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 Third POV:

Grey, Ahri and Ezreal were still together in the dining hall only now it's late evening.

"hey Ezreal" someone yelled and they looked and saw a blonde haired girl in Ezreal's age walk up to them, she had silver armor with golden trimming and a staff on her back "there you are, I've been looking everywhere for you" she said as she stood near their table.

"sorry Lux" Ezreal apolized scratching his head "I was making new friends".

"well why didn't you tell me? I love making new friends" she asked and Ezreal shrugged looking a little embarrassing, The girl called Lux looked at Ahri and Grey, she then looks at the latter more "hey, I know you, you're the guy that beated Zed, the guy from another world".

Grey nodded "that's right, my name is Grey Ashnex it's a pleasure to meet you miss..." he trailed off not knowing her name.

"oh right, my name is Luxanna Crownguard, the lady of luminasity, just call me Lux" Lux introduced herself and looked at Ahri "and... Sorry, I didn't get your name".

Ahri waved it off "it's OK, I'm Ahri, the Nine-tailed fox" she said.

"well it's got to meet you" Lux said sitting besides Ezreal and then looked at Grey "so is it real? You being from another world and all" she asked.

Grey nodded "yes".

"I saw him myself fall from a portal in the sky" Ahri added recalling the day they met "I wouldn't have believed him if I didn't".

"Grey also told me about his world, it's almost completely different from ours but still too organized to be made up" Ezreal added.

"wow" Lux said "but don't you get a little homesick?" she asked.

Grey thought back to the friends and family he had, a part of him was sad but the other was happy about a new beginning "I didn't have much to fight for back in my world, so I have more of a reason to do that here" he replied and then looked back at Ezreal "so Ezreal, you were telling us about matches".

"oh right" Ezreal said and restarted their previous conversation "you see in a match, there's two teams that represent a region or a group, they fight over a political problem and the winner gets to decide how they deal with it, that's the official matches, the normal matches are usually done by summoners for fun, and if you die in a match you'll just respawn in the base, that part really helps when you fight friends".

"that sounds reassuring" Grey said and the looked down slightly "but I still feel a little uneasy about fighting my allies, I have a bad history with that subject".

Grey felt someone holding his hand, he looked and saw Ahri with a warm smile "don't worry, you'll never go through that again, I promise" she said and Grey returned her smile.

"yeah it is hard to fight friends" Lux said "but know that they'll be safe, plus the summoners make sure we don't feel any pain".

"I'll take your word for it then" Grey replied then raised an eyebrow "but how do you know when you have matches?".

"they have a schedule in your room for that" Lux explains.

"oh right!" Ahri then remembered something and got up from her seat "come on Grey".

"to where?" the Abyss watcher asked.

In response, Ahri smirked "it's time for you to pay for scaring me" she replied before leaving, Grey realized he forgot that.

He sighed and looked back at Ezreal and Lux "sorry, but I do owe her so I got no choice" Grey apologized.

"Don't worry about it" Ezreal waved it off and Lux nodded in agreement "if you want to hang out again just find me, maybe we'll go on an adventure together".

"I'll take you up on that" Grey got up and started walking towards Ahri who was waiting at the entrance.

But then he stopped halfway, he looked around feeling someone watching him, he didn't feel any actual danger, just being watched, so he shrugged it off and continued towards Ahri.

If Grey had looked harder, he would have seen the small figure looking at him "that's him Tibbers" the figure said looking at something in their arms "that's the guy who uses fire like me, maybe... We can be friends".

Back with Grey, Ahri took him to the table besides the high summoners chambers, the summoner there looked up to them "yes, how can I help you".

"Grey why don't you sit in one of those chairs" Ahri said pointing at chairs a little away from the high summoners and the table "I'll explain everything".

Grey was confused because Ahri was speaking like they made a decision together, but he still owed her so he nodded and went to sit down.

