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 Third POV:

Grey entered the garden with Annie on his shoulder, the Abyss Watcher put the Pyromancer down and she gave him back his metal hat.

Grey adjusts his hat while Annie looks around the garden, not long after that and Zyra appears.

"good morning Zyra" Grey greeted.

"yes, to you too" Zyra replied, she then noticed who was with Grey "I see you brought the Dark Child".

Grey nodded "yes, I was wondering if you would let us stay here to play".

Zyra raised an eyebrow, she usually would have declined but Annie walked up to her "please can we play here? I promise not to use my powers or hurt your children" the little girl asked.

Zyra was in thought, Annie's request sounded genuine "I'll take full responsibility for whatever harm comes to your children" Grey added which made Zyra sigh.

"alright, but be careful" she replied and Annie immediately perked up.

"thank you so much" Annie said and then grabbed Grey's hand "come on Grey, let's play hide and seek".

"alright, alright" Grey chuckles and goes with Annie while Zyra stays and watches to make sure her children are safe.

She saw Annie start counting while Grey hid, Zyra couldn't help but chuckle seeing how the Abyss Watcher obviously made himself easy to find for Annie.

"8... 9... 10! ready or not here I come" Annie said turning around and started looking, she caught a glimpse of a red cape behind a tree and started sneaking to it before jumping "found you!".

Grey groaned trying to look upset "oh come on" he then smiled at her "you're really good".

"no, you're just bad" the Pyromancer giggled "OK, your turn".

Grey nodded, he turned around and started counting while Annie started looking for a place to hide.

Annie hid behind a big rock and crouched down holding Tibbers, Zyra decided to get in the game and waved her hand making a few bushes appear around the little girl making her less visible.

Grey finished counting and started looking for Annie, he then stopped in front of where she was hiding and she jumped to scare him.

Grey acted scared and then joined Annie in laughter, for some reason Zyra felt that the Abyss Watcher knew where Annie was but didn't do anything, she just shrugged it off.

Time skip: (brought to you by chibi Annie playing patty cakes with chibi Grey).

Grey and Annie left the garden after a while of playing around, Zyra was very pleased that Annie kept her word.

They found Ahri sitting in the dining hall in a table watching the match "the match is still going?" Grey asked making his presence known.

Ahri saw him and smiled "oh hey, yes but it looks like it's about done" she replied as the Abyss Watcher sat besides her.

The match then ended like Ahri predicted and after a few minutes Lux and Ezreal walked up to them with the latter being a little slump.

"good match you two" Ahri complemented while the two blondes sat with them.

"not for me it wasn't" Ezreal added.

"oh come on, it wasn't that bad" Lux said but then looked hesitant "well... Maybe".

"so where's Garen?" Grey asked noticing the absence of one of them.

"he had work back in Demacia" Lux answered and then grinned "but enough about that, we have a shopping trip for you guys".

"you really don't have to do that" Grey replied "I mean, I don't have any money and Ahri barely has any for herself".

"nah, it's okay" Ezreal waved it off "besides about the money, they give champions a decent amount of pay, like allowance".

Grey just sighed "alright, let's go then" he said standing up.

"hey can me and Tibbers go with you guys?" Annie asked.

"sure" Ahri replied getting up as they all started walking out of the dining hall and going to the table besides the high summoners chamber.

Ahri and Grey got their money from there before they all went to the entrance and left the Institute going to the city below it.

They walked through the city entering the shopping district, once they got there, Ahri and Lux started making a list of what they need... A long one.

"we'll need clothes, food, shampoo and some decorations" Ahri listed.

"oh don't forget shoes, dresses, makeup and accessories" Lux added.

"and some toys" Annie got in the conversation.

"you don't really need all that do you?" Grey asked.

"Duh! We're young women" Lux replied in a matter of fact manner "we have to enjoy being young and beautiful while we can".

"well not like I have to worry about that" Ahri stated.

"why?" asked Lux.

The Vastayan smiled smugly "you see as long as I take life essence I'll stay young, so age isn't a problem for me"

That drew different reactions, Ezreal was interested on how that worked, Lux was slightly jealous of such an ability and Grey... Just shrugged "guess that's one thing you and I have in common".

The others looked at the Abyss Watcher a little confused "what?" Ahri asked.

"I'm undead, remember" Grey reminded them "I don't age, I haven't aged since the day I became undead".

That was surprising to his friends, Ezreal then noticed something in Grey's statement "wait, you said since you became?" he asked to make sure and Grey nodded "uhmm... Grey, how old are you?" Ezreal asked hesitantly.

Grey shrugged "I don't know, I stopped counting somewhere between 70 and 80 years".

All of them where even more surprised "a-and how long was that?" asked Ezreal with more hesitation.

Grey hummed in thought "30 years ago give or take".

"you're over a hundred years old!?!" Lux almost yelled as they were all shocked.

"yeah" Grey shrugged "what's wrong? Surely there's champions older than me".

"well yes, but they look their age, you just... Don't look your age" Ezreal replied.

