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 "so all those myths were actually true?" Said David in his mind as he kept hearing more about the story

"as humans kept gaining more powers they got greedier and that's when wars started happening, people killing each other and not caring about anyone else besides them, all of that was being watched by The Creator and as he/she saw how bad the situation was, in which Earth will probably get destroyed, he/she send meteorites so big that destroy almost all of the living beings including what you people called "Gods" and even the animals got destroyed by the meteorites, that's when the era of superhumans disappeared, and the only ones who survived received a message from The Creator which you people mistook as "God" telling them that from no one he/she will erase their powers and they know has to adapt to the new environment as Mortals"

"as time passed people start adapting to not having powers and Earth became again a safe place to live and as million of years passed people start forgetting about the superhumans they once had and thought it was just legends, what they didn't know was that The Creator still left The Power of Creation to a few humans with pure heart and as time passed Creation was passed from generation to generation even though people didn't know, after that The Creator told me that his/her time was getting to an end and that now I was supposed to take care of the multiverse and kept all living things of the whole galaxy safe, specially planet earth as they will be the ones who will change everything"

"at the time I didn't understand The Creator words as, Earth living beings were too weak , so how were they supposed to be the ones who will change the world?, but still I couldn't object his/her words, because after all he/she was Our Creator and I couldn't object him/her"

"then after a few million of years passed, the inevitable moment had arrived, and The Creator was at its final moments, he/she watched the universe one last time then saw earth and smiled, as they were his most beautiful masterpiece and then tell me some last things after he/she exploded, disappearing from the whole universe, but what I didn't thought was that that explosion was so big that the whole universe star having changes and the one and only universe explode and got separated in pieces creating "The Multiverse" I think you mortals called it big bang but you thought it just created the universe in which you lived, but actually the big bang created "The Multiverse" and separate each others universes from each other sending earth and the other planets of "Universe 1" to other place and the other universe to other places , that's how the Multiverse was created, but still the multiverse didn't had life in all places it just had some of the few living beings "The Creator" made and nothing else , the multiverse was almost empty with only a few universes having living beings"

"as my job of a guardian of everything I had to take care of every single universe of the multiverse, even though I didn't understand what happened, and how the "Universe " was separated and transformed in "The Multiverse" and as I was getting bored I started paying attention to Earth , The Pride of The Creator and then I started realizing what he/she meant by them being the future of everything"

"as time passed on earth users of The Creation start appearing everywhere and even though not everyone had the same amount power they still make things unbelievable, Authors of comics , novels, tv shows, anime, movies, etc all of them without knowing create actual living beings and the characters they made were send to the whole multiverse DC universe, Marvel Universe, Novels Universe, all of that was made and the once desolate multiverse start transforming in an oasis of life in which a lot of living beings were living and all of that was thanks to you earth and the power of Creation, thats where I start protecting you from the other living beings of the Multiverse, and placed seals on "Universe One" which is the name of the universe you are living, as all the entities and living beings of the multiverse were too strong for Universe 1"

as David was hearing all of this information he felt so shocked and scared that he almost fainted, the stuff he was hearing was too big for him and he felt like his brain was gonna explode

Toa seeing how David was reacting send him a white ray to his forehead with power so that he could calm down

after David receive the ray he start calming down and continue to hear the story

"so as I was saying after I placed the seals your universe became invisible for the rest of the other livings beings of the multiverse, and then i start cooperating with you guys without knowing, making y'all create living beings while I protect the multiverse and that's how the multiverse was being taken care of for years and in a peace"

"but peace didn't remained forever as without me knowing, after The Creator exploded and died he was separated in 11 parts which were transformed in 11 different persons which are the Patriarchs of the 11 deadly teams, and each one of them receive part of the powers of The Creator so they are immensely powerful, after i found out I prepared myself to go and annihilate them before it was too late but they were one step before me and went to their own pocket dimension, and i couldn't enter because it was made from the 11 of them but i knew that they wouldn't be able to be in there forever so I waited till they got out and once they were, i would annihilate them, so i went back to take care of the multiverse while keeping an eye on them, as time passed they still haven't go out but since I was attacking the dimension all that time their dimension was getting destroyed little by little, what I didn't know was that all this time they create their own sects/teams and start recruiting a lot of powerful entities from all the multiverse"

"apart from getting part of the powers of The Creator they got his/her memories and so got to know about The Power of Creation and About Earth of "Universe 1" which is where you are living right now, as they didn't receive The Power of Creation they got greedy and jealous about y'all and they were prepared to go to Universe 1 to kill y'all and steal the power of Creation , so after they went out of their pocket dimension I start fighting them and their members in which i killed a lot of their members and injured some of the leaders, but i wasn't able to killed them, as I didn't expect them to be that strong, after I made them retreated I realized that even being the most powerful entity of all the multiverse I couldn't done everything alone, so I create my own subjects to be able to help me, then I created my own team called Divine Protection, in which I start recruiting powerful entities from all around the multiverse to prepared for the war against the 11 deadly teams, and I called myself The One Above The One Above All since The One Above All was already taken"

"after I recruited members for the Divine Protection we got ready to attack the 11 deadly teams in a all-out war in which each sides had a lot casualties and a lot of entities die, and since the seals make them weak we got the advantage and make them retreat"

"after the war, we The Divine Protection went to regroup and heal our injuries in my pocket dimension which is were you are right now" said Toa

"after healing our injuries we start planing about how to annihilate the deadly teams once for all, but little did we knew that while we were planing how to eradicate them, the were planing to break the seals I made"

"one day one of my subjects spot one of their camps and was prepared to tell me the message, but he didn't know that it was a trap made by the 11 patriarchs to capture him and place a slave seal, which made them able to control him"

"after he had the slave seal placed on him, he became a puppet for the 11 patriarchs and make him a spy with only one role, which was to destroy the seals of the multiverse the mission that he end up accomplishing, after I found out their plans it was already late" said Tao with rage and a sad voice

"after they were able to break the seals their powers increased tremendously and ambush us in a way we weren't prepared, after they start the ambush we start fighting each other but their members were more than what we had so our side was loosing little by little, only me and some of the subjects I create were giving an actual fight but they placed a seal on me which made me a weaker and as I was loosing more and more power the 11 deadly teams gain the upper hand instantly killing all the members of the Divine Protection only leaving only me and 2 o my most trustworthy subjects, who fight with all they had to give me an opportunity to escape" said Tao with a sad voice

"after fleeing away from there I make another pocket dimension in which I placed planet Earth to make them safe, and then went to here making another pocket dimension to planed what I was going to do, since I was slowly dying"

"after gathering my thoughts I had an idea, since I was going to die why not finding someone who could carry my mission ? a successor who could be able to destroy the enemy I was facing, the only problem was, who could be so unique and with potential to be able to do it? thats when i remember The Creator words" said Tao

"Remember my child, the mortals on Earth will be the ones who will change everything, never forget that, as they are my most proudest masterpiece" said The Creator

"after remembering that I start looking for someone on Earth who could be able to succeed in my task, someone unique, and then, there was you, when I saw you I didn't pay attention at first but after paying it, i got shocked and instantly thought"

"HE IS THE ONE" said Tao