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 Chapter 5: A date through the deads


Sounds of dead growling as they approached the city, the sight of them caused fear to swell up in the people they saved. But the veterans had blank looks as they scanned the area and one man stood in front as he barked orders.

"Form a shooting line, anyone that can hold a gun move forward and follow the lead of the captains, elders, and children move behind us, we'll dwindle them down with explosives and cut in with guns, the moment they get lower in number, reinforcements will come"

At his words several people moved towards their spots while holding guns with shaking hands, Chika was beside Daichi as he gave orders, she kept staring at the deads in front of them.

Calm as ice, Daichi stared at the horde. This wasn't the first time he tangled with one, but now that he had to take the safety of several hundreds of people, he needed to make plans.

He then glanced at the one beside him, as Chikas saw that clear look on his eyes, she couldn't help but stare back at him.

"Can you order them around?"

To his question, Chika shook her head and looked at him with a frown.

"No....there's someone leading..... there"

Daichi stared at the spot she pointed and saw a big zombie, it was in front of the horde, supposedly the one leading it.

"Can you talk to it, maybe we can make them stop going in that direction"

Once again she shook her head.

"I...can hear them....and they say nasty things...."

After hearing this Daichi sighed, they had no other choice but to fight then again it was the plan anyway.

"I'm sorry....."

Chika apologized because she couldn't help, but a hand came on top of her head and patted her.

"I'm supposed to say that, our date gets to be in a battlefield, I'll make it up to you later"

With a smile, she was then picked up from the ground and towards the rest of the civilians and to her brother, she squirmed as she pouted at him.


As the civilians are secured it was now up to them to clean up the zombie horde blocking their way.


At his word, barrages of bullets showered the deads and some of dead got downed by the hail of metal but only a few as the assault of lead caught their attention and the horde now moved towards them.

"Move and fire, draw their attention!"

He rushed ahead to spear the move.

"The ones in front get back and reload, 2nd squad form up!"

The people were in awe as they saw a young man command his people with power and preciseness, Chika stared at his back as she mumbled a few words.

"You really are a great commander...."

Remembering his words when they parted about him not wanting to lead, she couldn't help but chuckle.

Uniformly following his commands, a new squad appeared.

"second barrage fire!"

Following his words the people kept shooting as they moved, the deads rushed towards them, Daichi was in the front shooting as well as they dwindled the horde down but still, it was a carrying amount of deads approaching.

But then he smiled as several sounds of engines were heard coming towards the deads.

"About time.....watch where you shoot, the cavalry has arrived"

The group then stopped firing as cheers could be heard, the mobile troops were doing a hit and run tactic at the horde as they struck the sides while the shooters were at a good distance raining down on the deads and on the side some ground units came and attacked the horde on the flank.

Daichi then moved forward with some units and held his katana as he charged towards the biggest Z there was.





After several minutes that felt like hours, the giant hulk of meat finally slumped to the ground, riddled with bullets while blood spilled from its wounds, the most eye-catching thing was a blade embedded on its skull.

Several bodies of deads could be seen littered around the ground as the people were now moving. Daichi led them towards their base but separated from the main group as he headed towards a lone girl looking at the dead walking in the distance.

"seems like when the big one was gone they listened"

"hmm....they didn't want to fight...."

"I'm just glad they left....there were several injuries but no casualties"

".....you shouldn't fight...as well"

Daichi looked at his arm where a gash was visible, tangling with the dead was dangerous he almost got his head bit off.

"Hahaha I'm sturdier than you know"

He tried to laugh it off but she stared at him sadly, he then sighed.

"I would if I could, but I need to fight....after all, I need to protect them and you"

To his words she nodded reluctantly, she didn't want to see him getting hurt, it causes something weird inside her, it was a feeling foreign since she became what she is now, but she knew it was a worry for someone she cared about.


To his sudden apology, Chika tilted her head as she gazed into his eyes.

"Our date got ruined, haaaah I wanted to take you on a long-anticipated date, I mean, it's been 5 months.... but instead we had to do it in a battlefield"

Hearing this she gave a smile to him as she clung to his arm.

"I don't mind.....as long as I'm with you....I can feel human again"

Daichi smiled as he then spoke.

