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 It was a bright lovely day where the birds were chirping and the rivers flowing and greenery everywhere I was returning home after my classes and I saw my friend Zafar who was lying as a sloth under the tree. I waved at him but my height always obstructs people from seeing me so I went to him and said "Heya! What're you doing here.?" he didn't reply me. I thought he's puporsely doing this, then I woke him up and asked again.. again no reply. He then looked at me, his eyes were blood red and swollen like a bud, messy hair and gloomy face seemed like he wanted to convey something. I wondered what's wrong with him. He was the one who was the light of any party that I attended a boy who was full of life and energy now looked so melancholic. I asked him "What happened.? Are you sick.? Why are your eyes so red.?..." and many more questions. He hugged me and began to sob, I confronted him for while offered him water and calmed him. After a while I asked him "What's happening? Why so sad.?.." he replied, "She made me a murderer, for the sake of our friendship I killed my feelings, please help me to get her into my life" and again started sobbing.

I felt bad for him because I knew what and whom he was talking about. He was talking about his girlfriend Zeena who left her because of rumors like her boyfriend flirts around with other girls, has spent night with many girls, is a drug addict and many more. But I knew this was all fake. He never talked about any other girl rather than Zeena as if he could see no one other than her. She too loved him with all her heart but ended up believing the society.

I just replied him with a sentence that if you love someone or something and its with you forever that means it was always meant to me yours, but if its not with you like forever it means ut was never yours... that someone or something isn't meant for you because you deserve better. He then smiled and replied "I understand that, I even called her a week ago or two to make her believe that I'm a clean boy and she replied me that I never loved you because your such a middle class frown with no lifestyle infact you are not my type.. I just accepted you for the sake of your friend Samyra who wanted you to be happy by this relationship.." and I was caught, He looked at me even more passionately and said "I did feel bad for what she told me but I was much more happier later" I was astonished.. I asked him Why were you happy.? He replied because I realised that who is that someone better than her which I deserve. I asked out of curiosity n a bit anxiety "Who's that.?" He winked with a cute smile n said "Its you, yeah you.! Why.? Because for the sake of my happiness you sacrificed your feelings for me and even convinced your friend to be in a relationship with me.. no girl does that unless she loves the boy with all her might" I got tears in my eyes and began to confess about my feelings for him I was just about to start saying something and he put his finger on my lips, held my hand and went on his knees and asked me out like " I'll only share my last piece of pizza with you, I only want to watch the web series at night with you, I want my babies to have a sweet caring and loving mom, I wanna travel the world only with you, I wanna be the popcorn to your movie, the chilly flakes to your pizza, the chicken to your biryani, and even wake up cuddling with you at nine, hey girl I love you, Will you be mine.?" I was all drowned in the ocean of happiness and tears, my happiness knew no limits, those words felt like I'm in heaven and it was surely a yes to him. And we sobbed and hugged each other.

Years later after our studies, job struggle when we thought we're ready to settle, we got married. In a year or two we were blessed by a baby girl. The girl who left him might be regretting today. As today we are more than what she might have even expected.

Now we teach the same thing to our daughter. Honey if you wait for the right thing and keep hold of it you'll be your kind, if not you'll end up becoming like your father who was indeed fortunate to have me *winking at my hubby.