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 While Karla enjoyed Daniel's kiss, her did not realize that Daniel unbuttoned his pants to release his penis who could no longer stand the jail that are his pants, once loose his penis Daniel start rubbing it between the opening of Karla´s legs which makes karla moan again for the feeling so hard and hot.

Unable to take it anymore Daniel pulls Carla into the living room so he can continue with her intimacy on the sofa in a more pleasant position, while Karla can only follow him without saying anything, long ago she lost herself in her thoughts about resigning herself to desires of his son or fight a futile fight and be raped by him.

Once on the couch Daniel removes his pants and boxer showing his glorious member at its peak, Karla only looks at him for a while until Daniel approaches her and whispers in the ear that grabs him, Karla listening to his words of Daniel is shaking a bit but as if she has given up any opportunity to escape, his eyes become lifeless as his hand slowly moves towards his penis to start rubbing it up and down.

Daniel feeling the soft little hands of Karla cannot help but let out a couple of moans from time to time but not content with so little grab Karla by the shoulders and forces her to kneel so she can give him a fellatio.

Karla knowing what her son wants, she does not wait for Daniel to tell her and little by little she approaches it with is small mouth to suck that huge member. opening as much as she can only manages to put the glans in his mouth knowing that she reached the limit karla begins to taste the head of the penis sucking with those red and beautiful lips while he massaged with the tongue.

Feeling the pleasure he gets with her stepmother's mouth, Daniel grabs her by the head with her right hand while moving her hips forward making her choke, Karla seeing that her head could not be made back by the hand of daniel that supports her. continue with his fellatio waiting for daniel to finish soon as possible to end this nightmare.

The minutes passed and you can only hear the wail of Daniel that is about to end in the mouth of Karla, Karla knowing that is about to end accelerates the speed in which his head moves up and down while his tongue continues traversing his penis, once about to finish Daniel holds Karla's head and presses her to engulf her entire penis, surprised by the sudden action of Daniel can not avoid the pain and the feeling of being raped by the mouth, once that daniel poured all its contents into Karla's mouth and pulled out her member, causing Karla to feel the sensation of being choked by the sticky liquid that accumulated in her throat.

Daniel satisfied to have freed his load inside the mouth of his stepmother turns to see her and doing so looks at the face of pain and humiliation of his stepmother, not understanding why, his excitement is rekindled making his penis become hard again .

Not waiting for his stepmother to recover from the feeling of drowning by his member, he approaches her and dragged her to the sofa, Throwing her on the top of the couch see daniel proceeds to break his shirt, letting see those pair of mounds that are dying to leave the light, passing his hand over those mounds of flesh a couple of times Daniel lowers his hands to his mother's pants and begins to take them off.

Karla seeing the action of her son can only close her eyes and lose the little hope remaining that her son reacts and stop this, once Daniel removed her stepmother's pants her eyes are focused on that beautiful place, that place that he has been wishing day and night thinking for himself that he can finally have it, bringing his head closer while with one hand he moves the thong to the side so he can see that beautiful pink lips that are releasing that sweet liquid of love.

When getting close enough daniel puts her mouth on those lips and starts to suck them gently while sometimes using her tongue to pick up all that sweet liquid,

meanwhile karla can only cry and moan while thinking that she was wrong, because things came to this with her son and why she can not stop moaning like a whore for her son's blowjob.

Remembering the first day he saw Daniel and the strange way he behaves, realizing the bulge in his pants, she could only smile uncomfortably, if she had talked about it with his husband maybe these situations would not have happened but believing that with his care Daniel would stop seeing her as a woman and more like his mother but only now does she know that he is further from the truth.

Daniel having enough for the moment of the delicious vulva of his stepmother proceeds to bring his penis to the pink entrance, giving him a little pressure with his penis daniel manages to put it inside with a little effort which makes his stepmother and he to moan a little for the sensation, one for the tight and hot, the other for the hot and the long, daniel can not stand the pleasant sensation of being inside his stepmother, begins to move his hips slowly from front to back increasing the speed with the passage of time to reach the point where you can only hear the sound of the flesh colliding with the irregular sound of a moan muffled by the passionate kiss daniel gives his stepmother.

Daniel enjoying how close and soft of his stepmother can not avoid releasing his sticky liquid inside her, but not wanting to stop Daniel continues to ram as hard and fast as he can to mark her body and soul as his own, releasing his load 5 times more before he can not continue anymore and fall tired using his mother's breasts as a pillow, once rested a few seconds Daniel turns to see his stepmother who has an empty look to the ceiling.

Having enjoyed the delicious and soft body of his stepmother for the first time, Daniel gets up to put on his clothes and once he is ready he approaches her telling her in his ear.

Daniel: From today you are my women, your breasts, your buttocks, your whole body and mind, everything belongs to me do not forget, if you tell my father something about this only you will lose.

Finishing saying what he wanted Daniel leaves her stepmother lying on the sofa, Karla while she is only naked with a white liquid spilling from her pussy, can only look at the ceiling thinking about what she will do from now on, how she will face her husband and how will she deal with daniel