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"Mr. Min... " You called him from behind, making him stop.

He turned around following your voice.

'why, am i messed up right now?..' he thought looking at you.

"Mr min.." you ran to reach him "are you going to the heaven?" You asked him while smiling, unaware of the thoughts running in his mind.

'what now? This is strange!' he chuckled at his thoughts, making you think that he's laughing at your choice of words.

"Uhh.. no no.. i mean, not that heaven.. *awkwardly smiling* t-the cat's heaven.. i mean the cat's place" you laughed nervously.

Seeing you all flustered and nervous, he giggled and nodded. "Really? So.. umm.. i was going there too. So.. i.. can i tag along?" You asked with a nervous smile.

His mind was jumbled up with the thoughts. He kept staring at you, showing no emotions.

'you ain't leaving me? Why?' he asked himself.

"You wanna join?" He asked you and You nodded. 'does he not wants me to join? am i looking like an idiot right now?' you stared back at him trying to read his thoughts.

"At one condition.." he smiled. You didn't know why you felt chills whenever he smiles. But,, 'his smile... Feels different... Its warm' you started blushing, without being aware of it.

'what are you doing you stupid woman' your mind screamed pulling you back in the reality. "Huh? what?" You asked. He leaned closer. His smile was brighter for a reason.

'w-wait, we are in the public' you thought as your heart was beating crazily. He was staring at you while being so close that you doubted if he can hear your rushed and loud heart beats. His smell was mesmerizing.

"Chocolate shake, you have to make me one." He said while moving back to his position. 'chocolat- wait what was i even thinking?' you screamed internally while giggling at your stupid thoughts. "Deal~~" you said looking at him.

' i don't know what I'm doing.. but i wanna regret it this time.' he smiled and agreed you on joining him.

Jimin was watching you both leaving together, standing by the door of the building. He let out a small sigh. ' i wanted to walk her home. ' he remembered namjoon calling him and went back inside.

On the other side, walking with yoongi was..... Full of awkwardness. He was way to silent, which made starting the conversation tough for you.

'should i say something? Or should i ask questions? Will it be right if i ask him something? we are not that close. What if he thinks that i am being clingy or something?' thoughts like that were running on your mind which was soon disrupted by yoongi switching his position with you. He moved from your right to your left, at the side of the road. this silent act of kindness made you laugh.


Don't get any wrong idea.. i just like walking by the road" he said while turning his blushed face away from you.

He is bad at showing care for others, he is bad at admitting those little kindness he does... But on the top of everything.. he is worst at lying.

'its okay if we don't talk right? It is more comfortable this way.' you thought looking away, as you found yourself blushing too.

Yoongi is totally a different person in front of the cats. He was already comfortable around you now. He showed you his different side which no one was even expecting to exist. He can't stop smiling while talking and petting the cats. His little acts made you laugh several time while playing with the cats. He is the type of the person who is talkative, but never got a chance. You found yourself drawing towards him. It was like an unexpected charm.

Everything was going great until..... you asked about his family. His smile faded, a cold yet sad look covered his face. " I don't have one.." he mumbled and avoided your gaze. Seeing him like this.. you knew you fucked up. You tried to change the topic while taking out your phone.

"Ah.. it is more cold during nights here..." You said while taking some pictures of the cats. "What are you doing??" Yoongi said moving closer to you to look at your phone.

"Ahh.. this? I was taking some pictures of black and holy.. to show them to jun" you said showing your phone to yoongi.

"And who is he?" Yoongi asked and his gaze was fixed at you.


She is.. umm. My only friend at the school" you smiled.

"Oh.." he sighed.

'why do i feel so relieved?' he looked away avoiding your gaze.

"I showed her their picture before and she liked them too...

Oh and she told me that I look like holy.." you grinned like a proud mother(?). Yoongi turned to look at you while processing the words you said.

"It's true, isn't it?" You tried to act cute by putting your both index fingers on the cheeks and gave a big smile to him, when he blinked in confusion at you.

"What nonsense.." he turned around quickly making you feel embarrassed.

'great, you stupid woman' you murmured in embarrassment. Once again it was silence between you two.

As it was getting awkward yoongi stood up and said that you both should get going now as it was late enough. You nodded as you wanted to run and hide away too. You both parted your ways after saying good night.

After you got home. You washed up and started preparing the dinner. You decided on making instant noodles as you were already tired. After having dinner and washing the dishes you went straight to the bedroom. Thoughts of the day were running on your mind.

