7 days have passed quickly. Seraphina adjusted well with the 'new' environment. Her room was also renovated on her 2nd day at Yue mansion. her original gray room with a minimalist design transformed to a princess type room. It was rather colorful. Seraphina was satisfied about the changes but one. Marga would often visit and feeds her stories about her and Seraphina's 'close relationship'.

"I see." Seraphina smiled at Marga as she pulled her cup of tea from the table and slightly took a sip. As Seraphina studied the girl's appearance, she pondered.

'She does looks like me.. Of course her demure doesn't count but if just appearance, people might think were sisters. Did she get surgery?' She thought

Seraphina hadn't notice it in her previous life due to her being indifferent with little value. but now that she knew this girls intention, she was bewildered if she got a surgery or what magic did she used. Although Seraphina knew Marga's hidden agenda towards her, that fact was still left mystery to her.

"By the way, Im having a dinner party later at home. You should come!" Marga excitedly invited Seraphina as she knew they got closer after a few days of interaction. Marga was in disbelieve that the Seraphina she knew didn't only lose her memories but had a 180° complete changed.

"I cant.. but I'll try." Seraphina smiled with an unusually gentle tone. In all honesty, Seraphina was delighted to see this girl again. Though the reasons wasn't known, she kind of enjoy her company.

"Okay. I hope next time you could come so I can introduced you to some my friends." Marga pouted. She looked dejected but still respected her at the end. They chatted for a bit before Marga left to prepare for her party.

After a few coaxing, Seraphina was permitted by Sebastian Yue to go shopping that day accompanied by her personal bodyguards, Ace and Riggs. She decided to have a makeover as she felt she could atleast doll up just in case she'll die an unexpected death - she'll die beautiful atleast.

Inside the car, while their on the way to a known luxury mall for elites at the Capital City, both men had a conspiracy of silence but Seraphina's twinkling eyes made the two at the front seats shivered as they had an sudden premonition-that the 'Ms evil lolita' was up to something.

When they reach the mall premises, Seraphina didn't waste a second and started her shopping spree. She racked every boutique she could and wouldn't leave the stall empty handed. Seeing her two bodyguards carrying all kinds of paper bags on their hands, she was satisfied. Her last stopped was a famous salon. Known for it sophisticated hairstyling, the salon was packed with famous public figures and elites from wealthy families. At the lobby area, Seraphina glanced at the lady beside her. She wear a big sunglasses that almost covered half of her face but seeing her refined jaw and delicate nose, one can tell she is a real beauty.

Sensing Seraphina's constant stare, the beauty slightly turned her head to her and offered a scrimping smile. Seraphina smiled back at her before she was called by her appointed hairstylist. The extremely spacious hair salon gave the convenience of each clients spaces. Seraphina's seat was at the center corner- not far from her was the lady earlier. She took off her big glasses, revealing her puffy red eyes while talking to her assigned hairstylist. Seraphina wasn't interested in celebrities and not very fond in entertainment industry as she finds its hypocrisy -disgusting. but she particularly knew that girl. She was an uprising star known as Nadine and she could say she's famous. Seraphina's curiosity strike again as she tried to read the girl's moving lips.

'I see. So that's what happened.' She thought.

Seraphina didn't dwell on her anymore as she turned her attention to her assigned hairstylist. She told him what she wanted for her hair which he executed accordingly.

After a few hours, Seraphina was inloved to see herself. Unlike the dull white lotus appearance she had, her newlook matched her more. Her original black straight hair transformed to lilac permed. She gave the hairstylist a thumbs up before calling her bodyguards to show off her new look. Before leaving, she gave a quick glanced at Nadine's direction who's hair was cut-short that doesn't reach her shoulder.

At the entrance of the salon, Ace and Riggs was patiently waiting for her. Seraphina commended these two as they adapt to their job earlier than expected. She happily hopped towards them and immediately asked.

"How do I look?"

Riggs cough lightly before answering. "You look fine, young miss."

Seraphina turned to Ace as she blinked her eyes anticipating for his answer.

"You looked great, young miss." Without a change in his flat voice, Ace answered. For some unknown reason, Riggs and Ace felt Seraphina's constant tantrums are quite bearable. Seraphina was satisfied with their answer before she spoke.

"I need to go to the restroom." Seraphina's voice was unusually sweet and innocent. Without waiting for their reply, Seraphina strode to the mall ladies restroom. They followed her and stopped few meters before the restroom. Before she continued her way to the restroom, she turned her head behind her and said.

"Dont you want to take a photo of me? You might miss me." She said. Both men didn't respond, thus Seraphina didn't bother them anymore as she went inside the ladies restroom.

Riggs as time passed by felt uneasy as Seraphina was taking too long inside.