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 Surgit opened his eyes to find himself standing again in that garden with its small house on top of the hill and flowers all around. He saw the doll lying on the ground next to the door as he approached it. He swore he could see a finger twitching but when he looked at the inanimate object again, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. He got inside the house to find Gherman this time facing him: "Welcome back" he said as he looked at him fixatedly. Gherman looked like a very old man at first. On closer inspection though, Surgit could see that the man sitting on the wheelchair was missing his right leg. "What happened to your leg?" he asked before he could repress the thought. "I see that you've chosen the saw cleaver as your weapon, nice choice. It's a swift weapon for sure, not really elegant but who needs good looks when you're faced with beasts." Gherman had continued his speech as if Surgit hadn't spoken at all. This feature, common to most people he had met since he arrived started to irritate him. "Don't worry, for now your job is to hunt beasts. So go out there and hunt, it's for your own good." He went on then fell as sleep instantly as if on a timer. Surgit didn't try to wake him this time. Those things in the city were beasts after all and he just had to kill them. He decided to take a closer look at the house and get some rest before he headed back to Yharnam.

The house had two entrances. The main one next to which the inanimate doll rested and another one that lead to a smaller garden at the back of the house. In the middle of the house there was a fireplace opposite which Gherman loved to slumber. Opposite to it was what seemed to be a workshop bench with weapon parts on top of it. What got his attention though was an altar next to the back door. There was a white cloth on the altar that was stained with blood. A strange inscription could be read under the cloth. Surgit removed it to read: A special tool is required to use Caryl Runes on this altar. Behind it stood a strange statue: a hooded woman was holding a big rocky tablet which hid all of her body starting from her waist down, inscriptions must have been written on the tablet but now, all the text was long gone as if years of decay had erased it. Next to the statue, Surgit saw something scribbled on the wooden floor. "Seek Pale blood to transcend the hunt." The note was engraved by a sharp object on the wooden surface of the floor. Someone really wanted him or anyone else to find this message. Too many questions and no one to answer them, Surgit started feeling irritated at the amount of mystery this place hid. He decided to take a rest in a couch in the house before he headed back to the city.