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 The place that currently Zhen Lun staring at was something he was unfamiliar with. There's weird plants, bugs and maybe there's some weird animal that resides within the deep forest too.

It sure is dangerous for venturing unknown area, not knowing what kind of creatures that live here but Zhen Lun has to somewhat get food, hoping that the creatures that living there was edible.

Before Zhen Lun started to proceeds and hunt, he wanted to prepare himself first. Zhen Lun wanted to get used his body first. He wanted to know how much strength his body possessed right now.

Because he knew, he was shorter, thinner. less muscular than before. It's like this body is not what he used to know anymore.

He didn't want to think too much why right now he possessed this body or why he ended up here. He has lots of question that he wants to process but right now he doesn't have the time to think. He will die of starvation if he won't manage to find food now.


'The body looks frail and weak. It clearly doesn't have muscle that can support powerful punches. But, what is this? There's something other than muscle that supports this frail body. It's like warm aura that surrounds me and there is something that flows through my body every time I try to exert strong punches that this body clearly can't deal with.'

After he throws a few casual punches, he felt amazing. It was something not achievable for his former self. He wonders if his body was at his peak with the support of the weird aura and energy he

'This will be probably enough for me to deal with the creatures inside. Even a tiger come at me I can knock it in a few strikes.'

Zhen Lun started to proceeds carefully into the forest by scanning his surroundings and listen to any nearby movements. While he ventures deeper he also leaves some marks along the way so that he won't get lost.


The rustling sounds are nearby just a few meters behind him and it was getting closer. It was clearly hunting him since it moves with wary movements. It was inside of thick bushes so Zhen Lun can't see its appearance.

Judging from the footsteps and the rustling. Zhen Lun knew that the creatures that currently lurking inside the bushes are quite big.

Zhen Lun pretended to not notices it, making it seems like he was easy prey and keeps moving forward without fear.

The creature then took the bait and leap out from the bush. The moment it leaped out Zhen Lun dodged the attack that was incoming.

It was a six-feet tall bear, Its fur was dark red and it was currently glaring fiercely at Zhen Lun. The glare carries pressure that sends fear into someone minds, which can paralyze the enemy.

'Killing Intent! A bear that he encounters randomly possessed such pure intent.' Zhen Lun was shocked but he wasn't affected by the killing intent. It only works for someone weaker.

Killing Intent was something incredibly rare that could emit by someone on earth. Only talented individuals which were born to kill can awaken it by killing.

Of course, Killing Intent can be trained too by practicing martial arts but again not all can be trained. So the point is that it was only for talented individual and it was rare.

But this bear in front of him clearly possesses Killing Intent. Imagine if animals in earth possess killing intent that makes people paralyze or faint. It will be disastrous for human.

Looking at Zhen Lun expression the bear was grinning. He thinks that the killing intent must have been very effective that it makes him shocked. The bear again makes his moves he used his claws and attacked the shocked boy.

Zhen Lun easily dodged the attack. The bear was confused, he thought that the boy was affected by his killing intent. But why was he be able to move?

If the bear knew that the boy what the boy was thinking. Maybe it'll be in rage right now.

This time Zhen Lun not only dodge, but he also wanted to end the fight quickly. He moves his hands as swift as wind, using his hands it slit the throat of the bear. Using the technique he learned for killing called 'Knife hands' he was able to end the bear life quickly.

Blood spurted out from the bear's throat. It didn't fall immediately. Instead, he flees as fast as he can away from Zhen Lun and using his hand he stops the blood from flowing out.

'Trying to flee?' seeing that the food that he found trying to flee away. Zhen Lun used his killing intent at the bear.

He achieved Killing Intent since he was eight. After it was discovered by his master, he was dumbfounded. An eight-years-old boy learned to utilized killing intent by sparring against others. Master Ji then trained him to control the killing intent since then his intent was getting purer and purer.

The bear's killing intent was pure indeed. Zhen Lun complimented him because he rarely sees someone can utilize killing intent before him especially to this extent. But the purity was not even close to Zhen Lun's.

The bear that sensed Zhen Lun's killing intent didn't dare to move a single step anymore. It didn't even bother stopping the bleeding anymore. He wanted to die so badly instead of meeting the monster behind him.

After a while, it finally dropped dead.

A voice immediately sounded in Zhen Lun's mind.

[Mythical Creature Red Bear of Death killed]

[1 Exp acquired]

[Loot obtained: Beast soul of Red Bear of Death]