Arthur was hearing a voice, but he wasn't able to see anyone near.

'Hahahaha, boy, you will not see me even if you look for an entire year, because i'm inside you.'

'What? Inside me? How? Get out from me!'

'Boy, let's get serious. The truth is, i'm the man you saw fighting the dimensional devourer some time ago.'

'You're the hooded man?'

'Yeah, but my name is Ken, so don't call me the hooded man.'

'Ok, keep calm Arthur. So, mister Ken, how you can be inside me, and how can i be alive?'

'Now we're getting to a dialog. First, it's not i'm inside you, the both of us are inside another body, but this body had its soul destroyed, so you are the primary soul now.'

'Normally, it's impossible to two souls live in one body, but we entered praticaly on the same time so the barrier that a soul forms around the body making it impossible didn't had time to be created. You entered like a milisecond before me, and because of this you're the primary soul and i am just a secondary. And that's why we can talk by thinking.'

'Wait, this is not my body?'

Arthur immediately tried to see his appearance, but he saw nothing to reflect his image around.

Just as he was giving up, a text popped up in his front.

Open status?

'Ken, are you seeing that message?'

'What message?'

'Some kind of text box appeared in front of me, it says open status.'

In the moment he stopped to talk with Ken the message vanished and another pop up show.


Name:Arthur Briefs

Title: None

Hp:100 Mana:10


Str:10 Res:10

Spd:10 Agi:10

Dex:10 Int:10

And at the side of the new text box there was an image, probably of Arthur's new body.

A teenager around fifteen years, the same age of Arthur. His hair was red and his eyes were green, he was skinny and had beard starting to grow in his chin.

Looking at his outfit, he was wearing a black shirt with brown pants and dirty black boots.

'Ken, something really strange is happening. Another thing appeared in my front, a status tab with an image of me and some status, it's like a game!'

'I don't know what a game is, but that must be your ability. If you're saying that it is like a game, then let's call it game world.'

' A game is something that the people use to pass time in my planet, i will explain it latter, but first tell me, what is an ability?'

'An ability is something you're born with, it's in your soul. To make it simple, it's a unique capacity, one that only you have. You have this game world, i have my shadow body, but with the two souls in this body it can use mine and your abilities.'

After that, Arthur started to explain to Ken what games are.

'If a game has that things, then if your ability is really making the world a game, then,it has incomparable power!Let's test what capacities your ability has.'

They planned it and started the tests.


After Arthur's thinking a text appeared in front of him.

Unique skills: Game world, Shadow Body.

Magic skills:None

Phisic skills:None

'Yes! The skills appeared.'

'Then let's do the second test, i will send you the skills information now.'

Arthur's mind became numb for some seconds due to the amount of information being processed, but as he recovered from it a rain of messages appeared in front of him.

Congratulations! You learned the skill 'Shadow Cloak'!

Congratulations! You learned the skill 'Dark pierce'!

Congratulations! You learned the skill 'Assassin Dance'!

Congratulations! You learned the skill 'Swift Shadow'!

Congratulations! You learned the skill 'Instant Pierce'!

'Ok, you don't know how much text boxes are being shown to me now, it's a success, then let's do a test to see if i can use the skills.'

"Dark pierce!"

Instantly, his left hand became covered with dark light, it was practically disappearing but had a great power.

Punching with his hand he hit one rock,.


After the punch the light disappeared, but there was a fist mark in the rock now.

Your mana was not enough, so the skill power decreased fifty percent.

'Whoa! With just the theory you can use skills, information transfer is equal to me telling you how to do it, but faster, so it should be impossible for you to use the skill without some practice. But you can!'

Then another message showed up to Arthur.

Congratulations! Due to your training your intelligence grew in one point!

'Now another thing showed up, my intelligence grew because i used mana to use a skill.'

'Your training is so fast? Just for using a skill... With me as a mentor you will be invincible!'

After this they went to the inventory test.


'So, Arthur... Nothing?'

'Yeah, nothing.'

With some more tests, they had the verdict, excluding the inventory,every single one of games functions were possible with game world.

After every test was finished, a doubt appeared in Arthur's mind.

'Ken, how this body is in perfect state if he was dead?'

'Hahahahaha, you only though about it now? It's because he died from a soul attack, his soul was destroyed, but the body is ok. And that's why i runned to this body after loosing the fight, because i would die instantly if i picked a destroyed body.'

'But, Arthur, i have to tell you something really important now.'