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 Third POV:

Ahri and Grey were in the dining hall watching the match so they could understand how it works, they saw it was made of two teams, and the goal was to destroy the crystal in the enemy base.

They saw how good Shen, Akali and Kennen were In teamwork and protecting their allies.

The match ended with Ionia's victory "so that's a match" Grey said before looking at Ahri "well it's over, so what do you want to do now?".

Ahri thought for a second "oh, Akali mentioned a garden, I wanna see it" she said and Grey nodded.

They got up and exited the dining hall, Grey saw a summoner and walked up to them "excuse me, we're looking for the garden" he said.

The summoner tensed slightly "oh, the garden" they replied and shakily pointed backwards "keep going down the hallway, it's the big green door".

"thank you" Grey nodded, he went back to Ahri and they continued their way.

They reached the big gates the summoner was talking about and they got in.

They were amazed by the garden, many kinds of plants and life was around, even the walls had roots in them and in the middle was a pond full of water.

Ahri walked in looking around "it's... Beautiful" she said as birds started flying around.

"yeah" Grey nodded "I've never seen so much life before, my foster father had a garden but it was only full of roses".

Ahri looked down and saw a white flower, she knelt down and was about to pick it up, but right when she touched it, spiky roots immediately surrounded her pointing at her.

Ahri yelped and froze stiff, her voice drew Grey's attention, he grabbed his sword and was about to help her but someone spoke "you should know that I don't take kindly to those who try to take my children".

Grey and Ahri looked and saw a woman with long red hair, yellow eyes, clothes made of leaves and was apparently part plant looking at them.

The woman glared at Ahri "now take your hands off" she said and Ahri slowly pulled her hands back leaving the flower alone and the roots went away "who are you? I've never seen you before".

"we're new champions" Grey said while Ahri stood up and got beside him.

"and what are you doing here?" she asked.

"we just came to see the garden" Ahri replied.

"will this is my garden" the woman told them "I am Zyra, the rise of thorns".

"I'm Ahri, the Nine-tailed Fox" Ahri introduced herself.

"I'm Grey Ashnex, but my champion name is Abyss Watchers, Farron's Undead Legion" Grey said and then looked over the garden again "I have to say, your garden is very beautiful".

"yes I know, I don't need human flattery" Zyra replied in a bored tone.

'what's her problem' Ahri thought to herself even if Grey didn't seem to mind what Zyra said.

Zyra had heard about new champions being around, she also heard that the Abyss Watchers come from another world, but to her people are all the same, other worlds or not, they all wanted to hurt her children.

The fox couldn't be trusted in Zyra's opinion, but it was the Abyss watcher that caught her interest.

The soil under him felt... Warm, he was like a gentle flame that warmed her children without actually harming them, but something was bothering her so she voiced it out "excuse me, but why do you cover your face?" Zyra asked.

"what?" Grey looked at her in confusion.

"your covering your face again Grey" Ahri pointed out.

"oh sorry, it's a habit" he said before bringing down the collar of his shirt, Zyra had to admit that compared to the other human males he was better looking than most "anyway, sorry to intrude you, we'll leave to not disturb your children".

Grey and Ahri turned around and was about to leave but Grey suddenly stopped.

"oh right!" he said, Ahri was about to ask but Grey turned around and walked up to Zyra, he pulled out a small amount of purple flowers and gave them to her "here".

Zyra was confused for both what Grey did, and for the fact she didn't know what the flowers were "I... Never saw these before" she said, usually she would recognize any plant but not these.

"that's because their from my world" Grey told her making her realize why she didn't know them "their called purple moss, they help us cure poison but since I'm not in the swamps of Farron keep I don't need them, I don't want them to rot so I think giving them to you is better".

Zyra was dumbfounded, it was rare to see someone truly care about plants like that, she then took them and smiled "thank you... Grey, right?" she asked and Grey nodded "you can come back to the garden if you want" she then narrowed her eyes "as long as you don't harm my children" she threatened.

Grey nodded "thank you" he said before turning around and walking out of the garden, once he was out he found Ahri with her arms crossed scowling at him "what?" he asked.