"believe it or not, I'm quite young for an undead" Grey said.

"well anyway, we got shopping to do so come on" Ahri said changing the subject.

They started going through a few shops, mainly Ahri's and Lux's choosing, and after that they decided to take a break at the food district.

Ahri, Annie and Lux sat in a table while Grey and Ezreal walked up to them with bags in their hands.

"what is it with this world's woman and shopping" Grey asked, back in his world, woman only bought a few weapons and maybe some embers.

Ezreal shook his head "I don't know, but women are only mystery I didn't dare to solve" he replied as he and the Abyss Watcher sat the bags besides the table and sat down.

"hey can we have ice-cream?" Annie requested.

"sure" Lux agreed.

"I could go for some" Ezreal said.

"I've never had them before, so yeah" Ahri replied and looked at Grey "what about you?".

Grey tilted his head "what is... Ice-cream?".

That made everyone look at him "you don't know what Ice-cream is?" Ahri asked and Grey shook his head.

"where did you use to live? Hell?" Lux asked "never mind that, now we have to go get Ice-cream, come on Annie".

"okay" Annie replied before she and alux got up and left while Grey just looked confused.

After a few minutes, Annie and Lux came back, the latter was holding a tray with cups and spoons in them.

They gave everyone a cup, Grey looked at his and saw a white frozen liquid in it "trust me, you'll love it" Ezreal said.

Grey decided to trust the explorer's word, he took a spoonful and ate it, his eyes immediately widen "this is amazing, I've never tasted anything like it" he said before going back to eating.

Ahri hummed eating hers "I'm so glad I turned human" They kept eating and enjoying the frozen treat, Grey finished and then stood up "where are you going?".

"I just saw a store I want to check, you guys finish and I'll be back in a few seconds" Grey replied and Ahri nodded, he turned and without anyone noticing brought the neck of his shirt up.

Grey POV:

I made sure I walked away from everyone and entered an alley, I made sure no one was around before speaking.

"why don't you come out, I already know you are there" I spoke to whoever was following me and my friends, all I got was silence and I was honestly expecting that so I pulled out my sword and knife "alright, if you won't come out in three seconds, I'll rip you out, 1... 2...".

Then someone came out of the dark part of the alley, it was a blue skinned woman, barely covered by some kind of black substance, she had short white blueish hair, two sharp tentacles coming from her back and parts of her body was glowing purple.

"so you knew I was there?" she asked.

"more or less" I shrugged "now who are you?".

The woman chuckled and gave a bow "I'm Evelynn, Agony's Embrace" she introduced herself, I knew her title means she's a champion "and you're the Abyss Watcher correct?".

"didn't know I have a reputation" I replied, it's my third day here, the only way for her to know me is through the summoners or my duel.

"the man from another world that defeated one of the most feared champions after coming back from the dead, how can you not be famous" Evelynn said in a matter of fact manner.

"what do you want?" I was getting impatient with her.

"I'm just here to give you a little advice, that there are champions you should be afraid of" she replied and smirked "with me on top of the list of course".

"and why should I fear you?" I asked, in response Evelynn dashed forward and stopped right in front of me with her tentacles pointing at me trying to look threatening.

I wasn't impressed, because the real reason she stopped was because my knife was at her throat.

Evelynn stared at me before smirking "you're good" she then jumped back "why don't you ditch those idiots and join me in a night of fun and pain".

"not interested" I harshly replied.

Evelynn chuckled "you will soon, they always do" she said before turning around and vanishing into the darkness.

I didn't feel her around anymore so I put my weapons away, now I just need an excuse to tell my friends.

Third POV:

Ahri, Annie, Ezreal and Lux were still in the food district waiting for Grey "didn't he tell you where he was going?" asked Lux since the Abyss Watcher was gone for a while.

Ahri shook her head "no, just that he was going to check one of the stores" she replied, they then saw Grey walk up to them with something in his hands "there you are" Ahri said standing up "where were you?".

"I... Was getting these for you" Grey replied giving Ahri what was in his hands, which turned out to be some flowers.

Ahri took the flowers and a slight blush appeared on her cheeks "really?".

"I did promise to get you some when I could" Grey pointed out and Ahri remembered that he did do that when they came out of the garden.

"hey Grey, why are you covering your face" Annie asked.

"what?" Grey asked confused.

Ahri sighed "you're covering your face again Grey".

"oh, sorry" Grey then pulled down the neck of his shirt "so what are we going to do now".

"now, more shopping" Lux replied.

"you're still not done?" Grey asked astonished.

"nope, so come on" she said as she, Ahri and Annie walked away.

Grey looked at Ezreal "we're not going to get any rest for a while are we".

Ezreal just gave a heavy sigh "not even close".

Time skip: (brought to you by chibi Ahri and Grey walking around while Chibi Evelynn was sneaking around and watching them).

At sunset, they finally returned to the Institute of War, Ahri, Annie and Lux were in front of Grey and Ezreal who were carrying a lot of bags.