He couldn't hear what they were talking about, but he did see Ahri and the summoner take glances at him.

After a few minutes, Ahri came back after the summoner gave her something "alright, let's go" she said.

"what did you talk about" Grey asked standing up and following Ahri.

"oh just about our new rooms" she replied.

They continued walking and passing by doors until they stopped in front of a door with two nameplates 'the Nine-tailed Fox' and 'Farron's Undead Legion'.

Grey was a little confused for why both names were on the same door, Ahri pulled out a key and opened it.

They got inside and saw the living room, it had a big couch with a coffee table, a flat screen TV in front of it and a big window was behind the couch.

They saw an open kitchen besides where the TV is, it had a table with a few seats, a fridge, an oven and the stuff you normally find in a kitchen.

They saw another door at one of the room's walls, they opened it and saw the bedroom.

It had a big bed, a door to the bathroom and a big window letting in the moonlight.

Grey looked around the room "this is pretty good, but where's my room?" he asked and found Ahri just leaning on the door frame with a knowing smirk on her, the Grey realized what she did "you... Set us up for the same room didn't you".

"why of course" Ahri answered, surprisingly with a hint of pride.

Grey sighed "why?".

"like I said this is payback for scaring me during your duel" she replied walking to the bedroom "now come on, I'm tired and in need of my beauty sleep".

Grey just sighed knowing there's no talking out of this, he took off his armor and joined Ahri in bed.

Time skip: (brought to you by chibi Ahri taking a nap and chibi Grey petting her as she started purring).

The next day, Ahri and Grey went through their morning routines and went to the dining hall to get breakfast.

While picking up their food, they saw Ezreal and decided to join him "hey, do you mind if we join you" Grey asked.

Ezreal looked at them "oh hey, no problem, the more the merrier" he replied and they all sat on a table.

Not long after that, they were joined by Lux and someone accompanying her "hey guys" she greeted sitting down.

"good morning Luxanna" Grey said.

"good morning Lux" Ahri greeted.

"morning Lux, oh good morning to you too Garen" Ezreal greeted both Lux and who was with her.

"to you too Ezreal" Garen replied, he was a muscled man with short brown hair, armor with a similar theme to Lux's, he had a great sword on his and a blue cape, Garen looked at Grey and Ahri "so you're the new champions Lux mentioned, I'm Lux's brother, Garen Crownguard, the might of Demacia".

"I'm Ahri, the Nine-tailed Fox" Ahri said.

"I'm Grey Ashnex, it's a pleasure to meet you" Grey said "Ezreal mentioned Demacia, it's a land of Honor, Justice and Duty, correct?".

Garen the smiled with pride "yes, we fight for honor and upholding justice is our duty" he then raised an eyebrow "but I have to ask, at the beginning of your duel you did a salute of sorts?".

"that's the legion etiquette" Grey answered "we do it in battle to show honor, respect, or to frighten our enemies".

"your ways sound like that of a Demacian" Garen said thinking of how some Demacians have similar traditions.

"Grey told me about his world, if I had to guess, Demacia would be the closest place to it" Ezreal added.

Garen was interested and was about to ask more but someone beated him to talking "excuse me".

They all looked and saw a little girl that only Grey and Ahri didn't recognize, she had short red hair, a purple dress, a head piece with ears, and was holding a teddy bear in her arms.

"oh hey Annie" Lux addressed the girl "do you need something?".

The girl, Annie shook her head in denial "I'm here to see him" she said pointing at Grey.

Grey turned around in his seat to face Annie "well hello there young lady, how can I help you, and your little friend" he said mentioning the bear to not sound rude.

"you're the guy who uses fire right? I saw you do it" She asked and Grey nodded "so does that mean you're like me?".

"like you?" Grey asked not understanding, to explain, Annie raised her hand and created a small fire ball.

Ahri looked in awe not thinking a child like Annie should know sorcery at her age, while Grey looked really shocked.

