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 - It's Incarnate!

Being a super hero means getting used to attention, whether that attention is in favor or not for my deeds, I have no saying in the matter as different people have different reactions and opinions.

Such case of unwanted attention is that of meeting fans in an awkward or unseemly kind of situation.

Right now, I landed in the fog, I can see people's silhouettes panicking outside the covered zone.

But that's not the problem, in this foggy place where it is hard to see, there are gray transparent and shapeless beings? With hollow sockets for eyes and long sharp scythes like arms growing out the robes that are covering most of their heads and all their bodies, these beings? Were simply floating around howling and weeping.

Goliath: "Talk about creepy"

I tried to touch one of them but my hand passed right through it but more importantly there is this cute child here staring with his big sparkling eyes at me, isn't he bothered by the current situation? Or am I simply the only one seeing these floating ghosts like things.

It can't be that I am the only one seeing these things, right?

Goliath: "No I can also see them"


Should I feel reassured by that answer?

"We need to get you out of here child"

- It is no use we can't leave

A voice said while a girl appeared out of nowhere near us.

Girl: ah, nice to meet you I am Sara.

The introduced herself politely.

Am I the only one worried here?

Goliath: "Never mind that, respond and don't stare"


"Hi, nice to meet you two as well, I am"

Child: Incarnate the super hero!

The child exclaimed before I could finish.

Sara: you are already famous, anyone would recognize you.

The girl said while looking a bit surprised.

What sort of reactions am I getting here?


"Anyway, what did you mean we can't leave?" I asked the girl.

Sara: just like what I told you, if you try to walk outside you will find yourself back in.

The girl answered with no hint of worry. Meanwhile the child was still gazing at me as if expecting something, am I supposed to make some pose or claim here?

Goliath: "Don't, you never did something like that before, you might embarrass yourself and disappoint the boy if you do badly or say something wrong"

Yeah, I suppose.

"I would like to confirm that, both of you stay close" I said as I walked with the two towards the people's silhouettes but just when I thought we got closer the distance suddenly increased.

Sara: see? Just like I said, we can't leave.

This is weird.

Goliath: "try your jet pack, you did come here using it after all"

Are our senses being tricked somehow in here?

I tried to use my jet pack but it didn't work or rather the jet pack didn't function.

This is the first time such thing happened.

Goliath: "I told you not to trust those toys of yours"

Shut up, it is not ruptured nor jammed, something's wrong here.

I try to summon another gadget but the watch didn't respond, in fact the watch isn't working in the first place.

"Can you tell me what time it is?" I turned to the girl as I asked.

Sara: time? Sure, hold on

Sara pulled her phone but then soon her expression darkened and she panicked.

Sara: it is not working! My phone is not working!

So now she is in trouble?

Goliath: "Hahaha"

Sara looked dejected and before I could say anything the fog and the ghosts started to vanish and within moments they disappeared.

"Where is this?"

The fog disappeared and rather than being on the street we were in some unfamiliar and strange place.