The next morning I stood in front of the mirror, staring at myself, I looked like a high school girl in the outfit, I tried to drag the top to cover my belly button but it wouldn't budge.

There was a knock on the door, I knew it was Trey

"Come in"

The door opened and he walked in looking even more handsome than yesterday, I guess it was because he had bathe and cleaned up

He stared at me for a while and smiled

"What?" I asked

"Nothing, let's go out, its time for breakfast" he said with a smile

I followed him back to the hall, the once empty hall was now filled with chairs and tables, hundreds of people were busy eating, I hoped I wouldn't bump into someone who knew me.

Trey stood in the long queue to get our meal

"Go find seats, I'll get our food" he said in his usual authoritative voice

I scanned the large hall looking for seats, I noticed that some people's meal were measly and poor looking and a few others were eating well cooked and healthy meals, I didn't need to be a genius to figure out that the people eating good food were probably scavengers.

just then I heard someone call my name

"Katniss, come over here" a familiar voice yelled

I looked to my left and saw Andre seated with a gorgeous African American woman and identical twin girls, whom I guessed was his wife and kids

I walked over to their table and sat opposite him and beside the twins, i wasn't surprise when i saw them eating really good food, the twins squealed excitedly when they saw Joey.

"Can I please hold him" one of the twins pleaded

"Sure" I handed Joey to her

"Katniss this is my wife Melissa and my kids Audrey and Alisa"

"Hii, its nice to meet you" Melissa said with a wide smile

"Are you really Katniss everdeen?" Audrey asked excitedly

"No, am not, geez am not as pretty as she is" I replied, hoping they would let the matter go

The twins stared at me for a bit and then Alisa who was holding Joey lifted up a strand of hair from my face.

" I think you are prettier than her " she said confidently

"Afort as a soldier and risk his life as a scavenger.

"Why did Trey leave the military?" I asked

"He couldn't stand on the sideline and watch other people risk their life for him to eat, he even gives out his ten percent to people who need the supplies" Andre proudly said

"Wow" I exclaimed

Like I needed more reason to adore Trey

"He really has a good heart" Melissa added " Sonia is just wasting her time, Trey will never rejoin the military but I have to admit Trey McCain did look extremely hot in that army uniform "

Andre gave her a jealous look, she smiled and touched his face " but you would look even hotter in an army uniform babe" she added and kissed him

The twins covered their eyes while making efortable hearing those words leave the mouth of a woman old enough to be Trey's mom, I simply nodded and walked toward the stairs

As I climbed my eyes took notice of the large door leading to the other building, the soldiers that guarded it had probably gone to have breakfast and the soldiers that were to have the next shift hadn't arrived yet, I felt tempted to try and get in and check out the lab.

I quickly got down from the stairs and headed in the direction of the door.