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 Firstly, I have the legendary Super Saiyan bloodline so it would extremely difficult for me to go super Saiyan and maintain it without going berserk. With that in mind I should not try to go super Saiyan until I get a normal Saiyan bloodline to go into normal super Saiyan mode.

The ability Ishiron gave me allowed me to absorb the bloodline of others and use it in various ways. I am able to absorb the bloodline of other through physical contact with or without injuries, I could also extract abilities of others from their bloodline as long as it's innate and I can fuse the bloodlines together. But if I fuse all sorts of bloodline I seriously don't know what sort of grotesque monster I would turn into, so I would only fuse the different Saiyan bloodlines and extract abilities from other bloodlines.

Secondly, unlike the other paths I would like to focus more on what some might call the True Saiyan transformation. This is the SSJ4 transformation, as other may know the SSJ4 is in a new line of transformation that is much stronger than any line of transformation before God Ki and God Ki would drastically boost this form. If just going Super Saiyan when in Great ape form, creating the Golden ape and mastering the great ape leads to SSJ4 then further super Saiyan upgrade should upgrade the power quantitatively.

"Ah, all this thought processing is so tiring even though I can't do anything right now as I have a year in this incubator" I mumbled as looked around my incubator and sighed.


1 year later

Year 726

"Hey little Charz mommy is here to take you home today" said Lena as she held Charz taking him out of the incubator carrying him with her as she traveled home.

"So this is the legendary planet Vegeta it's rocky and semi-infertile as portrayed in the anime" Chard said as he observed the planet as they were passing by.

The general terrain of the planet was hills, mountains and deserts it was a habitable planet but not one beaming with life or nature and a bit desolate. Normal races and civilizations would not be on planets like this but when it's matched with the brutal, rough and warmongering race like the Saiyans it matched them like a hand in a glove.

After a few minutes we reached a house similar to the other we passed. The house had a kind of organic feeling with being made of rock like a two-story high mountain was chiseled out to make a home for persons but still containing a natural feeling.

Lena opened the door and went in saying "This is our home I hope you like it"

Charz looked around the house "It is as expected rocky and rough interior but there is a certain homey feeling with it" thought Charz as he finished observing the home which was simple in decor.

"Your father is out reporting his mission he'll be back shortly, in the meantime let me show around the house and your room" Lena seeming a little joyful lead Charz around the house showing him every bit of it.

"Great, they let me have my own room; with this I can start training and learning about my various abilities. I wonder how Kale and Caulifla are doing now" thought Charz as crazy ideas started to pop up in his head.

When Artichole returned the family had a hearty dinner before everyone started to find something to do. "Right, Charz in 3 months you will have to go and be trained according to the laws and rules of Saiyans. Although you have the highest-mid-tier innate battle power you will still have to train in the mid-tier group" Artichoke told Charz just before he left.

Charz nodded before rushing back to his room eager to test out his abilities and train himself.

As Charz left Artichole looked at his fading figure and smiled he was happy his child was eager to do stuff he only hoped he would be a great warrior too.

As he slammed the door behind Charz instantly sat down to learn about his abilities. The first thing on his list was the ability gained from Ishiron that allowed him to hide his battle power and fuse bloodlines. As he started up the ability he began to observe everything and he felt his blood moving in a rhythmic pattern along with the beating of his heart. He felt he could increase or decrease the speed with a simple decision but he held off not knowing what the consequences would be if he did here. He also instinctively felt that he could direct the flow of the blood in his body.

"Hmm, this ability is really multifaceted being able to direct the flow of blood would allow me from bleeding out and worsening any injuries in a fight"

Unable to resist the urge Charz tried to use the instant transmission ability immediately. He stood still for a dozen seconds or so trying to locate an area with the lowest and least amount of Ki around he was looking for a piece of barren land or dessert.

"Hehe found it" In an instant Charz disappeared and in a mountainous region that was mostly barren he reappeared on a mountain on a nearby planet. It was completely desolate only small signs of little critters moving around. He found his own little playground.

"Ah I am so glad the Saiyans do not put so much effort into caring or family time, because of that I have time to train and test my abilities to the maximum ah life is just starting to get better and better. I just have to ensure I'm there for breakfast, lunch and dinner" With no one to spy around Charz howled as he decided to fully unleash his abilities.

First off let me truly test this blood ability and see its true secrets." Charz sat down again as began to sense his ability. After a few minutes Charz realized that he was able to sense his battle power it wasn't as accurate as scouters or as Ki sense, but he was able to sense that his current battle power has double from his initial battle power that was at least 22,000 Battle power.

"It has to be due to the Legendary Super Saiyan bloodline I possess" He jumped up in excitement.

"Great, terrific with this I won't need to use scouters to figure out my strength this is a great substitute but I would not know the precise amount but an average" Thrilled he sat down as he continued to explore his ability.

He tried increasing speed of his blood which was the same as increasing the speed of his heart. As the speed increased the heart pumped faster and faster when the speed was 0.5X his normal he felt an increase in his power and reaction speed as if the world became just a tad bit slower in his eyes. Shocked Charz tried to increase the pace more but felt an enormous pressure on his heart and body as if something was telling him it would explode if the pace increased.

Stunned Charz quickly lowered the pace of the blood flow then raised it again until he felt that pressure. He repeated this a few times then tried doing the opposite he tried slowing the pace until a complete stop. As the pace fell he noticed within a certain range his battle power seemed hidden and the lower the range the more hidden it became, all traces of life decreased as he almost lowered his pulse to the stopping point, where he fell and almost fainted. Exhaustion Washed over his body as he realized that playing around with the blood or more specifically the heart in one's own body is extremely tiresome.

"This ability is way much more than I bargained for it's a super trump card. I will need to expressly put more effort in training my body and stamina from now. This is like having a kaio ken, a hiding ability and self-preservation ability."

After a few minutes of rest Charz was up and ready to train his body as this was not the time to waste the God-given opportunity he has so he started train his body in the most fundamentals such as; push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, squats running and lifting some heavy rocks. He intuitively didn't lift too heavy rocks as it may affect his growth and foundation so their weight never more than his body weight about a quarter to a half.