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 "No," Xia Feng Zi replied.


"Whatever is down there, it must be the reason why the person of the Crafted Avatar was here as the Second Elder so it is better to let it there..." Xia Feng Zi added after seeing her master's expressionless face.

After the minor explosion had occurred, Xia Feng Zi had noticed a strange fluctuation of energy coming from the palace's floor. However, as soon as she was pondering about what it might be, the masked Second Elder's image appeared in her head, allowing her to answer some of the doubts she had about the Second Elder.

"... If you let it there and someone who isn't the Second Elder takes it... who do you think he will look for?"


'I'm in deep shit.'

"How troublesome..." Xia Feng Zi sighed before floating towards the ruined main palace.



"A top-grade space pocket?" Xia Feng Zi said after having spread her soul strength to look for an entrance to the floor underground.

She walked towards the still churning redwood door and bent down to pick a fist-sized circular black pocket from the shattered floor, "It is indeed one... It seems that the coating of black gold mystic stone is really something. There is not even a scratch on the pocket...

"How can the... Uh?

"Master? Master...

"Master Bei Ling?!" Xia Feng Zi asked and asked when she saw her master staring intently to a little hill of broken stone.


"Oh, as you said before, it might be better to not take whatever is down there..." Bei Ling turned to her and said carelessly.


"There is an Invisible World Ring within this pile of rubbish," she added with wonder while pointing at the pile of rocks.

"So... is he... someone lucky like me or..." Xia Feng Zi didn't finish her sentence; the thought of that unsaid possibility was giving her a headache already.

"He might be a God," Bei Ling nodded, "and one from above," she nodded again.

"You jest, Master."

"No, it is unlikely for two world treasures to be wandering down here," she said as a matter of course, "also, it's a World Ring, not an Estate Ring so it was created by a powerful God and it has the invisible mode too..."

"All right, all right, I get it," Xia Feng Zi rubbed her temples after putting inside her black necklace her newly gained top-grade space pocket, "Suuu~"

'Such a nuisance...'