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 After the announcement during dinner and that the Miller family would come the next day to discuss the engagement between Elijah and Layla. Elijah ran to his room and on the way, he could see a boy crying in the garden of the mansion.

He remembered what his sister had told him about the son of a servant named Philip that his grandfather had taken as a disciple, as he also had fallen in love with Layla when he had gone to Cooper Town with his master.

Then, Philip had sent several letters and requests for marriage but was always ignored, and now, she is coming to discuss her engagement with his young master who is still six years old of her own will.

Kid, go talk with him, if you let him like this he can become a threat in the future. Just repeat what I say" Elijah heard Shadow's voice on his head.

After hearing what shadow said he approached Philip and said. "Philip, are you okay? i saw you were a depressed, and I thought to come talk with you"

Feeling someone approaching Philip turned around and saw Elijah watching him with a sympathetic look. "Young Master? you don't need to worry, i just need some time alone."

"Kid, now say this to him..." "Master, i think this is a bit to much to say to him." Shadow seeing that Elijah was not conviced, she began to explain "it is better that he lose all his hope, because even if you don't marry her others will, and if he don't realize this soon. He could make a choice that will destroy his life. You don't want anyone die because of this, do you?"

"Okay Master, I understand now." Realizing that this is the best way to solve this. Elijah said in a cold voice to Philip.

"Philip! this is just a proposal of engagement, it's not like i will realy marry her."

Listening to the first half, Philip's eyes lit up with hope, but that quickly fell apart as Elijah continued to speak.

"But even if I do not marry her, how many people do you think that love her as you do, and in the end you think you stand a chance with a girl who does not even remember you exist? and if she fall in love, what would you do, invade her marriage by claiming that she belongs to you because you love her for more time than her lover? or you would try to kill her or do something worse, so no one could have her other than you?

No matter what you do, you will lose so why care about things like pride and face. it's better if you search for someone who has fellings for you too than force your love on a girl who don't feel anything for you. I already said everything i need so go to bed and remember what i said."

Then Elijah turned and left behind a boy still thinking about what his young master had told him.


Arriving in his bedroom Elijah saw Chloe sleeping on his bed again. "This girl..." then he took the blanket and covered her. "Master, bring me to Dark Space, i want to train a little before the tresure hunt tomorrow and you said time does flows ten times faster there."

"Okay, i will bring you" Elijah felt something pulling him as he sudenly appeared again on the dark space. The only thing he did not notice is that when he left, Chloe opened her eyes and looked at him with bright green eyes.


After entering the Dark Space he Deep Meditate and train on the Void Steps few hours before he rest. "Kid before we continue your training i have to tell to not come here often before you reach the Fourth Realm. You're still young and each second here will age you faster than your world. Now come, i will be your sparring partner."

Elijah grabbed his hammer and jumped on Shadow, who dodged his attack and hit him in his chest, causing him to be thrown three meters away.

Seeing that his movements could do nothing to his Master, he infused his energy into his hammer and threw it without hitting it, so using [Void Steps] he approached and used all his power in his punch, while shadow reflected his punch she felt something wrong and saw him loking at her with a smile.

"hee-hee" and he raised his hand as if pulling something, feeling he had a plan, Shadow threw him away as he shouted [VOID SPACE!]

Nullifying all the energy around them and revealing Shadow's beautiful figure, but before she could do anything a hammer hit her back making her fall to the ground.

Feeling elated for his victory he comemored without even seeing what happened with his Master "Haha! Master, i win. Wait, Master you are a woman!?" "You think I was what, a dog?"

Seeing his master was angry, he said. "Sorry Master, but I never thought my blow would hit you."

As he watched Shadow rise, Elijah was stunned by his masterly appearance, even though she was wearing black robes covering her body and a hood covering part of her face, but the most surprising thing about her was that her silver eyes and divine aura emanated from her.

"Kid, I see you've reached the 7th level apprentice, and with your battle instigated there will not be a problem in this treasure hunt, you better go back now and sleep, you need to be rested before you participate on your family's tresure hunt, and i want you to enter that royal academy."


At ten in the morning, Elijah heard his mother calling him. "Ell, Chloe, the instructors from the Royal Academy arrived and everyone is waiting for you two on our family's forest. you two go change your clothes before we go there."

Then Elijah wiped the drool that Chloe had left on his chest, as Chloe went out to change her clothes.