Annie saw his reaction and was scared that he would act like everyone else, shun her off and hate her, While Ezreal, Garen and Lux were also scared of the same reason worried about Annie's feelings.

"you're a Pyromancer!" Grey said excited making the others surprised "that's amazing, I didn't think I would see one in this world".

Everyone looked a little taken back by Grey's excitement "a Pyro- what?" Ahri, Ezreal, Garen and Lux said not understanding what Grey said.

"you're not afraid of me?" Annie asked a little doubtful.

"of course not" Grey denied "Pyromancy was quite normal in my world, in fact, I had a couple of friends who were Pyromancers".

"r-really?" Annie gained her confidence back and then looked at the bear "see Tibbers, he's not scared".

"why would I be?" Grey replied "in fact, why don't you join us for breakfast".

Grey's offer gets a smile from Annie "yes thank you" she replied before sitting besides the Abyss watcher and he gave her a fruit to eat which she accepted.

"so why don't you introduce yourself" Ahri said yet to know who the girl is.

Annie stopped eating "oh right" she said and gave a small bow "my name is Annie, the Dark Child" she then raised her bear "and this is my friend Tibbers, say hi Tibbers" Annie moved Tibbers's arm making it look like his waving.

Ahri giggled and waved back thinking it was cute, Grey however was looking at Tibbers, he could feel something from it, almost like... A soul.

He dismissed that thought for now and waved back "well, it's a pleasure to meet you Annie, and you too Tibbers" he greeted "so you're a champion too, you have to be really strong".

Annie giggled hugging Tibbers "thank you".

"hey Grey, what did you call Annie" Lux asked referring to when he saw her power "you called her a Pyro..." she trailed off not knowing the rest.

"a Pyromancer" Grey finished Lux's sentence "Pyromancy is quite famous in my world, it was created by the Witch of Izelith and expanded afterwards".

"so there's more like me?" Annie asked hopefully.

"yes, so don't ever feel weird about yourself" Grey said already understanding what Annie was worried about.

"well I'd like to stay more but me and Lux have a match to attend" Garen said.

"yeah, I'm in the match too, sorry" Ezreal apologized.

"we're free actually" Ahri said "our schedule was empty".

"yeah, new champions don't get much right after they joined" Lux told them scratching her head and then perked up "hey, since you're new here, why don't we take you into town on a shopping trip after the match".

Ahri's interest was immediately peaked "a shopping trip? I'm in".

"that's very kind of you" Grey added and then looked at Annie "hey Annie, would you like to go to the garden with me?".

"really?" Annie then looked hesitant "but... Zyra said I can't go because of my powers".

"it's alright, Zyra told me I can come back as long as I don't harm her children" Grey assured her which immediately brightened her mood, Grey then noticed Ezreal, Garen and Lux giving him a look of disbelief "what?".

"Zyra said you can come back?" Ezreal asked to make sure since Zyra doesn't usually let anyone into the garden, Grey nodded in response "what did you exactly do?".

Grey shrugged "I just complemented her garden".

"and then gave her flowers" Ahri added, she was still a little annoyed about it.

"those must have been really pretty flowers because she doesn't let anyone go to her garden" Lux pointed out.

Grey shrugged again before looking back at Annie "so do you wanna go?" he asked again and Annie nodded, he then turned to Ahri "do you want to join us?".

Ahri shook her head "no, I think I'll stay and see the match" she replied and thought to herself 'plus I really don't want Zyra to use me as food for her children'.

Grey nodded "alright" he then looked at Annie and took off his metal hat, he put it on the little girl's head and then lifted her over his shoulder.

Annie couldn't stop laughing as Grey stood up and started walking to the garden with her on his shoulder.

"you know, I don't think I've ever seen Annie smile so much" Lux pointed out when those two left.

Ahri looked at where Grey and Annie left before smiling "I guess Grey is one of a kind, huh".

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