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 Skylar walked into Math and she found Lola already seated. She slid into her chair,

"What's up with you?"

"I just had a long chat with queen b."



"About what?" Lola asked a bit puzzled.

"Friday, when Reign and I left to go talk."

"Oh Shit! Does she know everything?"

"Not, really because I diverted the conversation."

"I don't get it."

"I said I was asking about Jessie, which insinuated that I like him."

"That's smooth" Lola added more, "But dangerous."

"To make matters worse, I was paired with Reign and Karly for the English assignment."

Lola laughed, "Well you have it rough my friend."

"Tell me about it. I could have taken anyone but them."

"I feel for you."

Skylar looked up and she saw Karly and her minions walking in, before they could pass, they're table she called out to her.


Karly stopped and turned to her, and so did her minions. "What is it new girl?"

Before she could answer her, Reign and Jessie came behind them, and they looked at their exchange weirdly.

Skylar carried on. "I wanted to ask what time and where are we meeting."

Karly snorted, "Wow you really are such a geek."

"We can meet directly after school, since we have no sports tomorrow and we can meet at my place."

"That's great."

"I have things that I have to do after school." Karly whined.

"Exactly." Beth added in.

"I second that." Vivian chimed in.

"You guys can meet up another time." Said Reign.

"Why do we have to do what new girl wants?" said Karly.

"I also want to start and get the assignment over and done with."

"Fine." Karly grudgingly accepted.

They all went to their table, and Skylar felt relieved.

"Well that's a first." Lola whispered.

"What is?"

"Reign took your side."

"No he didn't, he took the side of education."

The day went by and when school finished, she hugged Lola bye and waited for Reign and Karly. A few students passed by and finally Reign, and Jessie showed up. They came towards her,

"Wow you are early." Said Reign.

"I was waiting for you guys."

They talked some more with Jessie and after some more minutes,

"I hate to leave you guys, but I have to go."

Jessie stood in front of her and opened his arms. Skylar walked in and he embraced her. Then he pulled back.

"How come I don't get such hugs from you. After how many years of our precious relationship." Said Reign.

Jessie envelops him in a hug, and they all laugh.

"Are you happy now?" said Jessie.

"Yes, very much so." Reign replied.

When Jessie left, she turned to him, "Can you call Karly and ask her where she is."

Reign pulls out his phone and he dials her number, after a minute he turns to her. "She is not answering her phone. Let's go."

"Are we leaving her?"

"I know Karly, they went to this huge sale at the mall and besides she knows where I live."


Skylar follows Reign and they stop what she assumes is his car. It was a sports car, and a Mercedes Benz on top of that.

He unlocked the car, then he came around and opened the door for her.

"Thank you." As she got in.

"You are welcome." He closed her door and went around, and he got it.

"Sweet ride."

"You like it?"

"No, shit sherlock. I just said sweet ride."

Reign looked taken aback, "Well that's a side of you I rarely get to see."

"When have you ever seen this side of me?"

"When you are drunk." He smirked.

"Whatever, let's just go please."

The engine comes alive and she puts on her seat belt. They are on their way, she takes in their surroundings.

They arrive at a huge house, and she is amazed at the size of it. The car stops, and he turns it off. They both step out the car.

"Are your parents' home?"

"No. I highly doubt it. They are still at work."

Reign unlocks the door and he opens the door and ushers her to go in first. She takes in her surroundings and she is amazed at how expensive the house looks.

Reign leads them to the deck, where there is a table and some chairs. She seats down.

"Do you want something to drink?" he offers.

"Yes, please."

"What would you like?"

"Anything is fine by me."

Reign disappears and re-emerges a few minutes later with some drinks in his hands.

"Canned lemonade." as he hands her one.

She takes it, "Thank you."

He places his can on the table. "I am going to go and quickly change."


When Reign disappears again. Skylar takes the opportunity to take out her books and the assignment sheet.

After a couple of minutes Reign shows up again and she had to admit that he looked great even in casual clothes. She decided to look away so that she wouldn't be caught staring at him. He takes the seat that is directly next to hers.

"What are we doing?" he asked.

"First of all, where are your books?"

Reign opens her can and then gives it to her. Then he opens his and drinks out of it.

"I will share with you."

Skylar took a long sip from her drink. She opened her note book and ripped a piece of paper out and handed it to him, then she opened her stationary case and gave him a pen.

"Thank you." He smiles at her. "Let's begin."

Skylar takes the assignment, she planned on putting it between them so that they could both read. Before she can do that, Reign leans in. He was very close to her, and she could smell his scent. It was clouding her judgment.

She turned to him and saw that his face was very close to hers. The room became silent and all she could hear was her and his breathing. She looked up at him and saw that he was looking at her lips.