She wailed a taxi and dropped off somewhere that had no installed cameras yet and hopped to ride another taxi. She repeated the cycle for a few times before she was dropped off in an unknown rural area outside the city. Then, she started walking for about 2 kilometers before she reached the woods and another 4 kilometers to reach an abandoned looking bungalow. Its green roof was filled with moss and caved in at one place, the windows were dark and grey due to thick layered dirt while the ivy clung to the outer walls. Around the house was an unkempt undergrowth as if the house had grown up from the very earth.

Seraphina dug something on the ground near the tree that stood still next to the bungalow and found a key. She entered inside with the creaking sound of the door. Looking around the once sophisticated and neatly organized house -was now filled with grey streaks of black across the walls as mold from the damp nights began to seep in. The flaking speckles of paint lined the floor with dust and the corpses of unfortunate creatures. The disused rotting wooden furniture; stained with linchen while the curtains that hanged limp and moth-eaten. The originally lively and harmonious place was now still and heavy with expectation and foreboding waiting for one more lifeform to creak across the worn wooden floorboards.

Seraphina pursed her lips as an emergent memories crept on her heart. In her previous life, she had a habit to dropped by in this place whenever she visits her grandfather. Also, she kept the house neat but her absence for the past year left the house in this state.

Shrugging off the memories and the arising emotions she was feeling, she went straight to a room that looked like an old study room. She precipitate the dusty carpet and coughed slightly due to the dust mite that surrounded the moisten air before she groped the floor. As she felt the hollowed dent, she forcefully pulled it up revealing a path underground.

Seraphina always had her "what if's" thus, whenever she visited this place, she would leave some of her 'babies' and probably when an emergent danger happened she and her grandfather had a refuged.

Reaching the dark underground room, she switched the lights on. Luckily, she did modernize the house with her free time in her previous life and had solar panels to maintained its electricity.

When the lights brightly wrapped around the unexpectedly spacious room, it revealed different weapons attached on the walls, different pc monitors, a mini locker at the corner, a sofa couch, a mini table in the center and a workbench near the weapons. It looked like an armory inside a monitoring area.

Her eyes lit up seeing the familiar stuff inside the capacious room. She grabbed an odd looking phone from the mini locker and a pack of cigarettes. Seeing it was battery empty, she leisurely recharged the phone and switched on the monitors. Each monitors displayed different foreign codes. She tapped a few keys before the monitors showed a welcoming greeting 'Welcome BD'. After the greeting message, each monitors restored its previous activity - showing different maps and floorplans, a person's profile and different transactions of who knows what.

Staring at the stolen photo of a middle aged man wearing a formal black tux getting inside his car that displayed from one the monitor screen. Seraphina leaned back in the ergonomic black chair as she touched her chin with her fingers and pondered.

"You lived long enough, eh?" A shrewd smirk appeared on her lips as a glint flashed across her eyes.

She glanced at the odd looking phone that lit up and grabbed it as she dialed someone with a caller ID: bump on a log.

It rung a few times before an excited young man's voice went through the line.

Boss!?!" He exclaimed.

"Hehe" she giggled hearing the enthusiasm tone from the young man's voice.

"Who are you?!"

"Code: Big Daddy." She answered nonchalantly. She wanted to messed the person at the other end of the line but was reminded that she had something more 'fun' to do thus, she didn't beat around the bush.

"Boss? you're using voice changer now!?" There was a trace of doubt in his voice making her rolled her eyes.

"nu-uh. But atleast you now know what's the taste of your own medicine."

"Hehe.. Boss you're back?"

"Hmm. Before that... do me a favor. I want to enjoy the city breeze."

"Uhh... Boss? what are you up to?" He enthused.


The other person on the line heard a continuous tapping of keyboard before he received an email. He opened it revealing a map and heard Seraphina's voice once again.

"Tamper every cctv cameras around that area and don't interfere... just enjoy the show." She said in a trivial manner before she hung up.

After the call was cut off, Seraphina sent another short and precised E-mail to 'bump on a log', saying;


Gathered the cuties in country C.




Receiving her Email, the face of the young man twitched seeing its content.