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 Third POV:

The high summoners watched as Grey fell motionless on the ground "well, it appears the match is over" said the Noxian summoner.

The other summoners thought the same until the Grand Summoner spoke "the match is yet to be decided".

The other summoners looked at him "what do you mean?" asked the Demacian summoner, in response the Grand Summoner simply motioned to the orb showing the match.

They looked and nothing seemed off until they noticed something "why is the match still going?" asked the Ionian summoner noticing the problem "I thought we made it so that if either of them were to perish or surrender then they would both respawn outside the Rift completely healed".

"as I said, the match is yet to be decided" the Grand Summoner repeated, the other summoners decided to listen to him and looked into the match.

Grey POV:

I groaned opening my eyes, the last thing I remember is Zed stabbing me, I got up and found myself... In the Abyss Watchers temple?

"what am I doing here?" I said looking around.

"you're here because we called you" someone said and I turned around to find... The Abyss Watchers... All of them.

"you're... Here" I said "does that mean I'm finally dead for good".

"no" an Abyss Watcher shook his head "but you are close".

"oh" I then looked down at the ground "you must hate me for what I've done to you" I honestly wouldn't be surprised if that was the case.

"no we don't" an Abyss watcher said making me look at them in slight shock "in fact, we're here to thank you".

"the curse of the Abyss is quite cruel" continued another Abyss Watcher "when it got to us, we feared we'd never be freed, but you came and freed us".

"so we're here to thank you" finished another Abyss Watcher but then looked down slightly "and also... To ask for forgiveness".

I tilted my head getting confused "forgiveness for what?".

They looked between each other and I can see guilt in their eyes "Grey, before you left... We Abyss Watchers were chosen to become the next Lord Of Cinder and link the fire".

Wait, what? I never heard of anything like that "what are you talking about? If we were chosen then why wasn't I informed?" I questioned.

"the price of lordship is too great" an Abyss Watcher said.

"I would have gladly taken it" I replied.

"which is why we didn't tell you" another one said "we wanted you to live on".

"you were always worthy to be an Abyss watcher, even more than most of us" another one said "in fact, we at times saw Artorias the Wolf knight in you, you both had a certain balance about yourselves".

"so we ask for your forgiveness" another one finished as they all looked down.

I couldn't stay mad even if I wanted to "it's alright, I hold no grudge nor hatred towards you".

The Abyss Watchers looked up to me "thank you, now we believe that you have a match to attend" one of them said.

I tensed "but... I lost, I wasn't strong enough" I replied.

"so you give up" another one said which made me start thinking.

Zed is strong, and his clones are a problem, can I beat him... Like I promised to... Ahri, I promised to join as well and I plan on keeping my promise.

"I can't surrender" I said looking up at them "I have a promise to keep, but I need power".

"power that you already have" an Abyss Watcher said "when we were chosen, all Abyss Watchers became a lord of Cinder, which means you are a Lord yourself".

"I'm... A Lord of Cinder" to say I was shocked would be an understatement, being a lord was an honor above all else, but I'll worry about that later "how can I use the power of a lord".

"you simply needed to know about it" an Abyss Watcher said "but you won't be alone".

"we Abyss Watchers are comrades, even after death" another Abyss Watcher said "so go on, fulfill your promise".

Fire then appeared and started covering the surroundings, I knew I wasn't in danger so I just closed my eyes and let the fire cover me.

Third POV:

"I thought this would happen" Kennen sighed heavily at what happened in the match.

"no..." Ahri mumbled as she shook her head "he can't be dead, he just can't... He... He... ".

"Ahri" Akali addressed but Ahri's breath became shaky "Ahri calm down, you're going to have a panic attack" she said grabbing Ahri's shoulder and shaking her.

Back at the coliseum, Zed was looking at Grey's body, he wasn't bad, the Abyss Watcher was able to keep up with Zed's speed which is something not many could do, but he didn't know about Zed's ability to switch with his clones which was a fatal mistake.

Zed huffed and turned around to walk away, but he then stopped as a sound was heard, it was a wolf's howling.

Ahri manged to calm down and everyone's attention was brought to the match as the sound kept going.

Zed turned around looking at Grey... And was shocked to see blood start flowing from the ground.

The blood was surrounded by a few sparks of fire, it started floating towards Grey and vanished in him.

Grey's sword then caught fire, he started standing up and coiled his sword in the ground for support, once he was on his feet, he pulled out his sword and took a stance.

Zed took a step back shocked at what happened "how?" he asked.

Grey didn't answer, he instead stabbed his sword in the ground and dashed to Zed dragging his sword with him.

Zed managed to jump over The sword but then the trail the sword left on the ground exploded in fire striking him.

Grey pulled out his sword, he anchored his knife in the ground and swung at Zed who jumped back slightly away from the sword.

The sword didn't hit Zed but then an explosion of fire trailed behind Grey's sword hitting Zed.

Grey jumped in the air swinging down his sword but Zed jumped away, he stood up and summoned another clone.

Grey reeled back his sword and thrust it in the direction of the clone, fire shot from the tip destroying the clone.

He then charged at the real Zed swinging his sword and knife, Zed dodged making sure he didn't get caught in the fire explosion this time.

But Zed didn't expect Grey to quickly anchor his knife on the ground and use it to change the direction of his sword.

Grey landed a strike on Zed's chest and the explosion of fire added the damage, he pulled out his knife and jumped swinging his sword downwards.

He landed a clear hit with a big explosion and Zed was sent flying, Zed's body fell on the ground smoking and then vanished in a flash of light.

"the match is over" the announcer said "winner, Grey Ashnex".