"You don't need to be human for me to love you, I'll love you no matter what you are"

The two then walked hand in hand between the corpses on the deads as they reached the base, the people there quickly greeted and helped the ones that arrived.

"Ah, Shen! Wheres the commander? He needs to help us with the new people, as well as go through the papers and-"

A girl came and quickly barraged the guy with questions but he just shrugged and smiled.

"He's busy"

"Huh? But"

"He's on a date right now so let's not get in his way, We'll have to deal with it on our own"


"But nothing"

Seeing his lackadaisical attitude, the girl shook her head and followed him.




Night came and the moon illuminated the settlement, despite the high walls the people were cheery as a festival was going on, the successful clean up of a new area and helping the survivors were one of the reasons but the main one was because a single man wanted to do it.

Chika was staring at people as she sat on a corner, there were smiles and people dancing, while others were meeting the loved ones they lost after a long time.

A smile appeared on her face as she watched them.

Suddenly heard steps from behind her and Daichi appeared wearing a set of clean clothes.

"Yow, sorry you waited long, I had to run away from some annoying paperwork, seriously? Who needs to do paperwork! It's the damn apocalypse!"

He ranted on about the increase in people and supplies so he had to do some calculating with some people. Chika who heard this gave a giggle at his words.

"Ahem, now the night is young, so let's go and have fun"

He stood up but before moving from his spot he stretched out his hand to her, Chika who saw this blushed a little and held his hand, the warmth of his hand and the coldness of hers seemed to mix as they walked towards several places to play and eat.

"Ah, shooting booth hehe I'll get a prize...."

after 5 failed attempts...

"darn it one more....one more....one"

After a few tries, he finally got a prize and gave it to Chika with a triumphant smile.


Chika took the prize from his hand, it was a ribbon the shape of a spider lily, she stared at it and held it close to her chest.

"Thank you"

A small word yet it brought him the greatest joy to hear, he helped her pin it on her hair. Suddenly the rain started to pour down on them, yet they came prepared as an umbrella she kept close was opened up and shielded them both from the rain.

"You still have it...."

Daichi stared at the umbrella as he spoke.

Chika gave a nod as she leaned on him, several people ran to cover as the rain poured down, the scene was like an everyday occurrence it seemed like the world didn't actually end.

"It was the only thing I had to remind me of you after.... you left"

He felt a sting on his conscience as he spoke.

"Sorry I had to leave....I really wished I didn't, If I knew that the world was going to be invaded by corpses, I would have stayed"

He said jokingly, he then leaned onto her as well as they stared at the rain, suddenly he saw a bright light in the distance as if signaling someone.

"Chika close your eyes"


"Just do it and follow me"

Chika nodded as his hands covered her eyes, he then guided her as the only things she could hear as steps and the drizzling rain.

After walking a few minutes they stopped as she heard a machine suddenly starting, then Daichi removed his hands and she couldn't believe what she saw.

"Surprise, it's not like the one back home....but it was here when we came so I decided to fix it"

Chika stared at Ferris wheel in front of her with an opened mouth, Daichi seeing this, he smiled as he then opened the door to a booth.

"After you my lady"

Chika was gazing at the ride and after shaking her head she went in the booth and sat at the seat, he then went in and sat across her. The ride then started as they slowly ascended to the sky, Chika gazed towards the scenery and saw the people below them sheltering the rain.


Chika muttered as she looked around, Daichi then spoke.

"Yep, I'm glad you like it"

At his words, Chika looked at him and smiled she then held his hand.

"Thank you.....for coming back"

Daichi could say a lot of things but he let her speak first.

"for saving me.....for taking care of my brother....and for loving me"

At her last words Daichi suddenly looked way as a red line appeared on his face, Chika couldn't help but giggle as she saw his shy side.

"Well...ummm...Chika, it would be hard, rebuilding the world, helping others....but it can be done, there are others who would help and we'll take back our world....so I hope you stay with me"

Daichi was blushing as he spoke

" no matter what...I won't ever leave you again"

As he said this, Chika gave him the warmest smile she had, he gazed at her face as he opened his mouth.

"Chika I...I"

But before he could speak a finger silenced him as Chika whispered into his ear.

"Don't worry, I know....I love you too"

He then felt something on his lips he then closed his eyes as he pulled her close.

The moon shone on the two that were separated but now united once again.