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 It was all white around, till the end of horizon, nothing but white light, in front of her stood an inhumanly beautiful woman who looked so similar to her, the woman was crying and saying something, she looked afraid yet Sara was not able to hear a thing, the light started to fade and the woman started to disappear,Sara was opening her eyes..

"Miss can you hear me? Are you okay? Miss are you hearing me? "

the voice was getting stronger as Sara slowly got back to her senses, she stared at the young man holding her in his arms, he looked so worried and kept asking her if she was okay, was he the one who saved her? was he the one who pulled her out of the water?

Sara opened her mouth to answer him when she felt the sting of a cold breeze, she took a look to herself, she was fully naked in the arms of this man...

Sara shivered in fear and embarrassment, she tried to pull herself out of this man's arms, yet she was so exhausted and hardly breathing, as if the young man heard her thoughts, he grabbed his cape which was beside him and covered her body, Sara felt even more embarrassed and couldn't look the man in the face, she put her head down and remained silent, the man said in a gentle low voice " Im glad you are safe Miss, it was really close"

Sara looked up to this man to tell him she is okay, yet for the second time she was speechless, cuz he was the best looking creature she ever laid eyes on..

his hair was as dark as night, his skin flawlessly white, he had big beautiful eyes that looked like lakes of honey, his lashes were long and his eyebrows were sharp and dark, his lips were as delicious as his eyes, full and pink..

more so, his upper body was totally naked, his arms were big and strong, his torso muscles were sculpted carefully giving him a dreamy body that even the innocent not knowing a single thing about the opposite sex Sara was dazed with, his voice was manly yet so gentle and smooth, and the look he gave her, was more beautiful than all of that...