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 Hu Family Mansion, Firelash City.

"That brat Hu Feng is up to no good again." One of the Hu clan elders angrily spoke.

"We just have to put up with him until the annual Hu Clan Recruitment." The aim of the annual recruitment of the Hu Clan was to recruit talented teenagers under 14 years old around the Windsprout Nation and train them in the headquarters of the Hu Clan, in the capital city, Avigadre.

"After all, he is the most talented in the Hu Clan in this city."

"Whom are you kidding? He is after all, the sect leader's only son. Of course he should be the most talented. Lets just wait and watch." The elders were not satisfied with the character of Hu Feng. Once or twice a day, he and his circle of friends would go out to look for a target to bully.

"But the recruitment team holds a tournament with the neighboring cities too, so the talented youths from Hu Clan in those cities will also participate. It won't be easy for Hu Feng, since the Hu Clan in the Cloudspring city is at a level higher than us."


"This is... the Lower Realm?" Proximus Darklord was surprised. After his heart was pierced through, he used a forbidden technique of soul transformation to turn his soul into a spirit source and unexpectedly, he subconsciously broke the realm and traveled to the lower Realm.

"Thanks to that girl's inexperience, I've managed to escape successfully. She didn't have high enough level in soul cultivation to track my spirit soul. If it were that Lin Hui, he would have surely noticed something was amiss and could have tracked me escaping. This method heavily damages my soul and hence my cultivation was reset. One more time and my soul would be destroyed, exiting the cycle of life for eternity. But to think, I've come to the Lower Realm, just how far did I fall?"

There were two major realms in the universe, Immortal Realm and the Lower Realm. It is then divided into numerous smaller realms and planets of varying levels. Of course, most of the people wouldn't know about things such as realms.

"I've come here decades ago to do some recruitment. At that time, demons population was one third of that of humans. The demons here were pitifully weak compared to the Immortal Realm, but they can hold their ground here in the Lower Realm. I have to contact king of the Demons here once I have reached the sufficient level. But truly, the Qi here is pitifully low as compared to the Immortal Realm. I should reach the level to ascend quickly."

As he went through Hu Feng's memories, he learnt of the things in the Hu Clan, the cultivation levels, about the things that were necessary.

"I practiced the Demons way of cultivation. This human is truly weak and not to mention his cultivation. But thanks to that, I can destroy this cultivation easily and start from the beginning on the Demons way. Undoubtedly, our way of cultivation is far stronger than Humans, even our physique. Its such a pity that I didn't get a matching demons body. But that does not matter, since I have the method to temper a human body. I should go into seclusion to destroy my human cultivation."

The Demons way of cultivation in the Lower Realms were divided into 3 stages- Body Forging, Inner Demon, True Monster- with each being divided into low, middle and peak. A peak Body Forging demon has combat strength similar to peak Spirit Forming expert, similarly a peak Inner Demon has combat strength comparable to peak Blood Fusion Expert and a peak True Monster has strength similar to Heaven Ascension expert.

"The only thing that I'm worried about is whether the expert cultivators of humans could sense my demon cultivation. With my current strength, I cannot do anything. If I had my peak strength, I just needed a blow to destroy this world."

"Well well, if it isn't Young Master Feng. It is truly a rare sight to see you in the mansion." A middle aged man could be seen walking towards Hu Feng.

'This guy? Oh, he competed for the clan leader position. After that Hu Zheng beated him badly, he didn't show up in the public often. I'm sure he must have some bad intention towards me, the son the guy who beat him.'

"This lowly fellow just happened to be passing through here. I never expected to see you. Anyway, it seems that you are at Body strengthening stage 4. Truly a cultivation genius! Only 13 years old, you have a huge potential. Well, I am in a hurry, so I will see you around, Young Master Feng." Hu Li spoke in a rather rude manner and left quickly.

'Well, its not like I want to converse with him anyway. Now I should just head to seclusion.'


One month later.

"Aaahng!" The extreme pain reached Hu Feng's bone.

Right now, he was undergoing the transformation of cultivation from human to a demon, while cultivating to middle Body Forging at the same time. Black smoke came out of his skin, which seemed to be burning.

"This is more painful than I thought. My body cannot withstand this pain. Oh how I miss my old body.." Hu Feng seemed to be in an extremely perilous situation.


"Aaaah..just one more step and I'm officially into the demons cultivation.." Hu Feng's bone violently shook. His skin was still letting out black smoke.


Black smoke came out in a huge volume out of his body. His hair seemed to reach his waist and his body became more muscular and tanned after one month.

"Finally, now I am at middle Body Forging realm. Now that annual Hu Clan recruitment is just a piece of joke to me." Hu Feng needed to go to the headquarters of the Hu Clan to get more resources to cultivate. As he followed demons cultivation path, he required more resources than everyone.


"Where is Hu Feng? The annual Hu Clan recruitment is within a week. I'll beat that brat if his cultivation hasn't reached atleast stage 5." Hu Zheng angrily spoke to one of the maids.

"Young Master Feng said he will be going into seclusion to cultivate and especially said to not disturb him." The maid spoke.

"Seclusion? What, does that boy think he is a Spirit Forming expert? I'm going to see him right now."

"But Young Master said not to-"

"Shut up! He must be having fun right now, going into a seclusion? I know him too well, he can't even go inside his room for a minute while its daytime." Hu Zheng angrily spoke.


He kicked the doors of Hu Feng's room.

"What? He seems to be meditating? That must be an act, let me check his cultivation." Hu Zheng was doubtful.

"Impossible! His cultivation seemed to be at Spirit Forming realm! How can this be? Don't tell me, he really did cultivate for one month? But even still, it is not possible to go from Body strengthening stage 4 to Spirit forming realm in one month!" Hu Zheng exclaimed.

After all, there is 9 stages to Body strengthening realm. Each stage after stage 5 was just too difficult to complete. Hu Zheng knew it too well, since he was a Spirit Forming stage 4 cultivator himself. Especially, going from stage 9 to Spirit Forming realm.

"My boy seem to be really talented in the world of cultivation! HAAHAHAHA! It will not be long before we can take our entire family into the Hu Clan headquarters! I must hold a big party after he gets selected into the Hu Clan headquarters." Hu Zheng rejoiced as he left the room.

'Laugh as much as you can right now, it won't be long before mankind is removed from the state of peace. But before that, I need resources, much more...'