They found Garen waiting past the entrance "Ah there you are Lux" he greeted.

"hey Garen, how was your work in Demacia?" Lux asked her brother.

"it wasn't anything serious, just some physical check ups for the Vanguard" he replied, Garen then saw the bags in Grey's and Ezreal's hands and gave them a look of sympathy "she took you shopping, didn't she?" he said and they both nodded "well it could have been worse, you should see what she does in a special sale".

Lux playfully punched her brother "whatever, how about you put your stuff away and we'll meet together at the dining hall".

"sure, let's go Grey" Ahri replied as she and the Abyss Watcher then walked up to their room.

They sat the bags there and decided to organize them later, they went to the dining hall and found Ezreal, Lux and Garen sitting with two other individuals.

One of them was a man with golden armor, a black body suit, a spear on his back and a crown like helmet with some brown hair visible.

The other was a woman with dark purple skin, she had orange eyes, red armor and helmet with gold trimming and two braids of dark purple hair was over her shoulders.

"hey you two" Lux greeted seeing Ahri and Grey "these are our friends, prince Jarvan and Shyvana" she introduced.

The man then stood up and faced Grey and Ahri "any friend of Lux and Garen is a friend of mine, I'm Prince Jarvan Lightshield IV" he introduced himself offering a handshake.

Grey accepted the hand shake "I'm Grey Ashnex, and this is Ahri" he introduced himself and Ahri who waved her hand "it's a pleasure to meet you your majesty".

Jarvan waved his hand "please, we're all champions here, just Jarvan is fine" he said and Grey nodded before sitting down.

"so where's Annie?" Ahri asked noticing the absence of the little Pyromancer.

"she went to see a friend" Ezreal replied.

Grey looked at Shyvana who was yet to speak "you're not exactly human, are you?" he said trying his best to not sound rude.

"that's right, I'm half dragon" she answered and then narrowed her eyes "got a problem with that?".

Grey shook his head "no, I just didn't think Dragons exist in this world too".

"wait, you have dragons in your world too?" Ezreal asked, Shyvana then became interested.

"yes, we do... Or did" Grey replied.

"how were the Dragons in your world like?" asked Shyvana taking the chance of possibly learning more about her kind.

Grey shook his head "I wouldn't know, I never met one, they went almost extinct after a war with Gwyn, the first lord, and whatever was left went into hiding" he replied.

Shyvana was slightly disappointed that she didn't get her answer but Ezreal was still interested "what Exactly happened?".

"Gwyn and the original lords raged war on the dragons, they were losing until Gwyn discovered the dragons weakness and used it to defeat them" Grey explained.

"how did Gwyn discover the dragons weakness?" The Explorer asked, from what he knew, dragons were proud creatures and would never show any weakness.

"that story doesn't trail back to Gwyn, but Seath the scaleless... A dragon" Grey's response immediately got Shyvana's interest.

"wait, a dragon?" Shyvana said to make sure, why would a dragon has something to do with their weakness being known... Unless "did he... Betray his kind?" she asked getting a little mad.

Grey nodded "yes, but he had no choice" Shyvana's anger seemed to calm slightly "you see, Seath was born a dragon but he was different, instead of scales he had flesh and instead of feet had tendrils, Seath was treated as a freak, the dragons tortured him, insulted him and burned him with the fire that he could never breath, one day Seath ran away, he found a cave full of crystals that shine in all colors without sunlight, when Seath saw the light shine off from his skin he didn't think of himself as a freak, he was happy, but then the dragons found him, they tortured him again but what truly hurt Seath was seeing the crystals he loves so much gets destroyed, the dragons left promising a return, that's when he came in... Gwyn the lord of sunlight, like I said Gwyn was losing the war with the dragons so he made a deal with Seath, if Seath told Gwyn the weakness of the dragons Gwyn would give Seath the power to recreate the crystals he loved so much, Seath was left with a choice, either let his kind live so they can come back to torture him again or get back the only thing that brought him happiness, what choice do you think he made? Gwyn used that knowledge to beat the Dragons and then came back to Seath to fulfill his end of the deal, if you ask me, Seath had every right to do what he did and I can't blame him".

Shyvana opened her mouth to protest but no words came out, no matter how she saw the story, Seath was always the victim.

They were somewhat alike, both outcasts of dragons, yet also different, she had people in her life but Seath... Had nothing from the beginning.

"but you can make sure that doesn't happen" Grey's voice broke her train of thoughts "you are both human and dragon, you are living proof that those two can live together".

Shyvana was taken back while Jarvan was smiling, he was happy that someone else didn't think of Shyvana as just a half-breed.

Grey then turned to the prince "now Jarvan, I heard Demacia resembles my world, would you be kind enough to tell me about it".

Jarvan smiled with pride "of course, I could take you there if you like".

"maybe later, I'd rather just listen for now" the Abyss Watcher replied.

The prince started telling Grey about Demacia, meanwhile Ahri was thinking about the flowers Grey got for her and how she started feeling recently.

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