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 "As of today, we'll be adding Faction Leader Silver into our ranks," Dimsum decided as all the faction leaders nodded in their votes. "We'll give him the alias of vice-leader under Old Yam to prevent mass displeasure from the disciples. Please inform your vice leaders of Silver, as he will join the ranks in our decision making, announcing his accomplishments as to why such a disciple climbed the ranks in a short amount of time. Bring up all the experiments you've successfully completed due to his insights and do not say it is from the written exams as to ensure his status is set in stone. Silver, as the faction leader, you're responsibilities will increase but you will always have ample time to cultivate. I hope you can give the other faction leaders a hand to help further and strengthen our sect. Send me the details you want for your personal medallion and tokens. They will ensure your status and give you access to everything within the sect and unlimited time on the Isle of Wisdom."

"Thank you," Silver spoke with a heart filled with gratitude. Because of his "small" insights, the sect were able to advance as a whole, completely moving as an unstoppable force. Years later, they would become a renowned number one sect, harboring and producing talented individuals while having nearly impossible criterias for acceptance. "I thank everyone for giving me this once in a lifetime chance, I hope to ensure the growth of our sect and protect it with my full capabilities!"

"No worries lad, I enjoy your presence and the help you've given cannot be repaid in many lifetimes," declared Old Yam, smiling brightly. He is still set on to having his daughter wed to Silver. Such a talent with multitudes of knowledge isn't something he would let go, especially for the rest of the faction leaders. He had to strike the iron while it's still hot and not spoken for. "I'm sure you have an idea in mind of what your insignia for your medallion and tokens would be?"

"Yes, I would like to see what your insignia would be. If you don't mind" Velvet said curiously as she was given the task in inscribing the medallion while Fang makes them.

"Let me draw it up write now," grinned Silver as he picked up a brush and paper from the center of the table.

Everyone stared at the paper intently, curious, as Silver begun drawing his insignia. 10 minutes of drawing, an image of a crow with three eyes appeared, a powerful intent filled the atmosphere of the room. The three eyed crow ink drawing flew out of the paper and around the room, just as he lifted the brush, before returning back into the piece of paper. As if the intent of life and death, chaos and order, space and time all disintegrated under the intent of emptiness, a void that ends all and starts all, an unfathomable and untouchable power.

"Amazing, this inscription can help me make a breakthrough!" exclaimed Velvet full of exuberance. Never in her life had she seen something so profound, just the thought of inscribing it onto the medallion gave her an exciting chill, a type of euphoria. The bottleneck she'd been stuck at can finally be broken.

"Looks like I get to finally use that Dark Star Ore I been dying to try," beamed Fang. He too, like Velvet, needed something to advance his smithing skills. He didn't know what to make with the Dark Star Ore as it was extremely heavy and hard to shape. He only had a few and luckily one of them is a small chunk the size of a baby's fist. Creating a medallion is doable, at least in his current level, so he wasn't to concerned about it.

"Dark Star Ore? Do you have one the size of my torso?" inquired Silver as he looked at Fang with a serious expression. Dark Star Ore was what his old halberd, Starless, as the ore itself when formed is pitch black like a starless sky. "If you do, I'll give you a smithing technique as remuneration of such valuable material."

"I do but show me this technique first before I can decide," Fang replied as an anxious feeling begun building up in his heart.

"Here. Don't worry, I never repay others badly" Silver reassured Fang as he handed him the manual after taking it out from his spatial ring. "You may even improve with this technique."

"Alright . . ." Fang replied grabbing the manual, immediately reading it. His facial expression began to redden, every flip of a page, as he read to the end of the manual. Staring up at Silver, containing his emotions, a feeling of worship could be seen within his eyes. "THANK YOU FACTION LEADER SILVER, IT'S AN ABSOLUTE DEAL!"

Without giving Silver a chance to say anything, incase he would refute, Fang ran out of the pagoda and flew to his workshop in high speed as if possessed by his urges to learn and complete his assigned task. He felt delightful and satisfied that he came to this year meeting, wanting to meet the genius who solved their difficulties, doing everything he could to ensure the Undecided Faction felt like a part of the sect and undiscriminated. Hopefully some talented ones in the field of smithing could come to him after being directed by Silver.

Everyone stared at Silver, besides Old Yam and Dimsum, began calculating inwardly in attempt to get something out of him. They all felt envious of the excitement Fang expressed when he fled to his workshop.

"Not to worry, I'll help when I have some free time," Silver hurriedly announced with cold sweat. He really felt like he was a dying beast surrounded by some vultures ready to take the first bite. He had better manuals but most of the manuals he gave out were considered mid-tier in his old world. It seem, to him, that this world became hindered after the great invasion.

"Everyone besides Old Yam and Silver is dismissed," Patriarch Dimsum commanded as he waved his right hand in a shoo-ing manner.

Looking at the stern look of the patriarch, still grumbling in their heart, they all turned and left the pagoda to contemplate on how to get Silver to help them.

"Hopefully within this week, you'll get your medallion and tokens. Every faction leader is given 33 tokens allowing those individuals access to reside on your Void Peak and some resources within the sect. They do have to accumulate merit points like every other disciple and in a few weeks time, you'll be given your first mission due to sect protocols. The mission is usually ranked B but at times you'll be handed a A- SS rank missions if our sect is facing a problematic situation. I wish you the best, Faction Leader Silver, in all your endeavors. Old Yam, please take care of him, he may be our future pillar that our sect's need," Patriarch Dimsum informed amusingly, waving them off.

"Yes, Patriarch," Old Yam and Silver uniformly acknowledged as they got up from their seats, bowing slightly, walking out of the pagoda. Old Yam summon his rowboat, as they got onto the edge of the island, both hopping on and flying away.

Staring at the leaving duo, sighing audibly, he hoped that the future of the sect would stay bright as the future held something catastrophic that included White Lotus City as a whole. Based on the divinations, the city's fate star had been flickering lately, an ominous sign. Every sect leader knew of the perilous situation and already begun preparing for a bloody and despondent future. Their sect were of no exceptions.