Jimin showing up at your house in the morning, time spent with his mom, fun work with BTS and evening with yoongi and cats

(i guess only cats will work too #lilmeowmeow).

It still felt like a dream that jimin is the same jimmy you knew. This kind, cheerful, bright and handsome man is the same silent, serious and cold looking boy from your past. You were really grateful for meeting him again.

' I'm lucky to have you in my life, jimmy ' you murmured looking out of the window from your bed.

Your loner life was slowly changing. The long and dark night was about to end now. Well, jimin wasn't the only one to thank here. Even though the start was a bit awkward.

'more than a bit' you mumbled. Yoongi also impacted your life in every way. The thought of him smiling at you, playing with the cats, talking with you, dancing, sleeping, leaning close to you.

'what am I thinking??' you burried your red face in the pillow. Your heart was beating fast enough to get heard. These feelings were confusing you. You took that as a misunderstanding of emotions or puberty. But deep down inside you knew that you were fooling yourself.

At the dormitory,

All the members were in namjoon's room, checking out his new lyrics. Yoongi told them that he was sleepy and went out to his room. He plopped down on the bed.

Thought of you acting cute flashed in his brain when he was staring at the ceiling. He smiled and thought that it was cute.


that I'm thinking about that weirdo' he jumped out of his bed and sat on the chair near the desk and took out a paper and a pen from the drawer. He wasn't able to sleep so he thought of writing new lyrics or music ideas as they want a new song and namjoon was already on it.

But yoongi wasn't able to think of a single line as your voice saying "it's true, isn't it?" And your cute gestures was clouding his thoughts.

He sighed and went out of his room to the kitchen. He opened the door of the fridge and took out the water bottle. While pouring water in the glass he chuckled as he remembered that scene again.

"Why are you smiling, hyung?" Jungkook caught him, while standing at the door of the kitchen.

"Ah.." yoongi was startled as he was totally emersed in his own thoughts he didn't noticed jungkook standing there.

"What? Why? Can't I smile for no reason?" Yoongi said avoiding his gaze.

"You don't even smile when you have a reason. Ah.. and what's wrong with your face? Why is it so red? Do you have a fever?" Jungkook moved towards yoongi to look closely.

"No.." yoongi replied in a low voice.

"Ah.. I see..

is she pretty?" Jungkook asked, looking all excited while trying to make an eye contact with yoongi.

"P-pretty? What do you mean?" Yoongi asked back looking at him.

"You can't hide it from me, hyung. It is because of a girl, right?

You seem to have change a lot since last few days.

Who's she?

Is she pretty?" Jungkook was over excited. He knew something was wrong with yoongi.

He noticed yoongi's behavior changing a lot since past few days. Yoongi just stared back at him without saying a word as if he was too confused about the whole situation.

"Look at your face, hyung..


This is so unlike you. Hyung, you have grown up now.. I'm so proud.." before jungkook can complete his sentence, yoongi hit him slightly at the back of his head.

"D-do you even know what you are saying?? You little-" yoongi jerked him off and ran back to his room leaving junkook behind in the confusion.

"Why did he scolded me when I was just stating the fact?" Jungkook pouted.

Jungkook then went to the living room to watch some TV before going to the bed. After 5 minutes he was accompanied by yoongi


He came and sat beside him on the couch. Jungkook ignored him on purpose as he doesn't wanted to get scolded again.

"umm... Jungkookie..... about that thing.." yoongi tried starting the conversation, he was too embarrassed to discuss about this but he wanted the details.

"What thing?" Jungkook replied coldly.

"Ah.. that.. that" yoongi was gathering the courage. "That.. umm.. girl" yoongi pulled himself together to say it, but was interrupted by jungkook.

" I KNEW IT. HYUNG.. I TOLD YOU THAT YOU CAN'T HIDE IT FR..." Yoongi covered jungkook's mouth and signalled him to lower his voice as he was too loud.

"Whom do you like, hyung?" Jungkook whispered to yoongi.

"Huh? L-like? No.. you are misunderstanding things. It is not like that." Yoongi was flustered.

"What? No hyung..

you are misunderstanding your feelings...

I can just tell that by looking at yo-" jungkook was explaining that to yoongi but he cutted him off in between by saying

"how?" Which made jungkook to lose on his words.

"How do you tell if you like someone?" Yoongi continued, wearing a serious look on his face.

Yoongi asking such things were new to jungkook. Well not only jungkook but yoongi never discussed his feelings before. Yoongi is a guy who was never interested in girls. he was often mistaken as a gay towards jimin, by his own bandmates. Emotions related to girls were never familiar to him.

