going to need a plan" Garen pointed out.

Grey jumped out and faced the enemy champions, while he was fighting them Braum was sneaking around going behind them.

Grey was defeated and then came the wolf's howling, the blood flowed from the ground and vanished in him.

He stood up and then Braum used his shield to push the enemy champions out of the way and Grey ran to him, he jumped on Braum's shield and then jumped to the Nexus destroying it.

"yes!" I jumped from my seat.

"pretty good" Ezreal said clapping his hands.

I sat back down and started thinking 'alright, when it's my match I got to make it so impressive, Grey will just think about me'.

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