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Jasmine's health improved a lot and they spent the day watching children's movies. Emily called the orphanage to inform them that Jasmine will be staying at her house for one more night. Tomorrow, before her shift starts, she will be dropping her off at the Learning Hall where the kids spend most of their mornings.

Before the day ended, Emily held out a tiny gift box to Jasmine.

The child looked very confused as she took it from Emily's hand and inspected it. After a few more moments, Jasmine finally gave up and asked Emily what the box was for. "Is a small chocolate inside?"

The tears that were starting to well up in Emily's eyes seemed to have climbed back to her tear ducts upon hearing Jasmine's words. She laughed a little then answered, "Maybe. Why don't you open it?"

The little girl removed the lid of the box and saw a small clear cork bottle attached to a necklace. Inside was a piece of red cloth of sorts. Emily then took the small bottle from Jasmine's hands and removed the cork. She poured the contents to her hand and revealed a rolled up red silk wristband.

Jasmine continued to observe Emily, the look of confusion still in her eyes. Emily then unrolled the wristband and handed it to the little girl.

"It says, Jasmine. That's me!"

"Yes, darling. Indeed." Emily was not able to resist her tears and hugged Jasmine in her arms. She continued to cry, her body shaking. The little girl didn't understand what was happening, nor why she suddenly burst into tears. But she didn't hear her complain. Instead, she felt her little arms trying to stroke her back, calming her.

She felt a little ashamed being consoled by a kid, but she brushed that thought away. What she needed to do now was to let the kid know of how her parents loved her. Every detail she knew of, she told Jasmine in a way she'd understand.

It was almost midnight but little Jasmine is still wide awake, listening to every bit of detail that Emily has told her. Their little heart to heart session took a lot of their strength, and Emily was hoping that Jasmine will have a good night's sleep tonight.

A few more moments and the kid was finally put to sleep. Emily remembered the look in Jasmine's eyes yesterday and a chill suddenly rose up her spine, but she completely forgot all that thought when she saw Jasmine looking too cute in her pajamas decorated with chocolates. It was a gift from her.

She lay down beside her and looked at her features, like she was carving a memory of her in her head. Her heart felt even heavier now. Like how it would burst like a balloon popped by a needle.

Deep in her heart, she only wants what's best for her. Even if that means she's not going to be a part of her life anymore. Her act of sacrifice is a small amount to pay for her little baby's future.

Streams of endless thoughts keep flowing into her mind.

Tomorrow, Jasmine will no longer be her little Jasmine.

She wouldn't have those petty arguments with the bully kids in her classes. She will be surrounded by playmates who will adore her.

She wouldn't be eating as much chocolates as she does the previous weeks, but she certainly will be able to eat healthier and more delicious foods.

She wouldn't be able to hug her like she used to. But she will most certainly be surrounded by the people capable of providing for her.

The chocolate decorated pajamas will only last for at most three years before she outgrows them. Hopefully, she will still be allowed to wear them and not mistake it for some rags.

"It's for you, my little darling. You will be alright." She whispered sofltly to her. And repeatedly, she reminds herself of the same words, trying to convince herself that she too will be alright.

She cradled her tiny body in her arms and cried silently until she fell asleep. Maybe she can bargain with Stephen for one more day. She thought as she finally drifted off to a dreamless night.

Tomorrow, she will be Jasmine Edinburgh, daughter of Sophia Blackwood of the Edinburgh family.