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 He woke up to find himself in the same room again. The bookcases with old medical equipment on its shelves and the chair which used to have binding belts, Surgit felt his body with his hands. Not a single scratch was to be found on his body. "I'm definitely experiencing a very bad dream." He thought to himself. One moment ago, he felt the pain burning though his body as the werewolf attacked him. "The werewolf! It must be still here" He still had his saw in his hand and the pistol attached to his belt. This time, he was determined to strike first. He wanted to know what was happening to him and he realized that only by getting out of this place, could he hope to get a grasp of what was going on.

He left the room and went down the stairs. The werewolf was patrolling the previously dark room. Surgit remembered how the lights were dimly lit in this place but he couldn't help but notice that he could see the exit door as clearly as if daylight had penetrated the room. The werewolf, catching Surgit's scent turned towards him and lunged forward. He was ready this time as he quickly upholstered his pistol and shot the beast on the chest. The force of the impact sent the werewolf flying backwards and with a deafening scream, it bared its teeth at Surgit. "Oh shit!" was his last thought. The werewolf moved so fast and sliced his throat open.

Back in the room again, Surgit gasping for breath, inspected his neck and found it intact. "I can't die" He felt confidence surging into his whole being. He felt stronger and ready to face the werewolf again. As he went down, he was prepared to try his saw and see if he could damage the beast. As the werewolf attacked him another time, he noticed something new happening to him. The beast's movements seemed clear to him. For some reason he couldn't explain, he found himself side stepping easily and avoiding the werewolf's first strike.

He lunged forward to avoid its jumping attack and found himself behind it. For the first time since he arrived to this place, he felt like he had the upper hand. The beast was now open so he swung his saw at it and felt his weapon tear through its flesh. It was as sharp as a razor and the wound it inflicted was large and deep. The beast let out a painful howl as Surgit stroke again with his weapon cutting down its leg. The beast started limping away towards a corner. Surgit felt the fear that the beast was experiencing and he advanced towards it confidently. With two other swings, he was sure of killing the beast. He felt its fangs pierce his chest. 'What's going on?" He saw blood oozing out of his body and felt his strength fading away. His knees hit the floor and he felt the beasts fangs clutching against his neck, choking him to death. Never underestimate a cornered beast. He was back in the anteroom again.