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 Third POV:

In a forest lies the leftover of a battle, many dead bodies are scattered around the ground but one.

He was a man with robes resting on a cliff, and even if he survived the battle he was now taking his last breaths.

Then, a unique fox appears from the forest, it had white fur with nine flowing tails and golden eyes.

The fox walked up to the man out of curiosity, but then something happened.

The man died, and a glowing orb leaves his body, the fox was drawn to the orb, when it got closer the orb was then absorbed into the fox.

Light covered the fox, after a few seconds the light died down and in the fox's place was a beautiful woman.

She had long black hair that reached her waist with fox ears on top of her head, a beautiful figure with nine flowing white tails and a few marks resembling whiskers on her face.

She groaned and shook her head "urghh... what happened?" She said but then gasped and covered her mouth with her hands.

She removed her hands and saw that she didn't have paws but fingers, she checked the rest of her body and saw that besides her ears and tails her body completely transformed.

"I'm... human?" She said and then immediately jumped in joy "I'm human!" She yelled in celebration.

She stopped as she felt a sudden breeze, she realized two things, one is that she had knowledge she didn't have before, two is that she was naked.

"Well" She said as she looked around at the bodies around her "since I'm human now, I think I should get some clothes".

After a few minutes of... unsettling search for clothing, she managed to find what's called a red kimono.

It left her shoulders bare and had disconnected sleeves, it reached right above her knees and was slightly revealing.

She adjusted her clothes clothes and a few other things she managed to find "good, now what to-".

She was stopped by a loud booming sound that made her cover her ears, she looked up and saw a swirling hole of darkness in the sky.

She saw a screaming figure fall from the hole, the figure was going to fall near her so she jumped back near the forest and hid in the bushes.

The figure hit the ground with a loud smack and sent dust everywhere, when the dust cleared up, the woman peaked out of the bushes and saw someone in a small crater.

She came out and got closer to look at them "No one can survive that" She thought to herself.

Her thoughts were proven wrong when she heard groaning "ow" the figure said, as they started moving around.

They turned around and went on all four, she saw them search for something and then pull out a glass bottle of yellow slightly glowing liquid.

They took a drink from the bottle and their body glowed golden for a second.

The woman was shocked and took a step back while one thought was on her mind "who in all of Runeterra is that?".

??? POV:

As I fell through the darkness and left it, I felt my body aimlessly fall through the air.

My body collided with the ground really hard, I felt pain before but this time is definitely one of the top ten.

I started groaning in pain as I noticed someone approach but they stopped a little away from me.

Seeing as they didn't attack me, I flipped on all four and started searching my pocket for my Estus Flask hoping it didn't break in the fall.

I found my Estus Flask undamaged "Oh thank the old wolf of Farron" I thought before taking it and having a drink.

After my wounds are healed, I stand up and take a look around me, I was in the leftover of a battle.

I then took a look at the person in front of me, it was a woman, and if I'm honest a beautiful one, she was wearing red clothing and on her head were a pair of... "Are those fox ears?" I asked myself.

Third POV:

As the woman and the figure stood in front of each other, the woman took a defensive stance incase they were hostile, she also got a good look at them.

It was a tall man, he was wearing dark clothing, a long dark red cape that covered his face, a pointy metal hat, armor on his left shoulder and hand only, he had a great sword strapped to his back and a brutal knife on his waist, all in all, he didn't look friendly.

Their eyes met and silence struck, neither said a thing as the woman looked into his eyes probably the only part of his face that wasn't covered.

The man then cleared his throat "so... do you mind telling me where I am young lady?".

His voice was kind but she stayed on the defensive "you're in Ionia" She answered.

The man tilted his head "Uhmm... where? I never heard of that place before".

She looked confused and another thought appeared on her head so she asked "Runeterra?".

The man shook his head "I have never heard of that place either".

She relaxed her stance sensing actual curiosity from him "where are you from?" She asked.

"I come from Farron keep" he answered speaking like she should know what he's talking about.

"I never heard of that place before?" She replied.

This time, he looked confused "what are you talking about? Everyone heard about it".

"Look, I have knowledge that isn't mine but I can tell you that there's no place here called Farron keep" the woman said in her defense.

There was a hint of fear in the man after she said that but he needed to confirm it "Lothric? Anor londor?" He asked.

The woman shook her head which made his heart drop, he then hoped something good came out of this.

"The Dark Abyss?" He asked again.

The woman shook her head again "never heard of it".

She saw him sigh in relief, like he just confirmed that an enemy wasn't around.

"So who are you?" She asked, then she pointed at the sky "and where did that hole come from?".

"My name is Grey Ashnex" the man introduced himself while looking around "and apparently..." he then looked at the woman "I'm from another world".

(A/N: thank you for reading this, I hope you enjoy it, I decided to rewrite my story because the thought that I can make it better haunts me, I followed the advice of a friend and decided to also add new events and a couple of plot twists, if you think I should stop then please tell me).