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 Silver could be seen drinking tea leisurely, pondering over the matters of the meeting a week ago, in his home on top of Void Peak. No task were given to him as Old Yam told him he would handle all the menial stuff, as there's isn't much to deal with around the undecided faction, most disciple were either trying out each field to see which area they could succeed in or cultivating. With his cultivation realm at a standstill, he finally understood why Blacky was extremely strict with his training, currently in need for more chaotic qi yet he could only gather so much within a long period of time.

His void body isn't strong enough to gather more chaotic qi at sound breaking speed, so either he had to find ways to upgrade quickly or find a qi gathering array made to gather soley chaotic qi. He decided to go ask Blacky for an array that could gather the chaotic qi, if he isn't able to persuade the void dragon, making one wasn't hard but may take up his cultivation time but it didn't matter now as he could barely get a jar worth of qi with his current realm. Luckily his medallion came in time, if not, he would be studying all the books he memorized from the library to create a heaven-grade array.

Walking down the trail of Void Peak, gathering his thoughts and turning it to resolve, heading towards the Isle Of Wisdom. Silver spotted a young woman nearby, nearing the isle's lake, hesitating as if she was unsure if it were the right decision. The young woman stood at a height of 1.7 meters, tall yet slender with a curvaceous bottom, aesthetically pleasing plump thighs to match her bosom. Although her face is veiled, you can tell she is a heavenly beauty with fair skin as smooth as jade, free of impurities and a sense of isolation in her aura. Definitely a cold and unmatched beauty, unfazed by the world's desire, taking a step in a shrouded mystery. But to Silver, he knew this girl very well, actually her old man is still trying to play matchmaker between them. He couldn't help but sigh but feel mesmerized by her, not by beauty but by his heart, simply yearning for her.

As if noticing someone looking at her, she turned around to see Silver, a slight change to her cold temperament breaking into a warm smile inwardly stunning him.

"Hello, vice-leader Silver. What brings you to the Isle Of Wisdom today?," the young woman warmly spoke. The anxious boulder in her heart finally fell off the cliff, waiting to see Silver once more, after 5 years. She had cultivated to the peak of Null Origin, ready to form her king's mark, in an attempt to break into the Martial King realm. Old Yam had taught her how and what to do when she was ready to form her mark, advising her to head to the Isle Of Wisdom, calling for Baruch, a heavenly dragon with vast and ancient knowledge, living through countless ages, even before the creation of White Lotus City, the guardian of the Isle Of Wisdom.

"I'm here to meet Blacky in the Isle of Wisdom, and you Shi?" Silver answered in a gentle manner. He felt at ease and comfort, for the first time in weeks, standing in front of her.

"Blacky?" puzzled Shi while furrowing her eyebrows. She didn't know the dragon as well as Silver did, unsure how to reply to such a casual remark.

"Oh I forgot, that's the nickname I gave him when he didn't answer my question for his name. It should be Baruch, Guardian of the Isle Of Wisdom," Silver explained as he made a villainous smirk. "Alright since we're both here, let's fly together, are you okay with that?"

"Yes," nodded Shi brightly smiling unaware of the quick smirk he made. She really needed some guidance from Silver too as no one knew the manual better than him. Hopefully after she finished figuring out how to breakthrough, she could receive more expert advices from him and Baruch.

Flying to the island, both activating their medallions allowing access to the isle, opening an entrance and landing onto the luscious grass. They made their way towards the library in hopes that Baruch would answer their queries.

A black and lustrous scaled dragon appeared before them, upon reaching the library, gazing at them with a hint of curiosity and knowing.

"Brat, why do you return so quickly, have you stumble over a pebble while cultivating? It's quite rare for you to have such a puzzling face over small matters," Blacky spoke with an intimidating voice releasing a powerful and grand aura. "And daughter of the sect's guardian, what matters do have to come to the library? Hmm, it seems like you reached a bottleneck in your path of cultivation. Interesting, a body complementing ice and fire, are you here to create your king's mark? If so, head forth into the library since I have much to speak about with this young brat besides you."

Staring at the dragon in awe for a moment, Shi nodded quickly, heading into the library, leaving the dragon and Silver alone.

"What do you need, brat?" Blacky asked annoyed losing all of the intimidation he had after sending Shi away. He can be himself around the young man without any repercussion, as they spent man-5 years together, building a solid friendship.

"I'm hoping you have a chaotic qi gathering array formula that I can create for my Void Peak. I've noticed that it's barely enough to cultivate with despite my ability to gather at a tremendous speed. I need to get stronger so I cannot be hindered in my path cultivation and I can't always come to the isle due to many responsibilities stealing my time away from cultivation ," nagged Silver. "Plus, my constitution is unique and difficult to upgrade. Do you know of a place with a fire that can burn in the void and ice that can't be melted by that said fire?"

"I do have such array, but I'm unsure if you can learn it. Let's make a deal, if you can learn this array within 3 days time, I will tell you how to upgrade your void constitution," replied Blacky. "And how I know of your void body, we are of the same, beings of the void can only gather chaotic qi and the special energies across the universe."

"Alright, show me the formula, I'm sure I can comprehend it," Silver replied as his blood began to boil with the challenge. With such a good deal, he couldn't let go, but grasp the chance the moment it came. He was an immortal with millions of years of experience born with heaven-defying comprehension skills and a divine grade talent due to reforming his body.

With a simple nod, Black inwardly laughing sinisterly, pointing his huge claw to Silver's forehead, transferring the information of the chaotic qi gathering formula. Silver sat down in a lotus position, fully immersed in the formula, ready to prove the void lizard wrong.

'I hope you understand the complexity of this array, it took me several million years to create, hundreds of years of adjustments, experimenting and comprehending multiple universal laws to completely perfect it. Its has various uses but with your realm, you could probably only allow it to gather qi' Blacky inwardly thought staring at the silent Silver as he sat there trying to grasp the formula essence. Blacky slowly vanished into the void, taking a glimpse at the library, audibly sighing.

Deep within the sect, in the Divination Faction Leader's abode, a startled old man could be staring up into the night sky.

"A new fate star is about to be born . . ." Starfinder mumbled. "Our world's will is awakening slowly, a catastrophic war is nearing, will we be able to fight them and win?"