"Well.. you know hyung.. when you like someone.


You like all the little things about them.

Their smile and the way they talk.


Also you feel butterflies in the stomach when you see them.. " jungkook tried to explain but gave up when he saw yoongi's confused face. It was so obvious just by looking at his face that he wasn't getting a thing.

Words like 'butterflies' and 'little things' were circling his mind. He was just blinking at jungkook in confusion, while his lips were all pouty.

" Well that's what I have heard in the movies. You tell me about that girl hyung.. like how do you feel when you see her, how much time you spent with her and things like that." Jungkook asked him so that he can just tell his thoughts after listening to him.

But this thing caught yoongi in a problem. He can't tell jungkook about the cats. "Well.. as you know I go for an evening walk daily. So I met her in the way one day. At first we just talked about this and that. And then we started meeting almost daily. I mean we both 'coincidently' meet on the way daily and hence she insisted on tagging along Everytime. and as you know I'm so kind-hearted and I can't say no to anyone so I let her tag along with me. A-and A moment ago I noticed that I was thinking about her A-and it just..

it just feels weird" yoongi tried to stay calm and not blush. This thing was quite unacceptable for jungkook but he nodded at yoongi's words pretending that he is believing everything he says.

"And what do think about her? Hnn?" His eyes sparkled looking at yoongi's confused reactions.

" What do I think about her?? Umm..

her hairs....

....are stupid, her eyes are stupid, her height.. she looks like a dwarf. Not to mention the way she talks.. ugh.. and and... Hah!!!" Yoongi laughed and blushed at the same time when he remembered that moment again (you trying to act cute)

"her smile.." he continued

" her smile is the stupidest thing I have ever seen" there was a hint of softness in his speech.

'hyung? You're not getting on the point!!' jungkook face palmed at this thought.

"Hyungggg!!!" Jungkook said

"not like this hyung. I mean what comes in your mind when you see her.

Like what do you think of her?" He tried to stay calm and not sound irritated.

"When I see her??" Yoongi repeated jungkook's words trying to process what he said.

"She is.." yoongi paused for a moment and moved his gazed away, towards the floor.

"cute" he murmured clear enough to be heard.

After hearing this word jungkook got sure. It was like a victory for him and even he didn't know why he was feeling so happy after hearing that from yoongi.

"Hyung!!" He said jumping on the couch which startled yoongi a bit.

"W-WHAT?" Yoongi growled.

"You NEVER CALLED ANYONE CUTE BEFORE.. Tell me who is she?

The girl you like." He asked showing his bunny smile.


What like?


What are you saying, huh?

I don't like anyone" yoongi jerked him off pushing him away by his shoulder.

"Yes you do.. admit it hyung" jungkook said in a teasing manner.

"Go to YOUR BED, BEFORE I CALL JIN OUT." yoongi jumped out of the couch and ran away to his room.

On the other side, jungkook was looking at yoongi running towards his room with a confused look on his face. He wasn't denying the fact that he was enjoying it tho. But he was shocked as well by seeing this side of yoongi.

Yoongi was only close to jimin in the BTS. He was the type who doesn't open up to anyone. When all the BTS members spent time with each other he prefers to be alone or sleep or rest somewhere.

Jungkook never talked this much to yoongi before. Jungkook was really happy that yoongi at least tried to open up in front of him. He never told this to anyone but yoongi was his role model. Yoongi's passion towards music, yoongi's skill at playing instruments, never fails to fill him with inspiration. Genius lab is jungkook's favorite place. He looks like a distracted 5 yr old whenever he listens to yoongi's composition. He wanted to get close to him but never tried because he respects his personal space. He respects his hyung.

Yoongi was tossing and turning in the bed. His cheeks were red. He can't believe a word jungkook said to him.

"Like? Hah!!! That dork?" He mumbled.

he wanted to deny it, there was no way he can accept it. He closed his eyes and your image popped up in his mind. He felt like he was looking at you. "Do i? Really?" He asked himself lost in that illusion.

He opened his eyes and sat straight on the bed "snap out of it, yoongi" he reminded himself letting out a loud sigh.

All parts of him were denying it already, but there was a part which was telling him differently.


For those who don't know what genius lab is:

It is yoongi's workplace, where yoongi do all the composing and lyric writing. For yoongi, it is just like his home. He spend his most of time there. He doesn't allow anyone to enter it. And it's door has a passcode lock and a "Fu*k off" door mat. He really doesn't like anyone to enter his workplace.


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