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 "Well.. " Sara raised her embarrassed face and whipped her teary eyes, "he grabbed me painfully but i fought him back, i pushed him away the moment i could, and i threw the first object i had in hand on him.. it was a big heavy book, i missed him though and the book fell on the ground..it was then when.. i thought i was dreaming... "

"please continue princess "

"the book fell on the ground and it was opened, shadows emerged from it, they silently swallowed that vicious man, it was like life was sucked out of him, he was frozen, he didn't even make a sound.. the book swallowed him, just as if he never existed... "

"Oh Gods have mercy upon us.. "

"go on Sara tell us more.. "

"i was so shocked and frightened, i walked to see what happened because I wasn't able to believe my eyes, i grabbed the book but inside, i saw... " Sara gaze was lost in the air " I saw a pair of red evil eyes staring back at me, i was imprisoned by that gaze, it seeped inside my head.. someone was searching my mind, interrogating me.. who i was, where i am and what did i want.. i barely broke free and shut the door, i dragged myself out the forbidden section, the doors were opened, i came here and tried to get some rest yet the dreams about those eyes kept hunting me down, so i woke up and just found you guys here.."

"and then? "

"what then" Sara asked

"tell us how and why did you come back there Sara"

"what do you mean father? this was the only time? "

"It is in no one's favor to hide the truth Princess" a holly priest said..

"i'm not hiding anything this is the entire truth,it was nearly an hour ago so how can i possibly go back "

"My angel.. " the king said in disbelief "you were unconscious for over a month,this is the third time we find you laying on the forbidden section floor hugging that book"

Sara was speechless..

"More so, you were unconscious all the time yet you always managed to disappear and go to the forbidden section Princess, i'm afraid it is true... you have been possessed by the demonic gate "