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 " So, let me get this straight, your not the beautiful girl that I saw before? " Ookurikara was currently questioning Jaune or 'John'.

It was strange and yet 'cute' when 'Joan'/'Jeanne' blushed and nod shyly, so Ookurikara tried to distract himself from her by thinking of which name he should call her.

" Do you remember anything that could have caused this? " Ookurikara asked while also asking his system if there was a cure.

" Um, well, I found this bottle and it smelled really good, and I thought it was like a reward for me....then I drank it " Jaune/Jeanne replied shyly, and that was when the system replied that curing the effects was imposible.

It caused Ookurikara to have cold sweat at the fear of what would've happened if he drank the potion, he hoped his gamer's body would have nullified the effects, but he wasn't too sure.

Taking a deep breath in, and a deep breath out, " Jaune, or I guess Jeanne now, there's a good news, and a bad news ".

Jeanne felt fear at the words he had just said, " I want the good news first " She wanted to prepare herself for the bad news.

" Jeanne, the potion made you faster, react better, and helped you basically. Ookurikara prepared to give her the bad news, while Jeanne closed her eyes.

" You'll most likely remain a girl for the rest of your life " He said it quikly, but Jeanne heard every bit of it and that was when his system showed him the effects of the potion.

[Heroine's Potion: Contains everything needed to become a true Heroine! +5 Agility, +7 Dexterity +3 Intelligence, +5 Luck, -1 Constitution, -3 Strength]


45 days before Beacon.

" Jeanne, talk to me " Ookurikara tried to persuade her into talking to him again, but she just wouldn't talk to him after yesterday.

" Jeanne, it wasn't my fault, and I said I'm sorry " He didn't know what to do, he just didn't like the silent treatment.

" Sigh* Just get ready for the customers " Ookurikara had given Jeanne some more things to do because she finsihed them earlier then before, and it had to do with things below the basement.


40 days before Beacon.


Ookurikara was fighting a large kraken with only his magic, " Rasengan! " His large rasengan he had recreated with magic cut the scales off the kraken, and made it bleed.

Until one of it's tentacles swung at him, to which he used as a platform to jump above the kraken and launch ice spears into it's eyes.


Ookurikara didn't relent, and sent his magic into the sky and swirling it into a storm. ' I always wanted to try this ' He then sent large amount of his aura into the swirling mass of doom.

Using [Teleport VI] he travelled about 28 miles away, and released it. " Heaven's Wrath " He released his attack with a smirk, and the swirling vortex above released light down below, annihilating everything below. (For reference look up angels vs the Darkness in Supernatural)

[Level Up! Level Up! Level Up! Level Up! Le...]

The long stream of notification flowed into him and he was quite delighted at the increases in his stats, ' I never knew that it would take me two days and a half to kill a kraken, I would've thought it would've taken longer! ' He was really fortunate to have Heaven's Wrath, because the kraken had a healing factor that made it near imposible for even someone above his level to accomplish.

" I.D Escape " And he went off into his own world.


38 days before Beacon.

Jeanne's legs were shaking, and her thighs had begun to get sore from Ookurikara's powerful thrusts. " Faster! I can handle it! " She yelled to him, and to which he responded with faster and stronger thrusts.

She barely handled the quick thrusts, but Ookurikara suddenly called out, " I'm coming! " Jeanne wasn't ready and finally lost control, and her legs gave up.

Ookurikara walked toward her and gave her a hand, Jeanne grabbed his hand and leveraged herself up.

" Your doing better at least, I remember you falling on your butt on the first day from just a single tap. " Ookurikara remembered his first time training her when she was still a boy, and she honestly was terrible, even beginners would've most likely been better or equal to when she first started.

Now, she had improved enough to last against several of his strikes, it was a large improvement even without him going all out.

" Yeah, but I don't know if I can compare to the other huntresses " Jeanne said truthfully, she had finally seen the strength that they held and...she wasn't sure if she could compare to them.

Ookurikara frowned at her lack of confidence, and decided to boost her confidence up. " I don't know if you know this, but I've faced grimm that huntresses in training have with difficulties, and I've beaten them in less strikes then you've managed to block ".

Hearing what he said, Jeanne felt a bit more confident now.


(Did you expect something? (😏)


32 days before Beacon.

" Ah! I forgot! " Ookurikara didn't know what she could've forgotten that made her so distressed and asked, " What did you forget? "

" I forgot to make my transcripts for Beacon " She replied urgently, while Ookurikara thought about it calmly. " You don't need to worry about that, I'll handle it. " Jeanne looked back at him in shock and asked, " You will? ".

" Yeah, so don't fuss over it " Suddenly, he was tackled by Jeanne in a hug, and he was stunned by the sudden move by the girl.

Realising what she had done, Jeanne immediately let go with a blush and ran away while hiding her face.

Ookurikara just stood there shocked, and that was when gamer's mind calmed him down.


31 days before Beacon.

Ookurikara was making his way to Junior's club, famous in the underground workings as something for dealings, information, both illegal and legal. He, of course got the information of it's location from the system, and now he was gonna make some deals

Yeah, Jeanne had already told him about her failure, and how she was gonna fake her transcripts yesterday after she had spoken out on accident.

The first thing he heard and saw right when he entered the club, was the loud music and a bunch of people dancing, standing beside the walls, etc. Walking past some people, he made his way to where he remembered Junior to be.

" Your Junior? " Ookurikara said to the gruff looking bartender.

He turned to him, " Yeah, you one of them whitefang? " He said with a somewhat gruff, yet smooth tone.

Ookurikara shook his head, " No, but I want one of your services ". Junior raised his eyebrow, " What do you want? Because I'm curious " He said while putting his arm on the wood.

" I want you to create a fake transcript for someone, and I want it done quick " Ookurikara answered calmly, and with a firm tone in his voice.

Junior stared into his eyes behind the mask and relented, " Fine, but that's 18,650 lien from you, and I'll try ". Ookurikara put his hands in his pocket, pulled the exact amount, and handed it to Junior.

After counting the cash, Junior opened his scroll and began calling someone. Few minutes later, he turned back to Ookurikara. " She said she'll do it, only after she sees you herself, and here ".

Junior handed him a piece of paper, and on it was the location he should go to meet the person that will forge Jeanne's transcripts.

'Easy enough ' Ookurikara walked out of the club, and immediately went into the shadows.