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 Remembering a week later would be there's news on any type of media has reported what happened after the cataclysm. He know the Zombies which is failure result of mutation would start rising back up their feet and attacked people that weren't their kin. They did what the typical Zombies did, they would ate their victim's flesh and made more of their kind.

Of course Nezha remember that some people who successfully mutated would woke up first before Zombies. Only, there's some people who think their family is only sleeping but in fact they sign their demise with that.

He suddenly thought that its better to upload video as a gift, though he can't open the secret too much since he fear someone similar with him existed.

He will use mask at least to warn them to hold people who is in coma or get away from them, with that he can decrease early victim of Zombies. Even though it wouldn't help that much, its still better than ignoring them like he didn't care.

At least he wouldn't need to do work for free to save someone he didn't know, he only want to make his heart free of guilt with doing that. Nodding his head he decided that he will record warning video and upload it in net-cafe later.

As for the number people who believe with it wasn't his business anymore, because after cataclysm everyone still need to depend on their own to live.


Stopping in front of crystal, his heartbeat was quickened to the point his breathing become erratic. However, he's calmed down immediately since his mental was stronger than normal human.

At least bewitching lure from crystal wouldn't taking over his sense, or else it would be nightmare for him. Although this is surprise for him since he didn't know there's something like this from his past knowledge.

His gaze changed into solemn while staring at it because he felt something fishy from this, but the lure of the power is weighing more than anything. So, he didn't hesitate to take a hold the crystal which he know that will become a key for him to become strong.

"Fuck that... I don't care if this is strange or normal! I only know that if I didn't take this then I can only get common crystal which I have in my past life!!"

After resolving his wavering heart, his hand which is slow approaching crystal is quickened taking hold of it. Then suddenly what he fear happened since the moment he hold the crystal, something strange which shouldn't be happened occurring at this time.

The crystal entering his hand and its advancing roughly to his heart, its painfully fast and unobstructed by anything.


'What the fuck happened to me now?? ughh..why do I feel someone about to take over my body??' Nezha thought while screaming and crawling in pain.

His hand clawing to the ground in instinct to lessen pain which is futile, his nail was crushed to the point his finger bleeding. Hie eyes leaking blood like tears, his nose bleeding and his body arched to above the ground while shivering.

His expression was contorted in pain while his clothes was disintegrated like an ash, suddenly from chest his heart the crystal emitting shadow energy which is like attempting to swallow his body.

Its spreading like tree root which forcing itself into his cell body, his body's skin peeling of its layer while mysterious energy coming from crystal healing it.


He's screaming hoarsely like a beast which is struggling to live, when the root about to invade his mind. Runic symbol inside his soul activated and reversing devouring attempt from crystal, after that the runic symbol is gone without Nezha noticing that it was ever existed in the first place.

Suddenly he's stopped screaming since his head felt refreshed, he opened his eyes in amazement that something like new knowledge was transplanted into his brain.

He felt the fate is playing with him, because if not for something strange happened. Maybe, he would get swallowed by this greedy attempt. However, from that he know crystal which is emperor and supreme tier has strange perk.

The strange thing which make them impossible to be dropped from body, it is because they're only existed as one in countless timeline that make them gone after possessor killed. From earlier event he know that their soul or consciousness was gone together with crystal and transferred into different parallel world which only started.

Fortunately he didn't get swallowed by that madman's soul which make him winner. However, its still brought terror into his deep heart since with this there's big problem where people who has emperor or supreme tier crystal will arrive in the current timeline.

Obviously this perk is because cataclysm is for helping human survive when the invader arrived. Although its make him scared, its still make him feel excited that he win earlier battle.

However, he still confused why the devouring force was reversed since now he feel that his consciousness is stronger than his past. Maybe if he get Esper crystal series then this mental level would be good thing.

Though for him now its still better than nothing, after all he almost get his body taken over by that madman. From the memories he get from that madman's soul, he can use this power at the same level with that madman in the past timeline.

"From now on, I will use this power to my advantage! Hahahahahaha!" Nezha laughing like madman while laying on the ground which full of filth and blood.

"Fortunately there's rare crystal which that madman possessed aside from this Shadow Crystal! Else my body would become corpse now, because I can see that my height is increased to 170cm or more! However, the important point is his memories of power usage is really useful!" Taking deep breath Nezha murmured with grin while his eyes flashed with happy glint.


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