"you never gave me any flowers" she replied.

"like I said, we use them to cure poison" Grey repeated "and during our travels you weren't poisoned".

Ahri huffed and looked away "still a lady would like flowers no matter what".

Grey sighed "alright, I'll get you flowers when I can".

Ahri smirked in victory "thank you" she said before they started walking towards the dining hall.

They were about to go through the entrance when they heard someone "hey... Hey wait?".

Ahri and Grey turned around and saw someone running to them, the person stopped and held his knees breathing heavily.

It was a young man with messy blonde hair, he had brown traveling clothes, a weird gauntlet on his left hand and blue marks on his face.

"uhmm... Can we help you?" Grey asked looking at the young man.

"yes... Just a second" he replied before getting his breath back and stood straight looking at them "I saw you in the dining hall earlier and I couldn't get you off my mind so I just had to meet you".

Grey raised an eyebrow while Ahri smirked "wow, I already have fans" she said smugly and started looking at her nails "sorry, but I'm not looking for a relationship".

Both Grey and the young man looked at her in slight confusion "uhmm... actually, I was talking about him" the young man said pointing at Grey.

Ahri's eyes widen and Grey snickered but a glare from her immediately silenced his laughter "why are you so popular?" she asked.

Grey shrugged "maybe the duel".

"great duel by the way" the young man said.

"thank you" Grey said "now you said you wanted to meet me?".

"oh yeah but let me introduce myself first" he replied raising his hand "I'm Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer".

Grey accepted the handshake "I'm Grey Ashnex, and this is Ahri" he introduced himself and Ahri who just waved her hand a bored expression on her because of what happened earlier.

Ezreal pulled back his hand "anyway, I heard you come from a different world and I want to see if you can tell me about it" Grey raised an eyebrow at the request "don't get me wrong, Runeterra is great and all, but the thought of a new world is way too exciting to pass on".

Grey thought for a moment then nodded "alright, but only if you tell me about this world, Ahri told me a little bit but I want to know more".

"thanks for the boost of confidence" Ahri said sarcastically and Grey rolled his eyes.

"you got a deal" Ezreal said before they all entered the dining hall.

They picked up some food and found a table to sit in where Ezreal and Grey started talking.

Grey started telling Ezreal about his world, he was especially interested when Grey mentioned giants and wanted to learn about them.

When Grey was done, Ezreal started telling him about Runeterra and a little about the nations.

Ezreal was just done telling Grey about the Void "so this Void seeks chaos?" Grey asked.

"that's right" Ezreal nodded "we don't know much about it but there are a few champions from it".

"that sounds bad, but thankfully it's not like the Abyss" Grey replied.

"you mentioned the Abyss before" Ezreal said remembering when Grey talked about his world "why do you think it's worse than the Void?".

Grey sighed "the Abyss doesn't want chaos, it wants to consume and corrupt everything, many people with pure hearts were taken by the Abyss and turned into monsters of absolute horror".

Ezreal shuddered "wow that is bad, but how are you supposed to fight it when no one seemed to survive it?" he asked.

"that's because the person we Abyss Watchers idolize is the only person to walk through it and survive" Grey replied "his name is Artorias, Artorias the Abysswalker".

Ahri's eyes went wide and she immediately spat out the drink she was having recognizing the name.

Grey immediately puts his hand on her back while she coughed "are you alright?" he asked.

"yeah" Ahri said and stopped coughing "I just... Drank too fast" she lied which to her relief Grey bought.

Grey turned back to Ezreal "so tell me about Artorias" Ezreal said but Ahri was paying attention this time.

"he was a legend" Grey replied "according to legend, he was the only one who traversed through the dark Abyss and slay the wretched Dark Wraiths, he was declared the first Abyss Watcher, we took his legacy and the undead Legion was born after that" he explained.

Grey and Ezreal kept talking while Ahri thought about that dream, she put it in the back of her mind for now.

She couldn't help but smile, both her and Grey managed to get here and join, Ahri started thinking about what kind of life she would have here... With Grey.

'wait...' she thought to herself 'since when do I think of Grey like that?'.

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