All fell silent, it was the Grand Summoner who spoke first "you have won, you shall take the judgment like your friend".

Grey nodded and he's body then vanished in a flash of light, he found himself back at the dining hall with everyone looking at him.

He felt the flames in himself and the sword die down, Grey then saw Ahri running up to him.

Grey put his weapons away to greet Ahri... Only for her to slap him directly in the face.

He was almost knocked off his feet, Grey looked back to see Ahri's face full of tears "ow, what did I do-".

Ahri cut him off by slapping him again "you big JERK! You almost scared me to death" she yelled.

Grey groaned and stood straight "look I'm sorry for-" he was cut off again but not by a slap, by a hug.

Ahri jumped and wrapped her arms around his neck hugging him tightly "I thought I lost you" she sniffed over his shoulder.

Grey hugged her back and waited for a few seconds until she calmed down and pulled away "look, I'm sorry, let's sit down and I'll tell you what happened OK?".

Ahri nodded and they went to the table where Shen, Akali and Kennen were sitting.

"that was quite the match" Akali said.

"I have to admit it's good to see Zed beaten up like that" Kennen chuckled "but how did you do it?".

Ahri crossed her arms and glared at Grey "yeah, I'm also expecting an explanation".

"well, how do I put this" Grey sighed "in my world, there's something called the age of fire, and if the age of fire ends the age or dark will begin, an age of no light where only darkness exists, to make sure the age of fire lasts, someone is chosen to link the flames and keep it going, that person is called a Lord Of Cinder, they can either link the fire or plunge the world into darkness".

"so this Lord of Cinder decides the fate of your world" Akali summed up and Grey nodded "but what does this have to do with what happened in the match?".

"because the Abyss watchers were chosen to be the next Lord of Cinder" Grey said and started to explain his story and what happened during the match.

"so... You killed all of them?" asked Kennen and Grey nodded.

"I believe you did the right thing" Shen said "if you left them corrupted, they would have suffered".

"thank you" Grey nodded and then felt someone tapping his shoulder, he looked and saw Kayle "is it time?".

Kayle nodded "yes, follow me" she replied and Grey stood up.

He started following Kayle who was leading him to the high summoners and Ahri was looking at him in worry.

Grey reached the high summoners and stood in front of them "you won, now it's time for your judgment" the Noxian summoner said.

Grey nodded and the high summoners started waving their hands, his body then was covered in light.

Inside the judgment:

The scene changed, Grey was know seeing himself fighting an Abyss watcher before cutting them down with his sword "again..." a voice said.

Grey was now fighting another Abyss watcher, he slit his throat and stabbed him with his sword "again..." the same voice rang out.

Another Abyss watcher, and Grey killed him "again" another one "again" and another "again, again, again, again and again" the same voice kept repeating and Grey kept seeing himself killing Abyss watchers, the voice then chuckled "there you go, it never gets easier does it? Nothing can scar a warrior's spirit like cutting down his own comrades, the men you felt cold and warmth with, the men that you shared both your successes and your failures".

"did I... Fall into the Abyss?" Grey said as he kept watching himself killing Abyss watchers.

"you Abyss Watchers and your brotherhood never fail to amaze me" the voice spoke again "what comradery is there, suffering with men whose names you can't even remember".

"there is one name we remember" Grey replied "Artorias the wolf knight".

"but the truth is, your wolf knight, your brave warrior that you emulated yourselves after, was nothing but a failure" the voice said.

"the truth was hard to hear, it almost broke us" Grey replied "but we realized something very important, if Artorias fell to the Abyss, where is he know?" he asked "I'm here, yet he's not, which means nothing will ever stay in the Abyss".

"childish delusions!" the voice roared "Artorias was remembered through the ages as a legend, you Abyss Watchers are nothing but pretenders playing dress up, mere mortals living in the shadow of a false idol, who will remember to come save nameless warriors?" it asked.

"perhaps another warrior with no name" Grey replied "who knows?... Maybe even an unkindled".

"this is lunacy!" the Voice yelled.

"that only a mortal can know" Grey said "gods have no hourglasses, their time is not fleeting, but we will rais the inevitable truth, that the end will always come, so go on, we Abyss watchers stand ready, say what you're going to say".

The voice stayed quiet for a few seconds before speaking "... Again".

Outside the judgment:

Grey fell on one knee and heavily breathing, he shook his head and looked up at the high summoners.

"you have passed" the Ionian summoner said "your title shall be-" he stopped when the Grand Summoner raised his hand.

The Grand Summoner put down his hand "you shall be known as, Abyss Watchers, Farron's Undead Legion".

The high summoners were confused, this was the first time a champion was referred to as a multiple but Grey knew why.

"thank you" Grey nodded "may I leave now?" he asked, The Grand Summoner nodded and Grey turned around and left through the gates.

Grey found Ahri sitting on one of the chairs near the door, she stood up when she saw him "so?" she asked.

Grey nodded with a smile which Ahri returned, they started walking through the hallway back to the dining hall.

"Grey" Ahri said stopping and said man looked at her, she smiled "thanks, for keeping your promise".

Grey smiled "don't worry about it".

She then frowned and crossed her arms "I'm still mad at you for scaring me".

Grey sighed and raised his hands "OK, what do you want me to do to make it up to you?" he asked.

Ahri thought for a few seconds and then a mischievous smile that sent chills down Grey's spine appeared on her lips "oh I can think of something, but that's for later, Akali said they have a match and I want to watch it" she said as she started walking again.

Grey followed her but in the back of his mind was worried about what Ahri had for him.

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