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 Leaving the library, she strolled down the street once again. But she narrowed her eyes when she felt she was being followed. As a retired soldier who had been on the front-lines, she has a keen perception to danger and the environment around her. Another thing is that her soul grew in response to her growth in mental energy. This increased her sensitivity and mental perception of her surroundings like a bubble.

She stepped into an alley as a two middle-aged men entered a minute later. They both wore trench coats with grey top hats on. Their eyes were covered by sunglasses, but it was clear that they were up to no good.

"Heh, who left their kid out on the streets?" asked the guy on the right, who looked her up and down with a lustful grin.

"Who knows? But I'm sure boss Lim would love to take her in," said the other guy who emitted a sinister aura.

They gradually closed in and surrounded her with greed in their eyes.

"Come here little girl~."

"It's alright, we'll take you back to your mommy~."

Xinyue couldn't help but feel disgust from their behavior. Fuck! You dare mess with me?! I need to burn some stress! She angrily thought to herself as a bright, bubbly smile appeared on her face, stunning the two guys for a second. Although her face is average, it's undeniably adorable since she's still very young.

A second was way more than enough, and her ability activated. The two were launched backwards at high speeds. They collided against the wall and the sound of broken bones reverberated throughout the alley. Their glasses fell off, revealing two scarred sinister faces.

Just as they tried to yelp in pain, their voice box stopped working for an unknown reason as invisible hands constricted their neck. Their bodies refused to move no matter how hard they tried to exert their muscles.

Both of them trembled from the pain, trying to process what happened. Xinyue appeared in front of them with the jagged knife in her hand. Both of them shivered when they saw the horrifying jagged edges that can shred organs.

"Kuh! You-" said the guy, trying to resist. But an unknown pressure pressed them against the ground, severely limiting their movement. They struggled to breathe as their necks were further constricted. The bright and gentle smile on her face seemingly looked evil.

Even though she was a gentle woman in the past and just wanted to be a math teacher, she inevitably changed after entering the military. The countless guys that tried to hit on her and the military stress led her to be a ruthless person who vented her anger on anybody of the same rank through physical beatings which became a very satisfying feeling to her. She earned herself a reputation as a terrifying sadistic woman who will beat anybody that messes with her.

She'll be a peaceful person as long as you're nice and give her respect. But it could be said the opposite if you piss her off, very much so if she's been accumulating stress or is in a bad mood.

"Fuck! Who the hell you two think you two are?! Huh?!" she yelled as she proceeded to ruthlessly beat them up. Bruises formed on the body and they trembled in pain repeatedly, especially when she hit the broken bones. Their faces turned between white, green, and red from pain, anger, and suffocation, but their voices were shut and their body's couldn't move. Then she furiously stabbed the jagged knife into their calves. They tried to scream in pain but their voices were shut. She proceeded to yank it out, as pieces of flesh and muscles were pulled as well. Their faces turned ashen with terror before fainting.

The homeless people that were the alley quickly made distance in fear seeing the gruesome scene. Even the ones that had bad intentions towards her sighed in relief that they didn't offend this monster.

Xinyue continued for thirty minutes before she was panting in exhaustion. Her fists were red, swollen, and in pain. Her body was covered in sweat but she had a satisfied expression after venting all her accumulated stress. The two guys however were in a pool of blood and every part of their body was bruised beyond bruised.

"Hah, hah, hah, serves you right."

She continued to pant before wolfing down the milk and bread. Her red face slowly returned to normal as she left the area.

Xinyue left with a refreshed feeling flowing through her mind, like all the stress had been expelled. The would suddenly became more colorful and non-monochrome. But a small portion of her mental energy was exhausted and her body was still aching. She quickly observed her surroundings before leaving the area despite knowing that she was being spied on.

After some time passed, she quickly entered another back alley before resting with a group of homeless people. Most of them were sleeping soundly while others were holding hats out for money.

After sitting down, the ones awake greedily glared at her body, but none dared to make a move out of fear of being surrounded. An unknown force pressured them and their heated bodies felt like cold water was splashed on them. Seeing that it was coming from the child, some refused to believe it and attempted to get up before falling down again.

The pressure suddenly vanished and they glanced fearfully at her for a while, making a little distance. The others that never harbored any intentions were confused at the current situation since they weren't affected by the pressure.

Xinyue sneered and closed her eyes while resting against the wall. It's an easy task to apply pressure on them at the cost of a little mental energy. It's a good use to deter and subdue enemies. She even took out the bloody jagged knife which made the homeless shudder.

After twenty minutes of resting, her body and mind had calmed down. However, three guys ran in and searched the area. When they spotted her, they had angry faces as they carried knives.

"That's her!"

"You dare injure our men?!"

"Let's capture her!"

Xinyue simply sneered and waved her finger at them, further enraging them. They yelled and charged forward with great momentum. However, their bodies trembled before falling to the ground as flat as a pancake. Xinyue walked over indifferently and raised the jagged knife. They all trembled and tried to scream, but nothing came out. She mercilessly stabbed it into their backs before yanking it out with force. Flesh, blood, and muscle came out with it, causing their faces to whiten as much as paper. She repeated this several times before they passed out in their own blood on the verge of death.


The homeless people backed away fearfully, staring at this demon in sheep skin. Xinyue wiped the blood off on their clothes before leaving the alleyway. Although she was still being observed, people weren't following her tracks anymore.