The space inside the Gate was unusually clean, it had a size of 100 cubic meter, aside from a few torches on the walls and a 3 cubic meter black box in the middle of the room, it was basically empty.

Alex slowly walked toward the black box and took a look at it. It was filled with dragons with chains bounding their enourmous bodies, the most eye- catching part was not the dragons but the chains, it was able to surpress and bound the mythological dragons and it seems that the dragons couldn't even retaliate!

Aside from the engravings on the box there was 14-inch circle in the middle, Alex concluded that it was a button used to unlock these box.

He stiod in front of the box for a few minutes and strechted out his legs to push the button in.

Clank! Clank! Clank!

The sound of gears turning resounded, as a solemn solemn aura was exuded from the box. Purple colored smoke began to emit from the box as it slowly open the lid of the box.


Numerous gigantic chains began to burst out of the box, Alex who had seen this change immediately made a run for the gate.


The gates were shutted close before Alex was able to reach it. As if sensing Alex's existence the chains begun to fly towards him at fast speeds.

A smaller chain from the right was already 2 meters away from him, he took his stance and kicked with all his might towards the chain in an attempt to propell it towards the other chains to stop the assault directed at him.

Seemingly realizing Alex's intention, the small chain flew upward and dodged Alex attack while wrapping itself on Alex's thigh, immobilizing Alex's movement.

The other chains continued to throw themselves at Alex's body. Numerous chains now wrapped his whole body immobilizing him fully so that he cannot even move his head. "Human, I am Elux the Divine Chains of Judgement used to judge beings who go against heaven's will." Elux the divine chain solemly explained its origin to the immobile Alex via telepathy.

" Why did you capture a cripple like me?" Alex asked Elux using his thoughts. " You're the first human in thousands of years to awaken me, as such I would like to be your Soul Armament." Elux replied after thinking for a moment.

" Soul Armaments?" Alex asked. " Soul Armaments are weapons that have True Spirits as a core and can be bounded to the soul, each practitioner can only have one such weapon." Elux replied solemly

" Weapon are divided into 6 tiers, mortal, earth, sky, spirit, heaven, and divine, they are further divided into 4 grades Low, Middle, High, and Peak grade. Weapons that have True Spirits as the core are mostly Spirit tier weapons." Elux added.

" What tier and grade are you then?" Alex questioned the so called 'Divine Chains'. " low-grade Divine weapon." Elux answered proudly.

"Ehh. Not peak-grade?" Alex was disappointed " Weren't you supposed to judge beings who do not follow the heavens path? How do you do that with such an... inferior grade?".

Hearing his statement, Elux was dumfounded, he a Divine tier weapon was actually called inferior grade, well logically speaking he was a low-grade weapon but he was a divine weapon, even Low-grade Spirit weapon can slice mountain in half easily let alone a Divine tier one, yet this kid seemed to underestimate his prowess so much.

Elux could only swallow his hurt pride and said. " In the whole world there are only 5 Divine weapons and I am ranked 3rd amongst those 5, the the ones above me are merely Middle-grade, I am also about to become middle-grade you know?" Elux continued to persuade Alex until Alex accepted his offer.


" So how do I bind you to my soul?" Alex asked while sitting in front of a black cat that had purple-eyes. "Well you drop your blood on me." Elux answered while licking his paws.

" Well let's get started then" Alex made a small wound on his foot and begun to extend in towards Elux's body.

"Hey, hey, why use your foot?" Elux immediately backed away as soon as he saw the foot extending towards him. " Do I have a choice?" Alex smiled bitterly as he continued to extend his foot towards Elux.

Hearing his reply Elux remembered that Alex lost his arms so he stopped moving and let Alex's foot touch his forehead.

As blood from Alex's foot touched Elux, changes begun to appear on Elux's cat form, his former black fur became white and his purple eyes became golden-yellow just like Alex.

Alex on the otherhand felt a warm current flow into his body and directly went to his soul in the form of chains.


The two woke up a few hours later and Alex felt a treamendous amount of power and his body. " Hey kid looks like your bloodline is special, to actually change my form and affect my ability a bit, I look forward in your future." Elux turned into his chain form and entered Alex's spiritual world.

' Time to leave this sh*thole' Alex heard Elux's voice in his head so he replied ' How Elux?'. ' Using my chains dimwit' Elux answered.

'Using your thoughts, imagine a chain shooting out of your body.' Alex did as he was told resulting in him shooting out a chain which he used as a rope to climb the walls.

' Hmm good let's get out now.' Alex went to the Blood colored pond and aimed at the hole in the ceiling which he used to enter this place.

Using the chain like a rope, Alex climbed up the hole until he saw land. When he got out of the deep sinkhole, 1 he saw the snake mutant which bit his arms off, fighting a group of students wearing the uniform of Sky Dragon Academy.

And among them he recognzied 4 students Alice, Adrian, Adam and surprisingly Marie was also there. The snake dashed towards Marie's direction in an attempt to bite her arms.

Alex stomped his feet on the ground and took a stride forward, the force of his stomp directly caused bits of rocks to fly away.

1 meter before Alex reached the mutant he jumped into the air and used his airstep to propell himself towards the mutant.


When Alex's kick landed on the head of the mutant it directly crushed the mutant's skull instantly killing it.

Seeing what happened so fast, Marie was shocked initially but recovered her composure and thanked the armless white-haired boy for saving her.

" Thank you for saving me mister." Marie said with a bow. "Your welcome." after saying that the boy directly went away.

Hearing the familiar voice, Marie and Alice who was just about to thank the boy for helping Marie had faces of shock.

"Alex?!" The two shouted in unison garnering their classmates attention. " Alex? The guy used as bait by the Espers?" murmurs spread amongst the students as Alex had walked farther away from them.

"Alex please stop. I need to talk to you." Alice shouted as she tried to catch up to Alex.

A shadow of a person flashed all of a sudden as Adrian's body instantly appeared on the back of Alex firmly gripping his shoulders.

" I don't care if you're Alex that piece of sh*t or someone else but if Alice calls you, you must go to her immeduately, understand?" Adrian said in a threatening tone.

" Grasp the Earth" Alex whispered as he controlled the enourmous amount of Earth Qi present on the ground to flow into his leg before he kicked viciously at Adrian's face. The force of the Earth was concentrated on his leg resulting in the power of the kick being 10 times stronger.

Adrian directly flew 10 meters away with his face covered in blood. " Are you threatening me?" Alex coldly said as he left the scene using airstep.

" He's alive." Alice whispered in the air...


Alex was now walking towards Flame Spear City to meet his master who was staying at an old cabin on the outskirts of the city.