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My body staggered to the floor, a body fell also in front of me.

"Hey! be care ... "

"Hoi, don't block the road!" The female voice shouted at me immediately.

The girl glared at me, her mouth frowned, her face was dirty. But I am the opposite.

I was even surprised, unconsciously, I furrowed my brows and opened my mouth as if I didn't believe in looking at the girl's face that hit me.

'He, he was the girl I saw weeks ago, which I considered that I was delirious in broad daylight seeing it suddenly disappear.'

"OI, why are you even dumbfounded? Is there something wrong with my face "the girl was getting angry. He tried to stand up and enter the compartment.

'Eh this girl is in a compartment with me? Oops with this fierce crazy girl, I'm really unlucky about my journey, 'I swear in my heart while standing.

I stepped into the same compartment.

"Why are you going in here too, stupid?" Shouted the crazy girl.

I can't hold back emotions anymore, "This train doesn't have your grandmother, so I'm free to go anywhere, basic!" I slammed my body into the seat next to the Officer and glared back at him.

"What are you saying?"

"Never mind Bel, this is in a public place, embarrassed to know nothing !?" Another girl next to the crazy girl tried to stop her friend.

"What's Yu, the guy is insolent, how can I get it?" Replied the crazy girl.

"Yeah, I know, but you better stop fighting and apologize to each other. Bella, you guys just met, you guys have been like dogs and cats, "the girl next to the crazy girl overtook us.

"What? Apologize? Is he wrong, why am I apologizing? "

"I also don't want to apologize to that crazy girl, she was wrong. He hit me why should I apologize? "I said, not to be outdone.

"Hahaha, young people!" Uncle beside me suddenly laughed, "Come on, boy, succumb to that beautiful woman. Show that you are a real man. "

"But Uncle?" I looked in protest.

"Already, already, you have to learn a lot to become a real man Teo!" The clerk looked at me with an annoying expression, "Because we will be in a room during the trip, why don't we get acquainted first? Uncle first. Introduce this handsome old man, Arya Agusto, just call Uncle Agusto. "

"I'm Ayu, Cut Dyah Ayu. And this is Bella, "Ayu answered while elbowing the crazy girl.

"I'm Bella, Bella Diningrat," said the crazy girl, still with her dirty face.

"It's your turn, kid!" Uncle Agusto glanced at me.

"Good Uncle, I'm Teo, Teo D. Satria."

"D? What are the initials from Teo?" Ayu asked the same question like everyone who just knew me.

"Don't ask, I don't know myself," I replied.

"But did your parents not tell you?" Ayu looks even more curious.

"My parents have died,"

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean ..." Ayu showed a regretful attitude.

"No, it's okay, I'm used to it," I interrupted.

"Ayu, come on, you can't behave like that to him. Such a person naturally accepts that fate," the crazy girl acted again.

But this time I tried to ignore it. There was a train horn sound, and the engine was getting louder. My eyes gushed towards the window, staring at the people and buildings walking backwards.

The food trolley saleswoman approached while pushing the trolley.

"Do you want to buy something from a trolley, kids? Pumpkin Pastel? Chocolate Frog?

My view turned to the trolley seller, 'Chocolate frog? Bro, bro? What food is that'

"What do you want to buy children?" Uncle Agusto threw his eyes at the two girls in front of me.

"We have bought a number of whizzing beetles, I already have enough Uncle," Ayu said, showing a large plastic bag of food.

"I want, Uncle. Brown frog, two doesn't matter either," answered the crazy girl.

"How about you Teo? Want to try Candy Burst, Devil Pepper, and Snail Jelly?" Uncle Agusto's lyrics towards me.

"Candy bursts? I'm curious, how come I tried Uncle?"

"Buy 5 frog chocolates, and 3 popups."

"Here, everything is 2 sickle, 20 knut," the trolley seller gave something to Uncle Agusto.

"It's 3 sickle, just take the change," Uncle Agusto reached out to the trolley seller.

"Thank you, enjoy the trip."

The trolley seller goes towards the other compartment.

"Bella is the frog's chocolate, be careful when eating it," said Uncle Agusto, "And this is the candy, Teo."

I took all the sweets that Uncle Agusto handed me. I took one candy in my hand, I noticed a few moments, 'there is no difference with ordinary candy,' I thought innocently.

When I want to eat it, the girls in front of me laugh softly while looking at me.

'Why are they' I don't care about them. And immediately put candy in my mouth.

My face suddenly burned, and ...


Smoke came out of my ears.

"Hhahaha" laughter in the room saw me.

** ** **