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 Supporting his body with his hand, he sat up from his laying position. He never thought that there would be a day he get pleasant surprise like this.

Although the mysterious power which saving him is big puzzle, currently its not important since there's more important thing which he need to prepare before cataclysm happened.

"Geez...now that my clothes destroyed, where the fuck that I can find clothes to wear?? fortunately there's close place which is that madman's house! Well, its kinda awkward if my mouth slipped because habit! Azhar, okay! I will call your real name from now on, since your fate has been stolen by me! there's no reason that I call you madman anymore!" Sighing before chuckling he said while stretching his body that he felt comfortable.

He didn't know that man got another crystal which absorbed by Shadow Crystal, because in the past his death is rather mysterious in the eyes of people like him.

After all he only hide when the war happened between Teguh the madman and Nine Major Guild. He remember that he almost getting branded as traitor because hiding the moment of war.

Its not like he can do anything aside from being canon fodder, he can only shut his mouth at that time which is fortunately his team leader is good person. If not maybe he will be hunted or maybe he will be killed the moment that accusation happened.


Entering the home which is close to the location of Crystal descended, he currently naked while his body is perfectly toned like athletic. His face which is before having mark of malnourished is freshened while his hair which is thin and short now is dense yet long while its black healthy.

No one would know that he's Nezha who in the past staying in his room while only come out when he needs to eat and going to toilet. Now his appearance is at the level Korean idol which has many fangirls which struck like a fool.

Even his voice now is heavenly while his eyes deep black like an abyss, and his shoulder which usually bend together with his upper body is straight and wider that would make people feel safe with him.

"Hmm, as usual that madman Teguh only locked the door without caring someone entering! At least its good for me since I can borrow some sarong so I can cover my lower body!"

Glancing around while naked, he searching sarong which Teguh always uses in his prayer. He didn't walk too far before he find one which is hanged close to the kitchen's door.


"Hmm, this is me? How come I don't know that I'm this handsome? wow, my muscle and penis! is this really me?" Surprised after seeing his reflection on mirror, he didn't think there's too much change from earlier event.

Though the thing which is giving him big surprise were his penis which is 5 inch in its normal state. He can't imagine how big it is the moment its erected, maybe it would be 10 inch or more? However, the dismay he felt from it was which woman's pussy he can enter with this big penis? Nezha thought hard for a while before deciding that he would thinking about it later.

Covering her lower body with sarong, he fastened it with usual way to wear sarong when people using it for praying. Unfortunately he can't find another one which is big to cover his upper body.

"Well, with this sarong at least it covering my lower body! I need to go to Inong's home since she has giant body while her head is little... should I help her after borrowing her clothes? after all she's good if I can nurture her into good tanker!" Murmuring while staring at his reflection which is like people just getting circumcision, he felt little funny seeing his penis slightly bulging even though its covered already.

"Since she's orphan, she would be dead after cataclysm! I didn't remember her existence in the past cataclysm, so there's big possibility that she's killed at that timeline!" Remembering that there's autism girl who always bullied in this area, he thought its better to take her since she always obedient to him in the past.

After thinking hard he decided to take her with him, then he take one of Teguh's machete without remorse since that man still has many in his collection. Glancing around he didn't find anything useful so he left Teguh's house after closing it while making sure nothing changed aside from lost of Machete and Sarong.

He goes to earlier empty house which he store his supplies and tools, he noticed that his speed increased slightly after running. He found out that his speed is almost triple of his normal speed, but he only thought it was normal after his body changed to the current one.

He also noticed that his eyesight is improved while his mind is sharp to the point he can avoid mosquito which about to stung him. He felt speechless with this change but its still better than his past body so he only felt gratitude to that Teguh's past timeline.

After all if not for him absorbing Teguh's soul and other crystal which is regeneration ability, he would be have hard time to mastering the shadow crystal and searching good support crystal which should take his time.


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